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Independent thought

Getting more and more thoughtful:

Two new polls this morning augur ill for President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats who control Congress.

The worst -- from Gallup -- finds that for the first time since Obama took the oath, his support among independents, a key voter segment in his decisive 2008 coalition election win, has fallen below 40%.

The new tracking finds that Obama's support among all voter segments has declined in the past year, but nowhere more than among independents.

Only 38% now support him, an 18-point drop from 52 weeks ago, when polls first began showing the nation's rapidly-growing population of independent voters peeling off, as Obama relentlessly pushed his healthcare plan and ignored polls saying jobs and the economy were uppermost on voters' minds.

In that same time span, support for the Democrat has fallen 9 points among Democrats (from 90% to 81%) and 8 points among Republicans (from 20% to 12%).

Collectively, only 46% of Americans approve of the president's job performance, just 1 point above his worst approval of 45%. Obama's approval has not been above 50% since February.

It's hope and change to believe in.


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Comments (11)

The racist Lee Ward better ... (Below threshold)

The racist Lee Ward better start stocking up on duct tape for his head this fall.

I recommend wrapping it three times to help prevent it from exploding as your messiah and all your racist heroes fail epically in November.

"No question that the Dems ... (Below threshold)

"No question that the Dems will lose seats this Fall. That always happens in a mid-term following a regime change."

But how can that be Lee? Wasn't conservatism pronounced DEAD in November 2008? What's changed Lee? Have progressives been fucking up?
Enlighten we poor ignorant trash. Why aren't the masses flocking to the Democratic banner?

Lee, relax! As Governor Co... (Below threshold)

Lee, relax! As Governor Corzine and Senator Coakley can attest, the mojo of our Dear Leader is strong!! HE will save the day for ya.

Barry is almost as pathetic... (Below threshold)

Barry is almost as pathetic as Rev Lee Harvey Ward of the state Wright.

I hope for change alright. Anything would be better then this continual acceptance of dumbing down to the affirmative action heroes level.

The Dems will lose Congress... (Below threshold)
John S:

The Dems will lose Congress to be sure, and a satisfying number of Republican incumbents also will join the rest of us at the unemployment line. In a recent poll, when asked whether they prefer the incumbent to someone who had no experience in government, respondents chose the Wal-Mart greeter 3 to 1. One other factor has changed the face of Congress: the sweet Angel of Death has finally removed incumbents that the voter wouldn't. I'm talking about the vile racist from West Virginia and the fat drunk from Massachusetts, they're in the grave now... and there they'll stay.

Ward is such a joke...how d... (Below threshold)

Ward is such a joke...how does he look at himself in a mirror and not laugh?

"Ward is such a joke...h... (Below threshold)

"Ward is such a joke...how does he look at himself in a mirror and not laugh?"

He probably wears an Obama mask.

"the Party of No will not t... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"the Party of No will not take back control of either the house or the senate."

The Rethuglicans will nominally take back the House--a number of non-trad members elected under their banner will not owe their seats to the RNC or be 'reliable' party faithful.

The Senate will be back to gridlock with mobs of mavericks(like the gang of 14) earning all the face time.

So look for over-the-top dysfunction with House mainly investigating corruption and Senate competing with Il Douche for precious oxygen.

I truly believe there wi... (Below threshold)

I truly believe there will be a reckoning.
BUT, we're the ones who will have to apply it.

From my latest "the bottom line" ...

So, DON'T defeat yourselves before you even start. If all you can envision is futility and hopelessness, please go somewhere else to psych yourself down. The rest of us have a lot of work to do, and it damned well wont be accomplished by those who believe it impossible in the first place.

And, do not excuse yourself with George Wallace's 1968 assertion that, of the two parties, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between them!"

There truly is a difference; the type of arrogant snots who feel they must control every aspect of our lives (because we're too damned stupid to do so ourselves) seem to infest the Democratic party far more than they do the Republican one.

That difference is worth preserving, worth fighting for. Always!

But especially during the Nov 2010 elections.

Guess Barry will have to cr... (Below threshold)

Guess Barry will have to crank up that off-shore illegal campaign contribution machine again.

Tho this is rare for me, I ... (Below threshold)

Tho this is rare for me, I feel I must speak up in defense of President Obama. It occurred to me that he has made numerous promises that begin with: "I will not rest until...". I believe that guantanamo must be closed, we must be out of Iraq, Iran must be free of nukes, the oil leak must be stopped, everyone who wants a job has one and so forth. It is obvious that he cannot operate at this level forever. The man needs a nap!






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