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"This is a new height in fatuousness"

Krauthammer on Obama's "new direction" for NASA:

At some point, Obama is going to have to answer to this.

At some point.

With props to NewsBusters.


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Comments (26)

"At some point."No... (Below threshold)

"At some point."

November 2012... if even then.

Prediction: Some time in t... (Below threshold)

Prediction: Some time in the next year, SecState Clinton will "resign in protest" over something or another and announce she's running against President Obama in 2012.

First global warming, now t... (Below threshold)

First global warming, now this. How NASA has fallen. Terribly sad.

"My job is to communicate t... (Below threshold)
NJ Mike:

"My job is to communicate to the American people that the muslim world is filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives and see their children live better lives"
B.H. Obama, January 2009.

"No, moron, your job is to see that Americans get to live w/out the bloodthirsty muslims killing them."
NJ Mike, mere seconds after he said that........and every damn day since.

How many thousands and thou... (Below threshold)

How many thousands and thousands of times has the moon risen and set since Arab nations have contributed to any scientific endeavor?

I vote for NASA's budget to be spent on scientific discovery, not social justice.

PS as usual Krauthammer was... (Below threshold)

PS as usual Krauthammer was brilliant!

Timmer, I made similar pred... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Timmer, I made similar predictions about a year ago.

Hillary will get the nomination and lose the general election after the backlash from folks who think it is racist to kick Obama out.

I wonder how Rev Lee Ward Wright will handle Hillary's running against Obama. It will be hilarious.

He can either continue to back Obama in which case he will be one of the biggest hypocrits of all time and I get to bash every statement he has made where Hillary was the golden choice and Obama was unfit for office.

Or he will go back to Hillary in which case he will be the biggest hypocrit and the biggest racist of all time and I can bash him again for every statement he has made on this site defending Obama.

Hurry up 2012. I am stocking up on the popcorn.

NASA your job is the be the... (Below threshold)

NASA your job is the be the premier Scientific and Engineering Space program in the world. You will develop systems that make the US the envy of the world and attract the best brightest minds from around the world to work on the American Space program.

Calling Obama fatuous reall... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Calling Obama fatuous really is an insult to fatuous people everywhere.

Who died and made Barry God... (Below threshold)

Who died and made Barry God? No one thats right. This jug eared dooshnozzle disaster needs to be impeached for destroying the private sector and appointing himself King.

And what will be the result... (Below threshold)

And what will be the result of this? More accurate Arab missiles killing more Jews, and eventually Americans.

Hell at least Bill Clinton got paid for giving Missletech to the Chinese, Obama is doing it for free.

I just can't see liberals s... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

I just can't see liberals sticking it out with progressives and blacks, while their incomes slacken and power erodes, to continues dragging this stiff around, raising a stench.

Black caucus carpetbaggers have little beyond votes to offer, unions at least have cash, for now, but East coast liberals have already noticed he's bailed on them, to score cheap political points availing nothing.

I say it'll start getting really lonely for Dear Leader after the New Year when the investigations start in earnest.

"Sometime before this decad... (Below threshold)

"Sometime before this decade in over, we will put a man in Mecca..." (Please make it Obama himself.)

Nov. 2, election day-my bir... (Below threshold)

Nov. 2, election day-my birthday, what a present! Can't wait to open it.

Of course Hillary is gonna abandon him right after the elections. But may God help us if she succeeds because she doesn't know anything either and she will keep pressing the same agenda he and the Democraps are, destruction of capitalism, socialism, and a takeover of this country by the left. Maxine Waters big mouth slipped last year and let the cat out of the bag. Make no mistake, THAT is, their agenda.

I always said this guy Obam... (Below threshold)

I always said this guy Obama has a lot of sympathy for muslims....these rejects want to kill us and the liberals are bending backwards to kiss their asses.

Why the hell do I have to worry about their "self-esteem"....screw them...I could not care less if they all disappeared from the face of the earth.

Now now mag, we wouldn't wa... (Below threshold)

Now now mag, we wouldn't want to make Barry cry seeing how hard he's working for a utopic vision of Islam as the worlds leader and him as head of the multi racial unicorn of nations.

"At some point, Obama is go... (Below threshold)

"At some point, Obama is going to have to answer to this." and with any luck it is going to occur in a front of either the Senate or a Federal judge.

Most likely though it will occur when the American voters tell him to retire in 2012.

Griffin was NASA director u... (Below threshold)

Griffin was NASA director under Bush, this is a quote..........

"If by doing great things, people are inspired, well then that's wonderful," Griffin said. "If you get it in the wrong order ... it becomes an empty shell."

Griffin added: "That is exactly what is in danger of happening."

He also said that while welcome, Muslim-nation cooperation is not vital for U.S. advancements in space exploration.

"There is no technology they have that we need," Griffin said.

The former administrator stressed that any criticism should be directed at Obama, not Bolden, since NASA merely carries out policy.

Timmer, I made sim... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Timmer, I made similar predictions about a year ago.

Same here, in fact right after Hillary accepted the SecState job. Her acceptance cheered me up, because it signaled that the Clintons, no political beginners they, figured Ear Leader was going to crash and burn. The best way for Hillary to position herself for 2012 was to join the Cabinet (gaining party loyalty points), wait for the Messiah's popularity to wane as he screwed the pooch, then generate a blow-out issue and resign in protest (thereby distancing herself from the train wreck), all the while gaining nominal foreign policy cred.

It'd be much harder to challenge a sitting President from the Senate, as Ted Kennedy learned. But resigning in protest from the Cabinet...big splash.

And on Obama's encouraging ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

And on Obama's encouraging American kids to go into math and science. I am a scientist, and actively discouraging my sons from going into science. Scientists are treated like dirt in general, especially in industry, but also in academia. All of my friends in academic science are bitter and scratching for grant money, while all of my friends in industrial science are unemployed. Apart from that, it's all good.

Now community organizing...that's where the big opportunities lie. "Lie" being an unfortunately appropriate word.

Looks like the Jug-Eared Do... (Below threshold)

Looks like the Jug-Eared Douche will be remembered as the reverse of King Midas - everything the Douche touches turns to crap.

Meanwhile, the MFM numb-nuts are trying to push every inconsequential story under the sign to hide - employment failure, stimulus failure, oil spill failure, global leadership failure...

And why does Obama think it... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

And why does Obama think it's his job to make Muslims feel good about themselves? They haven't done squat in a millennium. Maybe they need to pull up their sagging shorts and fix their dysfunctional societies. Just sayin'.

This is what happens when y... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when you get a feel good, affirmative action president.

And this guy is supposed to be 'the smartest man in the world'?

Obama's justice department ... (Below threshold)

Obama's justice department under Holder dropped charges on two black panthers that were intimidating potential voters with weapons. They testified before congress that they did not have the facts to support a case. A lie. What does Obama say? Nothing.

A Mosque is trying to be built right next to ground zero. An obvious attempt of Muslims to rub our noses in the successful attack of 9/11. What does Obama say? Nothing.

When Obama heard a white cop arrested a black professor he knew, he immediately castigated the cop.

Obama is a racist of the worst kind. He sat at the feet of a radical racist for twenty years. He dislikes jews and white people. I know that is a serious allegation, but I am confident with the charge. ww

Well, at least NASA is bein... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well, at least NASA is being honest. Obama sees it as his mission to make our enemies feel good. He issues directives to the bureaucracy to that effect.

And just as his economic policies are fabulous successes in their intent to reduce our country to poverty and dependence upon the government, these policies are indeed giving great comfort to our enemies. Unfortunately, while obama wants our enemies to be happy because we are their 'friends' now, they are really happy because we are weak and can be attacked without fear of consequences.

Is this nitemare ever going... (Below threshold)

Is this nitemare ever going to end?






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