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A post geared for the undecided

You're not sure which party to vote for.  You've not made up your mind. You're not leaning one way or another.  You need help deciding.

Here's some help, coming our way via Bookworm:


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Silly me. I thought Al Fra... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Silly me. I thought Al Franken was the only comedian in the democratic party. Hank Johnson alone is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, the multi-trillion dollar price of admission to this show is a little steep.

Great ad. The only thing m... (Below threshold)

Great ad. The only thing missing is ridiculing the googling racist Lee Ward.

Comedy gold.... (Below threshold)

Comedy gold.

Lee, Lee, oh I forgot, all ... (Below threshold)

Lee, Lee, oh I forgot, all his comments on this thread were deleted.

These people are so stupid ... (Below threshold)

These people are so stupid they are dangerous.

This is very well edited. ... (Below threshold)

This is very well edited. It's as funny as it is sad and unfortunate. Too bad politicians all over the world are this ignorant and incompetent, no matter if they are democrats or otherwise. Once they are in the office, they forget they are there because of us and should serve us, talk to us and listen to us. We should resurrect ostracism again, and it should take place at least once a year.






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