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Meet the New Black Panther Party member Eric Holder won't prosecute

But first, a little background to set the scene:

Christian Adams wrote on Pajamas Media (PJM): "On Election Day 2008, armed men wearing the uniforms and jackboots of the New Black Panther Party were posted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the entrance to a polling site. They brandished a weapon and intimidated voters. After the election, the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice brought a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and these armed thugs. I, and other Justice lawyers, obtained an entry of default after the defendants ignored the case against them."

The Bush Justice Department originally brought the case against the three members of the NBPP, accusing them in a civil complaint of violating the Voter Rights Act.

After the election, the Obama administration won a default judgment against the NBPP, but inexplicably dropped the case against them. They did, however, get one of the members, Shamir Shabazz, to promise not to carry a "deadly weapon" near a polling place until 2012.

Shabazz was carrying a billy-club while he and other members of the NBPP intimidated voters at the PA polling place.

Why did the Obama Administration Drop the Case against the New Black Panther Party?

Adams tells Megyn Kelly of Fox News that a DOJ mandate is, "No voter intimidation case is going to be prosecuted if the victim is white and the defendant is black." And the decision to drop the case against the NBPP is corrupt.

J. Christian Adams is not alone, a PJM article released today states former DOJ employees are scheduled to come forward to corroborate Adams' statements about the DOJ.

With that in mind, let's now go to this video brought to us by Tom Elia at The New Editor:

How can the media ignore this?  How can they choose to not report what we've just seen? 

What in hell is happening to this country?


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Comments (27)

They did, howev... (Below threshold)
They did, however, get one of the members, Shamir Shabazz, to promise not to carry a "deadly weapon" near a polling place until 2012.
Well, that's okay then.


I wonder if they would pros... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I wonder if they would prosecute some idiot in a KKK outfit carrying a stick outside a polling place.

Rick,Look "black "... (Below threshold)


Look "black " people do not have power so they can not be racist.
What you say their a black president and congressman.
That why justice department will not go after the NBP.

I am so happy to be living the dream. Where a man is not judge by the color of his skin but the content of his character.

Yep good old post racial Obama.

Obama is, and always has be... (Below threshold)

Obama is, and always has been, on the other side. It's as simple as that. What we will learn after the fact about his past will keep historians busy for decades. The press has been complicit in the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the US populace.

And waiting for a ridiculou... (Below threshold)
retired military:

And waiting for a ridiculous Rev Lee Ward Wright comment in 3....2.....1..

This is what some think wil... (Below threshold)

This is what some think will "leveling the playing field". Equal justice for all? Nope. Because there have been instances where justice has not been applied equally, there are many who think that reversing that is what will make everything better.

The justice department is operating on the premise that white people are collectively guilty and we should be collectively denied justice.

The lack of coverage by the... (Below threshold)

The lack of coverage by the main stream media is as disturbing as the lack of prosecution by the Justice Department.

I may have to rethink my po... (Below threshold)
John S:

I may have to rethink my position on government-paid abortion. We've already killed 30 million blacks in the womb, too bad we missed this racist puke. But apparently he speaks for the Obama administration.

Rick, you've given me an ev... (Below threshold)

Rick, you've given me an evil thought. I was going to post it here as a comment, but it got a bit long in the explaining. So check back in around 11:00...


I would expect that the lev... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I would expect that the level of violence against whites at the polling place will ramp up quite steeply in November and by 2012 there will be people put in hospitals (if not the grave) for trying to vote.

This lunatic speaks for the New Black Panthers in Philly and has the full protection of the DOJ. Does anyone really think that he and his friends aren't smart enough to pick up on that fact and take it to he next step?

Next time a single video camera won't be of any use. They will just beat the person unconscious and take it and obama will protect them.

Obama intends to keep his political power and position. This is how he intends to do it.

"What in hell is happening ... (Below threshold)

"What in hell is happening to this country?"

Ann Coulter warned about this in April 2008. Of course mentioning Ann Coulter here should totally inflame the trolls.


"What in hell is happeni... (Below threshold)

"What in hell is happening to this country?"

Community agitatin. Thats what.

Well the good news is that ... (Below threshold)

Well the good news is that if if ever get busted for having a fight with a white guy we can use this tape for Hate Crime? We just got to make sure that we keep it out of Federal court. Justice may decide any killing where a black kills a white is not going to be prosecuted.

When a government is corrup... (Below threshold)

When a government is corrupt, it becomes the right, responsibility and DUTY of the PEOPLE to enforce the law according to the well known and agreed upon societal meanings of right and wrong. Thugs like these must be removed from polling places. In 2012 and perhaps in November, we'll find out if there are any actual Americans LEFT in the US.

I am disgusted. What... (Below threshold)

I am disgusted.
What is happening in this country?
Well I am on a petit jury for the summer and now in the great state of(new) Mexico we have interpreters for the jury members, as we are a diverse state with much history. What is alarming was when we jurors were being told what a great honor this is to do our American Civic Duty, many jurors were listening to this honor in Spanish.
We were told that we are the first state in the nation to do so! woohoo...
By the way, in New Mexico, where juries are pooled from DMV, tax records, and voter registration- it is illegal to ask for identification to register to vote. Hmm wonder if it is possible for someone who is here illegally to be so emboldened?
Yep- they bus their children to schools in western NM by taxpayer expense, so why not?

By the way for those who may call me racist...I am one who does not exist in the Left's eyes- I am a minority family- and I am not racist- but American with NO HYPHEN.

Here is a conspiracy though... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here is a conspiracy thought for you.

Maybe Obama is deliberately trying to push those who oppose him to violence.

He can then move in to take the guns "for our safety", declare martial law, suspend elections, etc.

All because the violent right wing over reacted to his superior policies.

Hell, do you put anything past him?

I wonder how intimidating S... (Below threshold)

I wonder how intimidating Shabazz would be with my fist shutting that big racist mouth? Show up where I vote and thats the least of what this jacboot reject will get.

"Here is a conspiracy thoug... (Below threshold)

"Here is a conspiracy thought for you."

Its not conspiracy thinking its common sense and you know Barry would love to disarm conservative America.

I wouldn't put it past this jac ass to make owning bible's a crime too.

Own a koran however and its a stimulus bonus credit.

Sounds a lot like a certain... (Below threshold)

Sounds a lot like a certain Preacher from Chicago.

Apparently Obama did listen... (Below threshold)

Apparently Obama did listen closely to Rev. Wright's teachings. He doesn't want the DOJ to pursue cases that involve white victims by black individuals.

We saw how he was quick to call the Havard policeman an idiot and racist before he knew the facts. Face it: He has the power and authority to be a major racist and he is. ww

Why is it when ever real ra... (Below threshold)

Why is it when ever real racists are discovered spewing their bile, Lee can never be found? Lee where are you? This is what a real racist looks like they say stuff like kill the crackers, not hey I'm opposed to Obama's economic policies. See the difference? If someone is opposed to Obamacare they dissagree when someone says cracker babies need to die they are a racist.

HAHA...ya keep yappin homey... (Below threshold)

HAHA...ya keep yappin homey.
Take away America's right to a fair fight at the ballot box, the fight WILL move elswhere.
And at 18% of the population, Shab-ass shouldn't be wishing too hard for a fight wit da crackas....
Just saying...

"King" looks like the type ... (Below threshold)

"King" looks like the type that would run like a little pussy, pissing his pants all the way home if confronted solo on neutral turf by a "cracker" who can take care of himself.

Seen this before.......

Shitbird Punk.

Of course if you beat his r... (Below threshold)

Of course if you beat his racist little ass you could always claim you took Holder's advise and decided not to be a "racial coward" anymore.

Strike two for the Obama ad... (Below threshold)

Strike two for the Obama admistration on dealing with the potential of race relations in this country being set back. Remember the police officer who acted "stupidly" when doing his job investigating the college professor. Maybe Obama can sit down with the New Black Panther Party, share a beer or two and yuck it up with these thugs, and on leaving partake in a chest bumb! Malcomb X is is laughing in his grave!

One thing the New BP Pary h... (Below threshold)
m. keith:

One thing the New BP Pary has to understand....
The "crackers" that they want to kill, will BURY them.

The "crackers" they talk about are the white politicians that keep them in bondage (all Democrats that they vote for).

The "Crackers" that they keep spewing ignorance against are the ones that want to get them OFF OF WELFARE AND OUT OF THE GHETTO SO THEY JUST MIGHT GET A JOB AND QUIT DRAINING THE SYSTEM!!!!

Having said that, go ahead and bring on 'Obama's 2nd Civil War.... THat's what he want's and is striving for. Black's against Whites, to destroy the nation.

To you NBPanthers..... Do you really think you stand a chance against us "country crackers" when you wage war?

You fight good in the hood, but you are lost when you come out here to face us.

Bottom line.... When you light a fire to destroy your own community, we will laugh and start a 'backfire'.

If you dare to come outside your welfare comfort, then you will be destroyed.

Your pistols and oozies can't match what we have. You are used to City Gangwars. If you dare to come out to the country, you will be dead where you stand, and will never see it coming.

So bring on the hate, bring on the "killing cracker babies", bring on the ignorance of the ghetto blacks. Us CRACKERS WILL BURN YOU UP.

idiots, Bush is the one tha... (Below threshold)

idiots, Bush is the one that made the DOJ downgrade their case on 1/07/09.. 13 days BEFORE Obama took office. you people disgrace the republican party I've supported all my life.






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