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"smiling in our faces, while cursing us in their hearts"

Yet another video that's longer than the usual fare, but filled with nuggets we all need to be pondering.  This time it's in reference to the building of a Muslim mosque in the shadow of that hallowed ground where once stood The Twin Towers.

Sit back and listen and be wiser for it.  At nearly 2 million views, many already have:

The culture war is on. 

Are you aware?


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Comments (38)

The giant outdoor mosque be... (Below threshold)
M. Murcek:

The giant outdoor mosque being passed off as the "Flight 93 National Monument" is being built, and nobody's stopping it. Many of the Flight 93 families want it so badly they sold out. It'll eventually have to be demolished on what will become another national holiday...

It's the "religion of peace... (Below threshold)

It's the "religion of peace" and if you don't believe it, they'll KILL you.

Your title is wrong;<... (Below threshold)

Your title is wrong;

"Smiling in our faces while cursing us in their hearts."

Not in "our" hearts but in "their" hearts.

Yeah, lee. The religion is... (Below threshold)
M. Murcek:

Yeah, lee. The religion is unionism and socialism and rev wright's jew hatred. Glad to see you are all on board...

If anyone needed further pr... (Below threshold)

If anyone needed further proof that Lee is an idiot, the post above should remove all doubt.

It was so nice when Lee WAS... (Below threshold)

It was so nice when Lee WASN'T here.

Of course, Republicans a... (Below threshold)

Of course, Republicans aren't honest enough to admit that it was a religious war

Before and during the war it was all about oil...remember the chant I'm sure you used quite often, "No blood for oil!!" I wish you would make up your mind was it for economics, as almost every war in history has been? Or was it about religion, the cause of most of the rest?

I know Lee you probably don't believe half of what you post here, I'm sure it's just to get a rise out of ppl, but having been someone who occasionally posts but always reads this blog and having spent some of my blood so that ppl can espouse their viewpoints no matter how different they may be than mine, it is getting quite tedious with people like you who espouse the "America bad, rest of the world good" belief system. I really wish that you would wake up to the reality that it is human nature to be jealous of those more successful than you and that is the over riding drive of America hate around the world and when Americans, such as yourself, espouse those beliefs it's just a sad reflection of how far our exceptionalism has fallen.

Thanks Baggi... title corre... (Below threshold)

Thanks Baggi... title corrected...

"Like I said, conservatives... (Below threshold)

"Like I said, conservatives aren't honest enough to admit that the war on terror was nothing more than a religious war."

Were that the case, why are not all Muslims in the US under attack?

Pull your fucking head out of your ass and stop being an echo chamber for DK and DU.

hallowed: 2. to honor as... (Below threshold)

hallowed: 2. to honor as holy; consider sacred; venerate: to hallow a battlefield.

From the Gettysburg Address:

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.

I'm an agnostic, and I have no problem with the concept. In fact, I honor it -- I think there is something exceptionally profound about Ground Zero. If someone wants to use a term that has religious overtones, fine by me.

What's remarkable here is that Lee is actually being partially honest -- but not on purpose.

...conservatives aren't honest enough to admit that the war on terror was nothing more than a religious war.

Unfortunately for him, he's wrong on two points.

1) The war on one side is being fought by militant Muslims out to defeat all those who don't practice their particular strain of faith -- Jews, Christians, atheists, agnostics, and insufficiently Muslim Muslims.

B) "nothing more than a religious war" -- here Lee is back on more familiar ground, lying out of his ass.

A LOT of people who supported the war did so on entirely non-religious reasons. For entertainment, feel free to review the statements of many of the Democrats who voted in favor of the Authorizations of Military Force in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Hey, the dipshit little Rac... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Hey, the dipshit little Racist Wuss is back in #4 and #10.

Actually, it can't be Lee Wuss, there is no claim of RAAAAACISM in the posts. Must be an impostor.

Oh, I agree with the impostor, the Mooslims have attributed religious significance to Ground Zero. Thus, a mosque shouldn't be built there.
A mosque celebrates the Mooslim influences that caused Ground Zero to exist.

And the religious war was started by the Mooslims, but there are those who are blind to that fact.

"Were that the cas... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
"Were that the case, why are not all Muslims in the US under attack?"

I'd call attempting to limit the ability of New York Muslims to practice their religion a form of "attack" - and so would you if you were honest.

Oh, so the site of a proudly proclaimed Muslim attack on America is the *only* spot in Now York for a new Mosque? They can't build it *anywhere else*? That's your argument?

And, by the way, you are correct in your own way - this absolutely is a Religious war - in fact, a long-declared Muslim jihad. We didn't start it, but I, for one, want to make sure we end it.

Let's look at some <a href=... (Below threshold)

Let's look at some numbers in the hopes that it'll shut up Lying Lee Ward.

Hate crimes against Muslims are about equal with those against Christians, and less than one-eighth than against Jews.

If we're waging a religious war against Islam, we're doing a shitty job. Hell, the people the Muslims want to exterminate get almost nine times as many attacks. (It works out to right around 8.5.)

(both paragraphs use the 2007 numbers. For 2006, make it "almost as many anti-Christian attacks" and "more than six times as many attacks against Jews.")

For those who don't want to look at the link:

Anti-Jew: 967
Anti-Christian: 135
Anti-Muslim: 156

Anti-Jew: 969
Anti-Christian: 118
Anti-Muslim: 115

And the biggest fight? Not whether or not they can build yet another mosque, but build one practically on top of the site where about 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Allah.

Man, do we suck at waging a religious war. It's almost like we're not even trying.

Oh, that's right. We aren't. Lee's lying out of his ass again.


I have an idea:The m... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

I have an idea:
The mosque can be built where proposed just as soon as the Muslims allow Christian churches to be built with visual distance of all of THEIR significant "holy" areas, starting in Mecca.

Lee... what's clear is that... (Below threshold)

Lee... what's clear is that you're full of crap...

I had not one iota of religious thought or significance when I used the word hallowed in this post... not one...

So we can conclude that you speak from presumption... or to put it more bluntly, from your rear end... where it appears we'd also find your head...

Your mental gymnastics are steeped in projection... your ideology in typical liberal idiocy... seems to me that you Lee are engaged in your own jihad... one premisedin your racist roots and extremism...

You need help man... I hope one day, and I'm being serious, that you'll find some help...

Oh, Lee. I cited that bulls... (Below threshold)

Oh, Lee. I cited that bullshit Bush story three weeks ago -- and even then you found it laughable.

I'm flattered you remembered that story enough to bring it back up here, but it'd be nice if you'd also remembered that it was dismissed as bullshit. As I said, even you laughed at the article.


Rick, you gotta the rules i... (Below threshold)

Rick, you gotta the rules in Lee's World:

1) Everything a Christian does is based entirely on their faith. And automatically wrong.

B) NOTHING a Muslim does is ever based on their faith. Not even when they do it while quoting the Koran and shouting "Allahu Ackbar." Especially then. And never worth discussing.


The mosque can be ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
The mosque can be built where proposed just as soon as the Muslims allow Christian churches to be built with visual distance of all of THEIR significant "holy" areas, starting in Mecca.

This is more akin to starting a pig farm/slaughterhouse using the Kaaba as a cornerstone. Or using the dome of the rock as a privvy.

Oh, and I forgot one last r... (Below threshold)

Oh, and I forgot one last rule from the Lee Ward playbook:

Always attack. Never defend. Never offer any kind of defense. Just attack, attack, attack. He stands for absolutely nothing, only against things. The only reason he gives a rat's ass about the Muslim's rights to assert their conquest of Ground Zero is because it gives him a way to attack Christians.

And he certainly won't defend himself. That's why he won't even acknowledge when he's caught in his own and hypocrisies.


Lee, someone needs to pray ... (Below threshold)

Lee, someone needs to pray for you,I would but I don't care enough for your sanity. I like the crazy Leeward, the bile spewing, willfully ignorant ignoramus that trolls here. You can't possibly be as stupid as your comments make you sound.

But there was one ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:
But there was one honest statement out there:

And, by the way, you are correct in your own way - this absolutely is a Religious war - in fact, a long-declared Muslim jihad. We didn't start it, but I, for one, want to make sure we end it.
Americans in New York attempting to build a mosque is part of a Muslim jihad?

Only if you're a right wing Christian extremist wacko.

I am not a Christian, nor am I a wacko. I was not the one who declared Jihad, and began a series of sometimes-effective attacks on Americans. We are in a religious war that we didn't want, didn't start, and want to put a stop to. It wasn't our choice.

And yes, building a mosque on the site of the attack is certainly a continuation of the attacks on US values and culture. I certainly wouldn't, as a decent human being, want someone to build a church in an Indian burial ground - it's highly disrespectful. Or a monument to the Waffen SS on top of a Jewish mass grave at Auschwitz. The latter is an almost perfect analogy. Only an absurd intellectual poser could fail to see the problem here. I guess that explains it.

I once prayed for Lee Ward.... (Below threshold)

I once prayed for Lee Ward.

It was a Howard Stern style of prayer.

And, since I'm an agnostic, it started off with "To Whom It May Concern."

I dunno if it actually took.


#24:Lee, I agree, ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:


Lee, I agree, it is a religious war - STARTED BY MUSLIMS.

Defend yourself - or are you too much of a wuss?

Nobody's gonna del... (Below threshold)

Nobody's gonna delete any of your tripe, Lee--unless the stench is too great to bear.

I wonder what color the sky... (Below threshold)

I wonder what color the sky is in Lee's world. There, Muslims never, ever, ever use terror to further their own radical beliefs.

So, then, Lee, what the hell happened on 9/11? Those pesky Christians did the international equivalent of wearing a short skirt in a bad neighborhood, so it's their fault the US got raped?

Good god, you're astonishingly creative in your idiocy. When was the last time a Muslim attacked something that was important to Christians specifically on a religious basis?

I have an event in mind. And that one resulted in no massive anti-Muslim events. Hell, most Christians never even heard of it. (No, no hints for you.)

I realize you can't hear too well with your head that far up your ass, but here are some inconvenient truths:

--Occasionally, the majority of Christians come down on the right side of an issue.

--The number of people who favored the War On Terror on reasons related strictly to their Christianity is minimal.

--The War On Terror had many reasons why people supported it; that "Jesus says we should" was a very, very, very tiny percentage.

--The Authorization for the Use of Military Force In Afghanistan -- the "declaration of war" -- offered exactly zero religious grounds, and was passed by a majority of Congress.

--The Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq -- the "declaration of war" -- offered exactly zero religous grounds, and was passed by a majority of Congress.

--The majority of Americans who support the War On Terror are far more concerned with the thousands of Americans killed in the name of radical Islam, and not how the whole situation fits theologically. They know full well something Lee Ward is desperate to conceal -- that the only religion that plays a significant factor in the War On Terror is Islam, and its more militant adherents.

--To the best of my knowledge, Rick has never banished Lee from his articles. So Rick won't be likely to give Lee an excuse to trot out his other favorite delusion, that he's somehow this persecuted victim. That puts the number of authors here who have not banned Lee from their articles at, I believe, 3 -- Rick, Kevin, and me.

The religious aspect of the War On Terror is very significant -- on the terrorist side. Those against it? Trivial.

Just enough for Lee to wrap his lips around and blow up into a balloon animal that he can wave around and growl for. "Ooh, look at the big scary monster! This is the Religious Reich in the USA, pulling everyone's strings!"

Remember, in Lee's world, Christians are incapable of doing anything that is not directly tied to their faith, and are always wrong for doing so. For example, Christians who put their right shoes on first are doing so because Satan will win if they put on the left shoe first. Christians who like baseball do so because the pitcher's mound reminds them of Golgotha.

And Christians who get upset when someone is murdered are the worst form of hypocrites. After all, "thou shalt not kill" is in the Bible, so it's wrong because the law can't dare reflect Christian beliefs in any way; murdered people go to see Jesus, so they're better off; and the Bible says "judge not, lest ye be judged," so Christians have no business expecting anything from secular courts.

You know, I started off that last example as a joke, but it turned on me. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it does actually reflect Lee's actual beliefs.


Hey, if we can attribute th... (Below threshold)

Hey, if we can attribute the statements of a tiny fringe of a movement as speaking for the whole thing, can we hang the entire anti-war movement with the "We Support Our Troops When They Frag Their Officers" assholes? You know the types, the ones who are convinced that AmeriKKKa is the source of all evil in the world, and the world would be a better place if we were defeated?

Oh, and Lee, when are you going to go after Obama for his racism? Of all America's enemies, the only ones he's shown a willingness to kill are the (in your words) "darkies." Why is that?


"--To the best of my kno... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

"--To the best of my knowledge, Rick has never banished Lee from his articles. So Rick won't be likely to give Lee an excuse to trot out his other favorite delusion, that he's somehow this persecuted victim. That puts the number of authors here who have not banned Lee from their articles at, I believe, 3 -- Rick, Kevin, and me."

So you've conveniently forgotten that a large number of comments were deleted by a Wizbang Editor couple of weeks ago.

No, you haven't forgotten, you just hope to lie your way through the inconvenient truth.

Von Ottomatic has not banned me, but my comments were deleted from one of his posts.

Kevin has not banned me, but my comments were deleted from one of his posts also.

I'm not persecuted, and I never claimed I was. I stated that one or more Wizbang editors have decided to selectively delete comments I post which expose the lies and the dishonesty prevalent in the right - and they did so without the permission of the blogger on whose post I commented.

It's called 'the truth,' Jay - no wonder you don't recognize it.

As to who is deleting comments on Wizbang - the word "truth Nazi" comes to mind. One or more of the Wizbang editors doesn't want the Wizbang readership to know the truth, so they delete comments on other posts that they didn't write.

Jay claims it's not him, but given his pathological need to lie, I don't believe him.

Hmm... someone (other than me) went in and junked a whole slew of [Lee Ward's] comments from the 15th-17th. Comments on articles by Rick, Kevin, and the Baron...

19. Posted by Jay Tea | June 27, 2010 10:02 AM

M comments weren't deleted by Rick, Kevin or Baron... so who deleted them, Jay?

I write the truth, that the video in the post above is representative of the Christian extremists religious war on Muslims, and Jay Tea proceeds to lie and smear in comment after comment - ignoring the question and changing the topic repeatedly.

Read it now - the video above was produced by an organization whose mission statement includes the call for prosecuting non-Christian Americans who oppose their Christian extremism.

Wizbang doesn't want you to know the truth, but there it is....

Jay claims it's not him,... (Below threshold)

Jay claims it's not him, but given his pathological need to lie, I don't believe him.


M comments weren't deleted by Rick, Kevin or Baron... so who deleted them, Jay?

Fuck off, Lee. Wasn't me -- as I said, if I did it, I'd say so with PRIDE. And if there's a technical way to determine who did it, I don't know it. And I'm certainly not motivated enough in your case to find out.

Here, let me demonstrate my good faith on the subject. Check out this old article of mine, Lee, where you had quite a bit to say:

I just unpublished every single one of your comments on that article. This afternoon, I'll think about putting them back. No guarantees, though. Here's a hint: ask nicely, and I will be more inclined to do so. Howl in protest, and it'll be music to my ears.

If you're so obsessed with "telling the truth," feel free to start your own blog. I'll even throw you a link for your grand opening, so all your fans (let's see... Bruce Henry, BryanD, your right hand... there's three) can listen to the kind of rabid frothings that ran Wizbang Blue right out of existence.

I'm "ignoring the topic and changing the subject repeatedly?" High praise from the master.

Speaking of the topic at hand: the element of Christian crusaders driving the war on terror is minuscule at best. Yes, there are some, but they are very few and have little sway. They have far less sway on their side than Code Pink and the anti-American anti-war elements.


On this site there are Chri... (Below threshold)

On this site there are Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics who support the war on terrorism.
The terrorists are Muslim extremists who perpetrate their atrocities based on the teachings of Mohammed, whose bottom line is kill all non muslims.
Of course this is a religious war - at least on one side.
Already the muslim faction is calling for exemption from American law in cases involving muslim adherents so they may impose Sharia law on followers of islam. How long before they insist that non muslims violating sharia law against muslims be subjected to the punishments of sharia? Weren't footbaths manadated in New York so the "faithful" could wash up before addressing Mecca? I don't see a mandate for confessionals at the airport.

I know Lee's head is so far up his ass the only thing visible is his own fecal material.
In addition to being racist, and ignorant, he is (borrowed from another blog) PST pathetic socialist turd.

Lee -As Jay Tea po... (Below threshold)

Lee -

As Jay Tea points out, you HAD a blog, or at least control of one. And you






You augured in, you ran it off a cliff. YOU did that - no one else. You're not spouting 'truth' - you're shoving your own worldview which was so far off the rails that you couldn't stand ANY dissent or questioning.

Seriously - you need to take a break from this. You're really starting to sound delusional and paranoid, and it's doesn't seem like it's going to be long before you put on a diaper and drive cross-country non-stop aiming to inflict physical harm on someone you're disagreeing with.

You may just be putting on an act - but you've got ME convinced you've gone off the deep end.

Kevin,Lee is a tro... (Below threshold)


Lee is a troll, purely and simply.

His purpose is to distract readers from the subject matter of the post and divert attention from the subject matter, which in this case is a very powerful video.

This is a conservative blog. But whether conservative or liberal most blogs attempt to limit disruptive trolls. And it should be done here.

And I dedicate that post to... (Below threshold)

And I dedicate that post to you Lee...

I oppose an American "ci... (Below threshold)

I oppose an American "civil war" based on religion.

Oddly enough, the ones actually waging this war aren't the Christians. But Lee wants to blame them anyway.

Color me flabbergasted.

And note that Lee's interest in "hate crimes" starts and ends where he can blame it on conservatives.


Lee states it is a religous... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee states it is a religous war.
On one side we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, Wiccans, Atheists, Satanist, and a number of other religions. On the other side we have Muslims.

Once again, the facts prove Lee Ward terribly wrong.

BTW Lee didnt the democrats say that the Afghan war was the just and legal war because of 911?

To the moderators - Since Lee Ward provides absoulutely nothing of value to the conversation. And since he viscously attacks anyone who doesnt agree with him as racist and or guilt of religous hatred (but mostly racism even by his standards), I request that you permanently ban him.

If other posters feel the same then please say so. Maybe I am alone in this but I doubt it.

BTW Lee Obama is in charge of the war now. Are you saying he is Christian? After all I read somewhere that maybe he wasnt. Let's see who made that accusation?

Why it was Lee Ward. Wizbangblue author.

"If you haven't been the direct recipient of a Barack Obama lie then hang on, your turn will come. He'll get around to lying to everyone sooner or later in his quest to be Prez. Here's where he lied to the nice people of Iowa back in December, 2007.
Desperate to emerge from the packed Democratic field victorious, Barack apparently felt compelled to twist the truth with regards to his dear Mother. He was talking to the heartland of America, so it's time for Barack to lie about his mother and about his religious upbringing, in order to dispel rumors and innuendo surrounding his Islamic background:
Oh what a tangled web he wove... and here's how he wove it:

She was just a Christian girl from Kansas? No, in reality she was an atheist whose formative years were spent in the state of Washington.
Aww, close enough for government work, eh, America?
Update: Time for another speech perhaps?
Apparently "telling the truth" was one of the lessons Barack never got, or has quickly forgotten.

"Update: Time for another speech perhaps?
Characterizing his upbringing as "Christian" when his mother was apparently a devout enough atheist to speak passionately on the subject?
"She touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she'd read about and could argue"
You don't call that a lie, Steve?
I don't care where he went to elementary school, Steve - I'm concerned about this lie:
My mother was a Christian from Kansas, and they married and then divorced. I was raised by my mother. So, I've always been a Christian.
How many lies are there? Has he always been a Christian? Well, we're supposed to believe that his mother was a Christian and that's apparently a lie -- so how many lies did he tell in those two sentences?
Obviously, as an atheist Barack was not raised by his mother to be a Christian, and yet we're supposed to believe that Barack was raised as a Christian - and his mother, and atheist, sent him to a Christian school.


It becomes a question of 'f... (Below threshold)

It becomes a question of 'fairness', Corky.

On sites like Huffpo, DU, LGF and DK, censorship is routinely practiced. Heck, even on the defunct site WizbangBlue you saw censorship practices that would have pleased the cockles of a dictator's heart - and Lee will tell you they were completely and totally justified.

The only thing missing is actual imprisonment and execution of the dissenters, and judging by the over-the-top reactions of some I've seen, they'd do it in a heartbeat because it's justified when acting against haters. And since THEY get to define 'hate' speech... nobody who dissents from the popular will is safe.

But get a leftist on a middlin' conservative blog, and no matter what he writes you'd damn well better NOT delete a damn word they write otherwise it's COMPLETE AND TOTAL PROOF that the rabid right (which seems to be anyone that's even slightly to the right of their position) is TOTALLY made up of horribly intolerant and non-compassionate bigots looking to silence honest dissent and destroy the right of free speech you cocksucking motherfucking bastards! We're gonna shut your ass down and make sure you can't censor anyone ever again!

/leftist thinking

And they never see the dichotomy. Free speech, for them, flows in only one direction.

Psychologists call it 'projection'. They attribute to others what they feel inside themselves. They hate with a passionate intensity and will look to find anything possible to maintain the justification for that hatred - but they know they're not the haters because everyone they're against IS.

They know what they're feeling isn't good - but they can push off the responsibility for their feelings and actions by accusing everyone else of hatred. The only way they can justify their actions and emotions is by proclaiming that the other side is so much worse than they are that they're completely correct in doing unto the others what the others would do unto them if they had the chance.

If they were in charge of nukes, facing an opponent with nukes - they'd strike first because the other side couldn't be trusted not to strike first, or actually live with any agreement made to NOT get into a conflict. And any nuclear response to THEIR attack would be proof that the other side WAS thinking about attacking, so they were justified in nuking the opponent first.

No - it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it fits the observations.

Wow. Apparently, I'm more d... (Below threshold)

Wow. Apparently, I'm more dangerous than the fanatics who killed 3,000 people in a single day, plenty more since then, and want to kill more.

But there are two ways you can tell that Lee Ward is lying. The first is that he's typing something. But the second is that he doesn't act like he thinks I'm some big, scary monster.

Has he reported me to the authorities? Has he gone out of his way to NOT provoke me, even though I have full access to his posting IPs could could, with very little effort, find out his name, address, and whatnot?

One final point: never, never, ever forget the First Rule Of Lee Ward: he stands for NOTHING. He is a one-trick pony: he only attacks. He literally embodies "offensive." He will never offer anything original. He lives purely to contradict whatever others say. He never advocates for anything, never argues in favor of something, never endorses or defends anything.

And the saddest part of it? He isn't even that good at it.


Here Rev Lee Ward Wright.</... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Rev Lee Ward Wright.

"you're just an idiot who hates liberalism so much you'd throw away the Constitution if it gave you a chance to practice your hate-based, race-based, biases freely. '

Let me fix that statement for you.

"I (Rev Lee Ward Wright_ am just an idiot who hates republicans so much (see my comments about Obama prior to him getting the nomination) I'd throw away the Constitution if it gave me a chance to practice my hate-based, race-based, biases freely. (So I wouldnt have to hide behind calling everyone else a racist even though by my own standards I am the biggest racist on Wizbang)"

There Rev Lee Ward Wright. Much better and it is actually accurate now.

Little beyond the usual bui... (Below threshold)
Bill Singer:

Little beyond the usual building permits are needed apparently to clear the way for the construction of a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero. But reciprocally, little should stand in the way of the establishment of an imposing shrine overlooking Mecca in honor of 911's victims. Should not the NYC Building Commission, mayor, and city council exact such a requirement?






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