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Meet Lee Ward - Asshat (UPDATED)

No... really:

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 18, 2008
Let me be the first to say it. It's Barack Hussein Obama's middle name that makes people excited and believing in Obama as someone who can cross new boundaries. His middle name. Not his unproven abilities, and not his non-existent "bridge building" track record. His middle name. Because it's a Muslim name.

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 17, 2008

Obama didn't object to Wright's racist diatribes until Wright became a political liability, further proof that Obama's talk of unifying the country is just another bullshit talking point on his road to steal the White House.

So sayeth Lee Ward on March 20, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro, who spoke the truth about Obama and was labeled by the Obama campaign as a racist because of it, is now striking out against Obama over his remarks in his great unifying speech earlier this week. Oh, sure they do -- at least Barack Obama's chosen mentor for 20 years does, and Barack probably doesn't even realize the extent to which he himself has become a racist bigot as a result of 20 years of indoctrination into an idealogy that hates America.

What a hypocrite.

Thanks Eric.

UPDATE: Some in the comments are wondering why devote a post to Mr. Ward. It's pretty simple and I was hoping obvious... but maybe not... so here's my answer.

I rarely engage in back and forths with people who really have nothing of substance to say and are clearly engaged in nothing more than the attempt to enflame. It's all I see Lee doing. But what I found superb and worthy of it's own post in Eric's comments was how adeptly he skewered Lee's gourd. He proved Lee to be a racist (using Lee's own idiotic logic) or simply a liar or more likely both. But certainly a hypocrite, as was pointed out.

And I think what it proves is that engaging Lee Ward is a complete and utter waste of time. And this post helps prove that point. There's no arguing with idiots. There's no sense in trading insults with liars and hypocrites. Perhaps, once and for all, we simply use what Eric has brought forth as fodder for doing nothing but ignoring Lee's projections from here on out.

Your call.


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Comments (70)

All of this could be avoide... (Below threshold)

All of this could be avoided if Barry would just resign and LEE a Tard would quit being so damned racist??

"Wow - my very own post."</... (Below threshold)

"Wow - my very own post."

Yeah and it sure will prove to be much more fair and balanced and racist free then WizBlue ever strived to be.


Ummm.... did I miss the par... (Below threshold)

Ummm.... did I miss the part where Lee is wrong?

Barry is supported by folks who don't have any intellectual reason for doing so - only emotional. That his middle name sounds "multicultural" is as good a reason as any for these human mushrooms to believe that he's the second coming of JFK.

Barry is not unifying the country. As a committed, blinders-on, hard-left idealogue, he can't.

Barry is a racist. Do we all remember the "acted stupidly" beer summit? How about the refusal to incarcerate the Black Panther voter intimidators? He automatically assumes the worst of whites and treats blacks as misunderstood angels.

Wow - Lee complaining his c... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Wow - Lee complaining his comments were "erased" . . . wonder how many comments he erased and commenters he banned when he was in charge of the Blue page? Dozens, hundreds, thousands? Like the countryside of Cambodia under one of Lee's great heroes, Pol Pot, we may never know the real numbers . . .

The classic definition of the Yiddish word "chutzpah" is a man who murders his parents and then begs mercy from the court because he is an orphan.

Of course, the reality is that Lee feels no need for consistency, truth to him is a meaningless concept, he will say anything and do anything which advances his neo-Marxist ideals and harms America, which he hates with great passion.

Lying is as natural to him as breathing. He's a despicable excuse for a human being who has been indulged here for far too long. He should ship out to Venezuela to work on Chavez' revolution for a while.

Lee "Bullshit" Ward, a trol... (Below threshold)

Lee "Bullshit" Ward, a troll's troll. Wants, needs and craves attention. Just like his Obamassiah.

I'm Rev Lee Ward Wright an... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I'm Rev Lee Ward Wright and I approve this message.

Rev Lee Ward Wright<p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Rev Lee Ward Wright

"so I'll leave this post to the circle jerk of hate mongers Wizbang cultivates and move on."

Do go away mad. JUST GO AWAY !!!!

Obama - "And I've said ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama - "And I've said since I took office that my administration will not rest until every American who is able and ready and willing to work can find a job"

Well Rev Lee Ward Wright. Please let Obama know that you have finally found your calling in life.

BTW RickYou... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW Rick

You missed quite a few. Keep on posting.

Chuck,The point is... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The point is that Lee made those statements during the primary when he supoprted Hillary. Now that Barry is President Lee considers any dissent to be the height of racism. Never mind that his own statements by the same standard are far more racist than anything anyone here says.

The point is that by his own standards he would call himself a racist if he were honest. As has been noted here before his obession with race tells us more about him than the people he accuses of racism.

Lee, I linked to all of the... (Below threshold)

Lee, I linked to all of the posts. The context is right there for anyone willing to clicky.

So out of curiosity, what was the context under which you called Obama a "racist bigot"?

Since Obama did become President, in your view did he steal the White House? Also, wouldn't that phrase be racist, since it implies that a black man can only STEAL the White House?

Great takedown. Great... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Great takedown. Great takedown.

Rick You missed t... (Below threshold)
retired military:


You missed this one from Apr 209 08

"It isn't surprising that Obama would now be using words like "outraged" over Wright's preachings, but Obama wasn't outraged when his association with Wright was winning delegates for him - now was he? Now that Wright has become a political liability, it's 'under the bus' with him.
So renounce those delegates as well, Barack, now that you agree that it's time to quit trying to steal the nomination by pandering to racists like Wright and his supporters.


So Rev Lee Ward Wright are you saying African Americans can only win by pandering to racists?

Strange how Lee bashes Wright but sounds just like him.

Or another Lee Ward nuggest from Apr 29.

"I didn't say 90% -- but initially Obama 'wasn't black enough' for the African-American voting bloc, and they were split between Clinton and Obama.
Obama proceeded to pander to the AA voters, beginning in South Carolina. Suddenly Obama was criticizing the bamboozling of the black voters, and oh my -- remember the outrage over MLK? It was all pandering, racist bullshit

and how about Mar 08 Lee

"Obama was happily skating towards the White House until last week. Now he's exposed as an enabler of a racist bloc of anti-American citizens, a liar with regards to the amount of money he's received from Rezko, and a hypocrite who's blocking the do-overs in Florida and Michigan because Clinton has stronger support there - and to hell with the voters in those states having a say in the nomination"

See that bolded part Lee? That is talking about yourself.

The motivation for all of C... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The motivation for all of Charles Manson's murders was the hope of fomenting a race war.

Wow, a thread dedicated to ... (Below threshold)

Wow, a thread dedicated to the racist assclown Lee Ward!

Well Lee, you are seriously moving up in the world by hanging around a conservative blog inserting inane and idiotic blurbs of commentary which allow your true racist colors to show.

While most are simply tired of your blather, I still see a bit of entertainment value (at your expense) left.

And you know, darn it, Adri... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

And you know, darn it, Adrian. Charlie missed you. That is really a shame.

We garner too much attentio... (Below threshold)

We garner too much attention on Lying Lee. I would just as soon request the editors delete him and move on. I grow tired of his getting off topic and his never ending lying and name calling. It is boring and trite. And predictable. ww

I second that. Life is too... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

I second that. Life is too short to have to continually wade through Lee's mentally, socially and morally retarded tripe.

am I really reading a piece... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

am I really reading a piece dedicated to a commentator on here? Is that what wizbang has come to? Kevin really?

Adriane Brown drive by quot... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Adriane Brown drive by quote of the day

"The motivation for all of Charles Manson's murders was the hope of fomenting a race war. "

Are you saying that the Rev Lee Ward Wright may be one of Charlie Manson's followers?

"We garner too much atte... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

"We garner too much attention on Lying Lee. I would just as soon request the editors delete him and move on. I grow tired of his getting off topic and his never ending lying and name calling. It is boring and trite. And predictable"

Damn straight on that. Way too much attention. Jay Tea has elevated me to some super status. I comment on a post, just as anyone else comments, and Jay Tea then ignores the topic at hand and writes comment after comment about me instead of the topic of the post.

No surprise that there are now a dozen people doing the same thing Jay Tea does. Jay is a professional troll, and he's cultivated a following of amateur trolls who try to be as obnoxious and "pointed" as Jay is.

I comment. You don't like it? Score my comment a minus and move on. The comment score is there for you to vote up or down a comment. Use it.

And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can, but the plain fact is that you can't - and that's what pisses off Jay and the rest of his troll army.

I play by the rules.

Jay and his army of trolls don't.

That's why I'm still here. I play by the rules.

The problem is, Lee, is tha... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

The problem is, Lee, is that your racism is quite obvious.

retired military has done the public service of highlighting your even more obvious hypocrisy.

Your reaction to losing an argument is to go off the deep end on personal attacks.
You do this a lot, as you get your ass handed to you nearly every time you comment in a thread.

If that isn't enough, you make broad attacks on everyone, usually of a vulgar and offensive nature.

I've challenged you in the last couple of days to abide by Wizbang's Terms of Service, in particular item #7, and retract the offensive posts and apologize.
You seem to want to ignore me, and conduct even more vulgar personal attacks.

In summary, you are an attention whore and a drama queen.

In short, take your immature attitude and go to some other website.

Oh, and Lee:"That'... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Oh, and Lee:

"That's why I'm still here. I play by the rules."

No you do not. Go read the Terms of Service for Wizbang.

Nice try. Thanks for playing.

Lee Ward,Kindly ad... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Lee Ward,

Kindly address my posts 23 and 24. Stop ignoring my quite valid points about Wizbang's Terms of Service. PLAY BY THE RULES.

Please retract your offensive posts over the previous years and apologize.

leeward is still where flot... (Below threshold)

leeward is still where flotsam and jetsam goes when the wind blows - just nature's way of collecting trash.

Rev Lee Wright Ward<p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Rev Lee Wright Ward

"I comment. You don't like it? Score my comment a minus and move on. The comment score is there for you to vote up or down a comment. Use it."

Yes, you score your own comments all the time. I see you post and then a min later it gets a +1. That is childness of the highest order.

"And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie""

This happens on almost every thread and yet you persist. You are delusional.

Take your ball and go home and never darken our doorsteps again.

But dont go away mad.


Meet Lee Ward - As... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Meet Lee Ward - Asshat

This just in - sun rises in east. Film at 11.

Here Rev Lee Ward Wright. L... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Rev Lee Ward Wright. Let me save you the trouble.

REpublicans were against the Rev Lee Ward Wright having his own thread on Wizbangblog before a black man became President.

I've added an update... hop... (Below threshold)

I've added an update... hoping it's noticed.

RickI think it wou... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I think it would be better to just permaban him and get it over with. I am sure that I am not alone in this feeling.

I dont want to live in an echo chamber. I dont mind having discussions with people on the left.

I do mind when someone comes and throws shit up on the walls where I am at. As such I say something as after 20 years in the military the words "Silence is acceptance" is somewhat ingrained. Also I believe in the adage. "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

I refuse to be quiet to get along or try to make someone go away by ignoring them. I believe in confronting stupidity head on when I am confronted by it.

Since I have no desire to try to fix the Rev Lee Ward's idealogy, I see no reason to try various methods of nice, gentlemanly, ways of spersuasion to get him to see my way. Instead I believe the baseball bat approach works much better for folks like the Rev Lee Ward Wright. I get less frustrated as well.

In my opinion, the fact Wee... (Below threshold)

In my opinion, the fact Wee Lard says it is enough to prove it a lie. If he says the sun rises in the east, it will only be because he sincerely believes otherwise.

"Instead I believe the base... (Below threshold)

"Instead I believe the baseball bat approach works much better for folks like the Rev Lee Ward Wright."

I'll second that! You can't fix 'stupid' but you sure as hell can make it painful for them.

I would agree with RM. Lee... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I would agree with RM. Lee's comments are usually off topic and frequently are little more than calling someone racist for having views different from his own.

I think that his side shows are limiting what could be more useful discussion from people who might have more liberal views but do not express them here because he has poisoned the well with his pointing the discussion to racism.

There have been conservatives posting that they do not care to frequent these pages because he ruins any discussion. I am sure that liberals or moderates do not post because they see the tenor of the conversation and decide that they are not interested.

Wizbang would be a far better place if people who have no real interest in a principled discussion and refuse to deal with issues or respond to factual data, like Lee, are sent packing.

In short, if the Rev Lee Wa... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In short, if the Rev Lee Ward Wright is permabanned then he wont be missed. And that would leave him time to persue other interests more worthy of his talents


this is like devoting a thr... (Below threshold)

this is like devoting a thread to a pile of dog-shit...and debating the smell.

sorry...it ALWAYS stinks!

Lee,I have an idea f... (Below threshold)

I have an idea for you. UNIONIZE Wizbang (maybe SEIU?)and then you can sic the shop steward on JT.

Why doesn't the Racist Assc... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't the Racist Assclown Lee Ward start his own blog and have discussions with folks of his own persuasion?

Oh snap! I forgot he had his chance with Wizbang Blue. How'd that work out for ya Lee?

BTW, www.leewardracistassclownblog.com is available "hint hint".

If people would stop giving... (Below threshold)

If people would stop giving the trolls the attention they neurotically crave then they would go somewhere else. Stop feeding the stray dog and he'll stop coming around.

Bwahahaha! Absolute punchi... (Below threshold)

Bwahahaha! Absolute punching-bag quality hilarity! I enjoyed every bit - thanks to all!

But realize this ...

Ol' Lee is kinda like the "Terminator" of Stupid.

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear."

And feel free to disprov... (Below threshold)

And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can, but the plain fact is that you can't - and that's what pisses off Jay and the rest of his troll army.

Sheesh, even on vacation I can't get a break from this dipshit. I'm almost a thousand miles from home, with plenty of fun things to to do, and he still can't leave me out of his persecution fantasies.

BTW, www.leewardracistassclownblog.com is available "hint hint".

Oh, really? I might have to do something about that...

Oh, and BTW, "racist" is merely the latest manifestation of Lee's projections. Previously, he fixated on "hypocrites" and "liars," and he's still hung up on "trolls."


See, the problem with this ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

See, the problem with this sort of excellent take-down of Lee, exposing his lies and hypocrisy, is that it has no effect at all. He ignores all evidence, including his own cached comments. Truth and winning an argument on facts are meaningless to Lee Ward.

It's all been done before by others, time and again, yet he still persists. He won't even bother to moderate his arrogant attitude after being proven wrong. He just doesn't care. He serves his ideology in his way. Probably sees himself as a soldier and martyr, when the truth is he is merely a miserable, lying annoyance.

Jay is Lee's protector - although Kevin has never shown an inclination to ban him, either, but rather to engage him, encourage him to participate in a real debate, which led to the Blue experiment (a failure except that it did expose Lee's true colors) - although he finds him as ridiculous as most do. He sees Lee as easily refuted and rebuffed, sort of a court jester or fool to be mocked for entertainment.

Of course, Jay is also the leading proponent of bringing back the charming Elizabethan sport of bear-baiting, so . . .

This post proves that we al... (Below threshold)

This post proves that we all have too much time on our hands.

Hey, them bears is asking f... (Below threshold)

Hey, them bears is asking for it.

Besides, how better to rile up those mama grizzlies?


davidt"If people w... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"If people would stop giving the trolls the attention they neurotically crave then they would go somewhere else. Stop feeding the stray dog and he'll stop coming around."

See my post above. #32

The Rev Lee Ward Wright's posts are like a car wreck you pass on the freeway. You respond to them on an instinctual level the way you look at a car wreck.

The Rev Lee Ward Wright is living proof of one of Ron White's custom lines.

"You cant fix stupid. THere's not a pill you can take, or an operation you can have. Stupid is foreva"

Instead of having the readers of Wizbangblog sit by and try to ignore the 20 car pile up right in front of them, IMO the authors of Wizbang should clean the mess off road and fix the problem.

Permabanning is that solution. And it would be poetic justice since the Rev Lee Ward Wright banned just about everyone on Wizbangblue due to disagreeing with him. He is the perfect example of what is wrong with liberalism. You live by my rules and I will live by a seperate set.

If all liberals had to live by the rules they set for others then there would be a lot fewer liberals in the world.

I am a conspiracy theorist.... (Below threshold)

I am a conspiracy theorist. I think Lee is an actor who has been hired to increase traffic on certain posts. I probably have lived a relatively sheltered life but I have never come across anyone like him. He is really a caricature. I have a liberal friend in psychiatry to whom I show his posts. She said if he is for real she would love to meet him for a case study. Even she finds him over the top and feels there are issues in his past that predispose him to cling so tenaciously to irrational reasoning processes.

Lee Ward was against black ... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward was against black racists before a black racist became president

JT Oh, and BTW, "racist"... (Below threshold)

JT Oh, and BTW, "racist" is merely the latest manifestation of Lee's projections. Previously, he fixated on "hypocrites" and "liars," and he's still hung up on "trolls."

You could add his fixation on group masturbation to the list.

Jeebus, people.Jus... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Jeebus, people.

Just ban the fool already, and if he keeps up with his racist spamming, contact his ISP and get him kicked off.

Enough already.

Les NessmanFrom yo... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Les Nessman

From your lips to the moderators ears.

Like DaveD I think the raci... (Below threshold)

Like DaveD I think the racist is an exhibitionist that love's to draw attention to itself. Wether by design or just a hapless turd polisher it matters's not. Thread agitation is it's mission.

Racism IS alive and growing... (Below threshold)

Racism IS alive and growing in the United States. It IS becoming more acceptable. It IS becoming more powerful...and IS garnering powerful political allies.

Racism by Blacks, of course.

The New Black Panthers, Jeremiah Wrights, Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and yes, Eric Holders of America are fertilizing a weed we thought had started to finally die in the 1960's. THEY are reviving this awful weed.

THEY are.

This has nothing to do with... (Below threshold)

This has nothing to do with racism. Perhaps a bit to to with narcissism and a few other traits that when unbalanced and disassociated from reason and ethics lead to an evil distraction from reality. Don't let the brief forays into reality and logic dissuade you - they are only feints meant to draw you into the dark parts of the jungle - from treating this disease the best way there is to treat it - isolate, quarantine and disemvowel, I mean disinfect. Any response directly to this disease only encourages its growth by validating that it has a cogency at some level. Engaging it, or trying to resuscitate the logic or truth by Constantly Providing Responses only sprays the spittle of sickness on you and others.

DNR - DO NOT Respond should be the advanced directive here.

Lee Ward "Think I'm lying? ... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward "Think I'm lying? Prove me wrong."

I think just about everybody on that has commentated on this site has been there, done that and has the t-shirt.

I think the consensus here ... (Below threshold)

I think the consensus here Lee is that you are the liar. Being the conspiracy nut you are you believe were all out to get Barry cause hes half black and all stupid. Well Barry has sealed his own lame duck status. Get over it.

Rev Lee Ward Wright<p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Rev Lee Ward Wright

"Time and time again I point to the poll that shows 25% of the Tea Party members are motivated by race. "

That would be the human race. As in trying to better it. Not race as in color of skin or country of origin which the Rev Lee Ward wright is fixated on.

Feel free to sh... (Below threshold)
Feel free to show examples
I nominate "and" and "the."
You just lied in #59 Lee. Y... (Below threshold)

You just lied in #59 Lee. Your "poll" only applies to Tea Party members (supposedly) and not all conservatives. So you can't honestly say "25 percent" of conservatives are racists or even "a notable majority." That example enough for ya dimwit?

In the past, I've been an a... (Below threshold)

In the past, I've been an advocate of letting Lee have his say.

Free speech is vital to rational discourse. It gets ideas out, gets them discussed. The premise is, of course, that the people discussing the topic are indeed coming at it in a rational, good-faith manner, willing to examine all sides of the arguement and trying to come to a consensus.

The posts from Lee, however, don't show any attempt to see anyone else's point of view. He seems to believe that simply and repeatedly stating that something is a lie is sufficient. He's not arguing in good faith, with information that others may find useful - he's invested in making sure no other voice gets heard.

Shrug. Not like it really matters, of course - editors of Wizbang, it's your blog (well, collectively) your rules - but I no longer support Lee having his say. That privelege has been badly abused, to no good result.

Lets see64 respons... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lets see

64 responses to this thread.

About 7 of them are Lee Ward calling folks racists, trolls and liars and denying that he is any of the above.

about 4 of them are responses basically to ignore him.

Pretty much the rest in one way or another indicate banning him would improve the site and the discussions therein.

Fuck it. I'm on vacation, h... (Below threshold)

Fuck it. I'm on vacation, have NO interest in dealing with Lee Ward, and have said so. But he still insists on trying to bait me into yet another session where I beat him down and chase him off -- until he finds a new thread to start over.

So I ain't dealing with him. And he won't be dealing with me.

When I come back from my trip, I'll consider lifting it. Or someone else might. But through Tuesday evening at least, Lee's IP is banned.


BTW Rev Lee Ward Wright... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW Rev Lee Ward Wright

You were correct and didnt lie.

You were correct and didnt lie when you said the following:

"Obama Should Stick to Speeches and Not Issues"

Sounds like you

"Obama Lies Again"

Sounds like you

"If you haven't been the direct recipient of a Barack Obama lie then hang on, your turn will come. He'll get around to lying to everyone sooner or later "

So true so true

"He was talking to the heartland of America, so it's time for Barack to lie about his mother and about his religious upbringing, in order to dispel rumors and innuendo surrounding his Islamic background:"

Pegged to a T I tell you

"Obviously, he has not been wholly truthful with regards to his mother, but we know that the book is mainly about his deceased father, and his mother was alive when Barack wrote the book. Maybe his mother wasn't proud of her atheism -- maybe Barack wasn't proud of his mother's atheism.
Now we know it was something Barack kept hidden, and felt compelled to lie about when campaigning in Iowa. His mother had passed away -- and wasn't around to witness his lying. I believe that if she was alive today he wouldn't have lied about "being raised by his Christian mother."
But she wasn't around, so he did lie.


You learned from the best there Lee

"There are more and more YouTube videos showing up juxtaposing Barack Obama's ongoing lies and distortions with the facts. "

We dont have you on Youtube yet Lee.

You're not an Obama supporter? If you're naive enough to believe that Obama's campaign didn't either initiate this move or at a minimum give their ok to it, you're naive enough to vote for Barack...

Well that is enough for now. As we can see the Rev Lee Ward Wright has described himself as naive as well as everything else he has proven himself to be. Liar, troll, racist. And the list goes on.

When you pour gasoline on a... (Below threshold)

When you pour gasoline on a fire, or breath oxygen into it, please don't expect to extinguish it.

rm, it's time to stop speak... (Below threshold)

rm, it's time to stop speaking ill of the recently departed.


Lee Ward #25<blockqu... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward #25

And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can

I think that statement speaks for itself.

Again and finally I'll say ... (Below threshold)

Again and finally I'll say LYing Lee is not worth the time or trouble to even acknowledge. I know we try to "prove" our comments but with some people like Lying Lee, it is pearls before swine. I learn an immense amount of detail from the posters and the regular commenters. The old timers, and they know who I mean. I even glean some knowledge from some liberals when they are not throwing invective around. I try not to comment unless I have something to add to the debate but sometimes fall prey to my emotions and on one occasion I was called out by JT and he was right. Going back and forth with the likes of Lying Lee is just not worth the time. ww

Phew ... Thanks, Jay.... (Below threshold)

Phew ... Thanks, Jay.

Thanks JTI think y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Thanks JT

I think you made Rev Lee Ward Wright's day. now he can brag to all his friends that he was banned here.

Please make it permanent. I beg you.

And feel free to d... (Below threshold)
And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can

OK, in March 2008, you used the words "racist bigot" to describe Barak Obama. So would it be fair to say that you think Barak Obama is a racist bigot. Yes or no?

"Please make it permanent. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Please make it permanent. I beg you."


Chinga tu estés donde estés... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Chinga tu estés donde estés, Lee Ward. Y seguir así.

Muchas gracias, Jay Tea. Muchas, muchas gracias.

Hat tip to Google Language tools.






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