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Appreciating God's majesty a bit too much... perhaps

I'm someone who's head is in the clouds alot... and I mean that quite literally...  I love gazing at cloud formations especially as storms approach or are departing, I love sunsets and sunrises, and I'm even fond of the clear blue skies of early spring and late fall where the blue seems its blue-est. 

I also love to look up at the night sky, most especially in areas where the city lights are diminished and where the visible stars are countless.

And I'm taken in by rainbows.  I find them fascinating and beautiful. 

But I'm not orgasmic about these things.  Some people are.  Or at least seem to be.

I kid you not:

H/T to Tom Elias who opines:

"...someone's consumption habits bear review."


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Comments (6)

$20 says he believes in hop... (Below threshold)

$20 says he believes in hopenchange.

I love it. "What does this... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I love it. "What does this mean?" the idiot asks assuming there must be something more significant in a simple moment of natural beauty. It means the sun still shines, the rain still falls, the combination makes rainbows and you are a freaking moron.

Put down the smoke dude and... (Below threshold)

Put down the smoke dude and get back on your unicorn of a different color.


Holy crap. It would have b... (Below threshold)

Holy crap. It would have been nice to see a video of a double rainbow without all the caterwauling.

Nasty old bastard that I am... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Nasty old bastard that I am, I'd have loved to be there. He sounds like he was chemically gullible, so it wouldn't have been much of an effort to convince him that the double rainbow was just another unfortunate evidence of the reality of global warming.

It sounded like it was Sout... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

It sounded like it was South Park's Randy Marsh masturbating.






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