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The "State of Palestine" quiz

Seraphic Secrets brings us a test I think every pro-Palestinian supporter ought to be required to pass:



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Comments (23)

1. Eleventy billion BC if n... (Below threshold)

1. Eleventy billion BC if not sooner.

2. Wherever the current head psycho terrorist says so... meaning it changes every time Israel performs an airstrike.

3. Wheverever they keep the most bombs.

4. Haven't several been named after Jimmy Carter?

5. What was the name of the head Jawa?

6. Screams of random syllables. Only known complete sentence: "We do not support terrorism." Sentence often followed by dismissive laughter.

7. Well, I can tell ya one thing, it didn't bear any similarity to Christianity or Judaism. You can be sure of that.

8. Prophetically, tick-tick-ticks.

9. Records unfortunately do not exist due to the Jewish conspiracy.

10. Well, this guy wearing a hood blamed America's actions millions of years ago.

11. Because of Israel. How dare Israel be benign towards the Palestinians? Didn't the Arabs tell Israel that they were supposed to lock them in camps, barely provide food/water for them and let them succumb easily to curable health problems?


No doubt some liberal pinhead honestly believes all of that. I'm looking at you, Barack Obama.

Wikipedia would shed some l... (Below threshold)
James H:

Wikipedia would shed some light on this I think.

Damn, <a href="http://en.wi... (Below threshold)
James H:

Damn, it's a depressing history. Apparently, somebody comes a-conquerin' every couple centuries or so. Greeks. Persians. Arabs. Romans. Byzantines. Ottomans. Brits. Egyptians. European Crusaders. No wonder everybody's so unhappy.

I'm sure the liberal elite ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the liberal elite will be able to dream up an answer for each question.

Don't strain yourself, the ... (Below threshold)

Don't strain yourself, the answer to ALL the questions is none.
There has NEVER been a Palestinian state, hence "none" is the correct answer to all of the questions.


Palestine? Why it's the IM... (Below threshold)

Palestine? Why it's the IMAGI-Nation, of course.

I think their major export is unicorns...but I'll have to check Wikipedia to be sure.

Drat! I was certain our re... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Drat! I was certain our resident terrorist supporters, Lee Ward and jim_x, would be here to supply all the answers . . .

Of course there IS a "Palestinian state" in the area, it's called "Jordan" in which they are the majority. Those Palestinians who now comprise the PLO and Hamas were thrown out of Jordan for being too violent and lawless to be tolerated.

David threw the first stone... (Below threshold)

David threw the first stone, and the Philistinians have been throwing them back at the Jews ever since.

Why that dirty little rat. ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Why that dirty little rat. For years, my ex-girlfriend used to tell me that she was going to Palestine for vacation every time she dissapeared for a few weeks and she'd always come back tanned and very happy.

Do you suppose she went fly fishing or something?

8. Prophetically, tick-t... (Below threshold)

8. Prophetically, tick-tick-ticks.

Ve haff vays of making you TOCK!


Wow, a convention of Wizban... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Wow, a convention of Wizbang history professors.

Ever hear of the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916?

How about the Treaty of Sevres, 1920?

Did you geniuses know there was never a country called "Iraq" until the British invented it in the 1920s? There was never an independent sovereign entity called "Lebanon," either. Or "Syria." Or "Jordan" (or should I call it what its colonial masters and inventors, the British and French, called it, "Transjordan?" There was never a country called "Saudi Arabia" until 1932, either. Is Saudi Arabia not a "real" country to you Einsteins?

If you consider 1964 and the founding of the PLO as the "birth" of the Palestinian statehood movement, why is that so crazy, considering that Saudi Arabia was "born" just 32 years before that?

This cartoon is just that - a silly cartoon. The fact that you guys imagine that this is some kind of "gotcha" for those who support a two-state solution would be laughable if it wasn't so frightening.

Frightening because you Mensa members are allowed to vote.

Uh, Bruce, you stated a bun... (Below threshold)

Uh, Bruce, you stated a bunch of irrelevant facts that are not relavent nor germane to the question that you failed to answer.

Even with all the internet at your command, you cannot in any way, shape or form find any factual basis for the claim that the Israelis "stole" "Palestinian" land. That's the whole point that you so studiously avoid.

And that was the whole point of the cartoon.

And you completely missed it. Sad, really.

Quit changing the subject B... (Below threshold)

Quit changing the subject Bruce, just answer the questions in the quiz.

Probably the biggest irony ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Probably the biggest irony here is that Jew-hating liberal idiots on American university campuses would look at that quiz and they would not even be able to figure out the irony.

A horses ass-<br /... (Below threshold)

A horses ass-

"The fact that you guys imagine that this is some kind of "gotcha" for those who support a two-state solution would be laughable if it wasn't so frightening

Frightening because you Mensa members are allowed to vote."
Answer the question's or shut the hell up. The choice is your's.

horse's ass was supposed to... (Below threshold)

horse's ass was supposed to be in bold.

oh well

The whole point of this car... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

The whole point of this cartoon is supposed to be how ridiculous it is that the Palestinians want their own state, since there has never been an independent, sovereign Palestine before.

As I point out, there had never been an independent, sovereign Saudi Arabia before 1932, yet no one seems to regard Saudi Arabia as anything but a "real" country.

There's your relevance, Mr Weegie.

There are innumerable examples in the 20th century of sovereign countries being invented where there were none before: Croatia. Slovenia. Czechoslovakia (Ever hear of a "Czech patriot" named Vaclav Havel?), later TWO countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czechoslovakia was founded after WW1, as was Iraq, Lebanon, and Yugoslavia (since partitioned.) Croatia and Slovenia (two countries which had never had their own currencies or indeed ANY independent existence) were founded as independent, sovereign entities only in the 1990s.

This doesn't get into the scores of nation-states that have been created from the remnants of colonial empires, such as Congo, Nigeria, etc. Hell, even India and Pakistan had never been "united" except as part of someone else's empire.

So, I say to the History Department of Wizbang U that it is not my comment # 11 that is irelevant to the subject of Palestinian statehood, it is the cartoon itself.

Oh, and one more remark directed at Professor Weegie: There is NO reference in the cartoon to any alleged "theft" of land. So that is NOT the "whole point of the cartoon." Genius.

Ah, Brucie, the fact that y... (Below threshold)

Ah, Brucie, the fact that you cannot even understand what all these questions are in reference to simply underscores the fact that you either haven't the capacity to grasp the concept or you haven't the honesty to answer the question.

The whole issue of the so-called "palestinians" is that the Jews "stole" their land. Are you so obtuse or clueless that you were not aware of this claim? Or that it is the basis for the whole palestinian whining about the Jews?

Come on, try to bring your game up a level. Do try to pretend somehow that you are as "educated" and "intellectual" as you leftists always claim you are. Pretend you have a modicum of maturity, too.

Oh, I get what the underlyi... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Oh, I get what the underlying issue is, Professor Weegie. But that WAS NOT the point of the cartoon.

The point was how silly it would be to establish a new country where there had never been one before. Because, according to the cartoonist, there was never Palestinian state before, with defined borders, a currency, etc., it would be ridiculous to establish such a state now. THAT was the "whole point of the cartoon."

My comments were to illustrate that that claim is itself ridiculous, since there are many countries that were recently founded that had never before had defined borders, a historic currency, or any previous sovereign existence.

Oh, and I like how you addr... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Oh, and I like how you address me as "Brucie," then insist on a "modicum of maturity." Which is it? Juvenile or adult? I can play it either way. I chose snark to start out, but I can switch up and act all adult and shit if you like.

Just let me call you something other than Weegie. Sounds like a playground bully's victim.

For instance, just substitu... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

For instance, just substitute the words "Belarus" and "Belarussian" in the above cartoon, and "Whoeverov" in place of "Arafat" in question # 5.

HERE ARE YOUR ANSWERS... (Below threshold)


You'll find that when these questions are turned back at the Jews, YOUR lack of answers will show the true value of this little cartoon.

For instance:
Can you name one single Jewish leader, previous to 1948, who all the world's Jews followed? Has there been any leader of modern Israel who was followed and obeyed by all Jews (USA/Europe/Russia/Canada etc)? No? Then there has never been a Jewish people.

How about:
What is the currency used exclusively by Jews all over the world, and what is its value in dollars, yen, francs, pounds, etc? There isn't one? Then there has never been a Jewish people.

Carry on with your racist silliness, but see the link above to get the real answers to this insulting, sophomoric cartoon.

Outstanding, Tony. Thanks</... (Below threshold)

Outstanding, Tony. Thanks

Great commentary, Bruce. Are you familiar with

Clarkesville/oboe/brother Doug? I may know you.






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