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Oklahoma City denied FEMA aid after devastating June flash flood

On the morning of June 13, a freak thunderstorm dumped between 6" and 10" of rain across the Oklahoma City metro area in under five hours, resulting in severe flash flooding that heavily damaged numerous homes and businesses across the city.

Over 200 homes were damaged or destroyed by the flood; only a handful of these homeowners carried government flood insurance because, according to news reports, only 2% of the homes that were destroyed were located in areas classified as Federal flood zones.

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry immediately declared all Oklahoma counties that were affected by the torrential rainfall as disaster areas, and requested individual assistance from FEMA for the owners of homes or businesses that were lost as a result of the floods.

Last week, the White House denied Gov. Henry's request for FEMA aid. In lieu of FEMA money, Gov. Henry is attempting to procure additional aid in the form of low interest SBA loans for homeowners.

It has been noted that the Obama Administration's sluggish and red tape-mangled response to the oil washing ashore on the Gulf Coast could very well be linked to the fact that virtually all of the coastal counties affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill were "red," voting predominately for John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Likewise, all 77 Oklahoma counties were "red" in 2008; no other state went 100% for McCain on a county-by-county basis.

No formal explanation was offered for FEMA's denial of Gov. Henry's request. But given the Obama Administration's blatant Chicago-style politics and apparent belief in selective enforcement of the law, one has to wonder ...

ADDED: Commenter "retired military" mentioned another suspicious set of choices by the Obama Administration -- the selection of GM and Chrysler dealerships originally slated to be closed in the wake of the government takeovers of the two automakers. Just a little more food for thought.


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Comments (16)

I guess I should feel lucky... (Below threshold)
rich K:

I guess I should feel lucky I live in a blue stupid state then. But I also live way above any flood plains so I will most likely not need fema for any flood relief,Which is a gift in itself.If I had to depend on federal aparatchiks for help Id just as soon drown my own ass and be done with it.

What? You expect obama to ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What? You expect obama to take care of people who didn't vote for him? If he's willing to selectively enforce the law based on the color of your skin why would anyone be surprised that he's willing to withhold government assistance based on the voting history of an area?

"Worst President ever" doesn't even come close to the level of betrayal. There is no action too petty for him to stoop to in exercising his anger that he does not receive universal adoration.

I remember when the auto ba... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I remember when the auto bailouts were going on. Dealers who were in competition with Obama fundraisers were closed leaving wide open markets for dealers who supported Obama.

I have about stopped being suprised at the blatant cronyism of this administration.

Obama is making Jimmy Carter look like Reagen in comparision.

I wonder if that will happe... (Below threshold)

I wonder if that will happen here in Wyoming. The county, where I live, was hit by massive flooding due to snow melt. Most of Wyoming, except Teton County, voted for McCain too. One thing just might be in our favor -- the Governor is a Dem and a very ardent Obama supporter.

Sorry Stan. The Governor d... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sorry Stan. The Governor doesn't vote on capitol hill. However your two GOP senators do as does your GOP congressman. And with 3 electoral votes that trend GOP anyway the likelihood is that obama sees your state as having absolutely nothing to offer him in terms of furthering his agenda or increasing his power.

You're screwed.

Stan, our gov in OKC is a D... (Below threshold)

Stan, our gov in OKC is a Dem also and on an Obama task force, but since 2010 was the first time in over 75 years Oklahoma voted in a red state legislature, I doubt if Obama will remember the state level life long Democrats in this state.

No formal explanation will ... (Below threshold)

No formal explanation will be coming I am sure. Is it fair to suggest that folks who vote Red tend to be more resilient and self-sufficient than Blue voters? If so OK will get through this despite the peevish child-man occupying the White House. My guess is that if this had happened in Cali or Mass the media coverage would have been very extensive and we would have had hours and hours of video on national news showing the poor people who lost their homes and are in desperate need of government assistance. Obama can pick and choose in this situation but in the long run even those Blue states will not escape the economic destruction being caused by their buddy Obama's brand of communism. I figure Barry is having to work so much harder than he expectted at this presidentin' thing and he's kind of pissy about that. This is his way of acting out.

Sounds like great ad materi... (Below threshold)

Sounds like great ad material for the 2012 campaign against King Barry Soetoro. He may come through with some taxpayer money, but it will have strings attached.

Isn't one of the motto's of... (Below threshold)

Isn't one of the motto's of the current administration "If you're RED, you're DEAD!"

Obama sure is making Presid... (Below threshold)

Obama sure is making President Bush look good these days

Miss Me yet? I gue... (Below threshold)

Miss Me yet?

I guess Oklahoman's are predominantly to lily white for the like's of ole' juggadoosh ears.

And where is Mitchie the Ki... (Below threshold)

And where is Mitchie the Kid McConnell? Shouldn't he be SCREAMING at the top of his voice over this sort of blatant, get-even type political thuggery?? Maybe if he crawled out from under his desk once in a while! Nah. Too dangerous, right Mitchie!! The NY Times might write a little hit-piece and BANG would go those DC party invitations!

In 1979, Tropical Storm Cla... (Below threshold)

In 1979, Tropical Storm Claudette dropped 42 inches of rain in a 24 hour period on Alvin, Texas. Alvin is located on a coastal prairie southwest of Houston. Since the ground was flat, there was no slope to aid in the runoff of the rainwater. Many homes were flooded because the water could not run-off faster than the rain.
Buildings built 30 feet above sea level were flooded.

Just because you do not live in a designated flood area do not assume that you are safe from flooding.

I would expect nothing less... (Below threshold)

I would expect nothing less from a juvenile and arrogant man who has repeatedly given the "scratching with my middle finger" gesture to his political opponents during public speeches. This is just another high school prank to show his buddies what a big man he is.

Frankly, no high numbers of... (Below threshold)

Frankly, no high numbers of blacks were effected so FEMA probably has the same mandate as the justice department. ww

Hoax & Chains; Chicago Styl... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Hoax & Chains; Chicago Style!

Mom? Dad? Can we impeach him yet?

Is it November yet?

What part of the Constitution hasn't he violated yet?....






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