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The End Of An Era

Vacation is a wonderful time, a time when you can do all sorts of things that you wouldn't normally do.

In my case, I finally pulled the plug on Lee Ward's much-lamented return as a commenter.

For some time now, I've been Lee's "protector" within Wizbang. He's managed to alienate (that's a fancy term for "pissed off by pissing on") every other author here, but I'd worked to stay the customary punishment.

And by that, I don't mean that I argued that his value as a commenter outweighed his irritation factor. No, I specifically said I was asking them to stay their hands as a personal favor to me.

And, amazingly, they did.

But then last week Rick had had enough to hit back at Lee. With the help of a few commenters who kept pretty good records of Lee's frothings from his tenure running Wizbang Blue (right down the toilet), Rick showed that Lee had not only said a lot of things about President Obama that he was now denouncing, but a lot worse.

In his response to that, Lee decided -- once again -- to rope me into a fight. Apparently he wanted me to beat him down again, as I had every time when he didn't hold the power to simply ban me.

As I said, I'm on vacation. I don't want to deal with all the petty shit I normally do.

He persisted in trying to ruin my vacation, so I dug deep into my suitcase, hauled out Olaf The Troll God's Hammer (which was fun sneaking past airport security), and finally renewed his previous banning.

And just in case anyone wonders if there was any dissent among the ranks, there was not. In an e-mail exchange among the authors, every single one of us all agreed we'd had more than enough of his trollings and lies and hypocrisy and racism.

At several points, I have made an offer to Lee: if he goes away and starts his own blog, I'll give him a bit of linky-love to get him started. Let him have his own site to tell his laughingly-styled "truth," and I'd point him all the readers he thinks need "re-educating."

The offer's still open, Lee. You have at least two of my e-mail addresses; when/if you get your own blog running, drop me a line and I'll be sure to link to you. And if you don't want to start your own, I hear Kos is always looking for new "diarrheaists" -- after all, if this wanker can survive over there, you'd fit right in.

Sorry this took so long, folks. Among all the household chores, I always was lousy at taking out the trash.


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Comments (42)

Lee's value as a commenter ... (Below threshold)

Lee's value as a commenter was always the same as having sand in your bathing suit...it's feels so good when it's gone.

I also don't like "banning", and have only banned 2 people on my site...and that after (like you) damn near begging them to be at least a halfway reasonable voice of opposition. Neither could.

Maybe I can start reading c... (Below threshold)

Maybe I can start reading comments again now that they might be about the posts...or a reasonable topic...or effing anything but people tickling a troll. Really, Jay, it was well past due, you were letting him hijack basically every thread on every post, it was time.

I an ao glad. ... (Below threshold)

I an ao glad.

ABOUT FLIPPIN' TIME. ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:


And Justrand, I'm stealing that first line of yours.

Thank you.... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Thank you.

Adios Lee. May the door hit... (Below threshold)

Adios Lee. May the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

I repeat, this statement sp... (Below threshold)

I repeat, this statement speaks for itself

And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can

To paraphrase, "Feel free to prove that what I say isn't a lie."

Thank you, his posts had be... (Below threshold)

Thank you, his posts had become nastier and more hateful to America, without much truth or logic. It was time.

What I've never understood ... (Below threshold)

What I've never understood is the double standard. Libbies never like disagreement, and will ban you for almost anything. Non liberals always exercise tolerance when dealing with lying dooshbags like him. Why?

You'll never change their twisted thinking, and all that really happens is people like him/her always attract more dooshbags, while chasing away people that actually have something to contribute.

I have several friends who just dont come here anymore since they feel that can read the paper, or listen to network news if they want to hear that BS.

But, who is now going take ... (Below threshold)

But, who is now going take up the responsibility of constantly posting "Republicans have cooties"?

There are valuable dissenti... (Below threshold)

There are valuable dissenting commenters here. Lee was not one of them in my mind. I saw him as nothing but irrational. He was tolerated here much more than he tolerated dissenters at the Blue, but I am sure if allowed to comment he would not see it that way. I am looking forward to hearing more from other dissenting posters who do not soil threads like Lee did.

Honest dissent can cause on... (Below threshold)

Honest dissent can cause one to more thoroughly examine their own position or show flaws in another's argument. Lee's posts were never honest. But I have to give him credit for the ability to polish a turd and make it shine.

Lee was a 1 trick pony, rac... (Below threshold)

Lee was a 1 trick pony, racists everywhere except on his side of the political divide. While opposing points of view can help enlighten, help to gain understanding of our liberal friends, give us a new perspective, they have to be shared honestly. Sadly Lee never engaged honestly his posts were generally a joke and only served to provide comic relief. No real exchange was possible. I still hate to see him go however, as his not being banned even when it was called for, proved beyond the shadow of doubt that we're every bit as tolerant as our liberal buddies.

Finally! This place will b... (Below threshold)

Finally! This place will be better without every discussion being ruined by that asshat.

When in the Course of human... (Below threshold)

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve political bands...
...it sucks to be Lee!

Couldn't happen to a nicer ... (Below threshold)

Couldn't happen to a nicer dipsh1t.

Lee banned me from the blue site at least 3 times, so I would like to add one comment directly to Lee -

Nya nya nya nya nya!

Jay TeaThank you s... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

Thank you so much. Now I dont have to take a bath every time I read the comments section.

"...we're every bit as tole... (Below threshold)

"...we're every bit as tolerant as our liberal buddies."

I've heard liberal TALK about tolerance. I've heard them TALK about acceptance of diversity.
I've yet to actually SEE them practice it.

And feel free to d... (Below threshold)
And feel free to disprove what I write as a "lie" if you can

Actually, what Lee posted about Barak Obama (as quoted by Rick) wasn't a lie. In fact, it was pretty much accurate. The funny part was him flipping his support after the election and calling conservatives "racists" for saying the same things about Obama that he had back in 2008.

What kind of surprised Me w... (Below threshold)

What kind of surprised Me was Rev Lee's opposing views before and after a black man got elected to the whitehouse as RM pointed out with various quote's from the horses rear himself..

He will be sorely missed... By no one.

Thank you Jay. The comment... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Thank you Jay. The comments are already more interesting and productive.

"Free at last, free at last... (Below threshold)

"Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last."

Five bucks say's LW has no idea who said that.

Thanks JT, enjoy the rest of your vacation pest free.

Great news. I thank you, as... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Great news. I thank you, as does my cardiologist.

The Rev Lee Ward Wright is ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The Rev Lee Ward Wright is banned.

I'm retired military and I approve of this message.

BTW check out entry 112 on ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW check out entry 112 on the caption contest (yes unabashed plug for votes)

Grandfan, you are of course... (Below threshold)

Grandfan, you are of course correct, I should have said we're as tolerant as some liberals CLAIM to be.

"When I come back from my t... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"When I come back from my trip, I'll consider lifting it. Or someone else might. But through Tuesday evening at least, Lee's IP is banned.

Jay Tea"

Admittedly, for the moment I'm channeling Wooppi Goldberg here but is this banned, or is it banned banned?

Jay, if I may, let me corre... (Below threshold)

Jay, if I may, let me correct this post's title:

"The End of an Error."

The funny part was him f... (Below threshold)

The funny part was him flipping his support after the election and calling conservatives "racists" for saying the same things about Obama that he had back in 2008.

That was then, OregonMuse, when it still looked like Hillary was the DNC anointed candidate. Once it was Obama, Lee's tune changed completely.

Because he's LOYAL to his party. Completely, totally, irrationally, obsessively LOYAL. If the party intimated he needed to jump off a cliff, he'd find some good justification for them to request it, and do so. The party is all - the country is nothing.

He'd have gone far in the USSR...

This took way too long. JT,... (Below threshold)

This took way too long. JT, I'll never understand your patience for this guy. Many times when I check in on Wizbang, I read the comments and there is Lying Lee and it eventually turns me off and I don't bother hanging around. ww

Poor Leeeventually<b... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Poor Lee
wore out his warranty

So poor Lee
annoying, he
is now free
to find a new tree

from which to fling his excree -


Poor little jimmy x ...what... (Below threshold)

Poor little jimmy x ...what is he going to do without his favorite butt buddy?

Jay,Out of curiosity... (Below threshold)

Out of curiosity, what were Lee's other noms de guerre?

This took way too ... (Below threshold)
This took way too long. JT, I'll never understand your patience for this guy

You know, I think JT kept Lee around like a pet monkey on a string. They can be entertaining at times, but you have to put diapers on them, because if you don't, they'll just shit all over the place.

And JT finally got tired of cleaning up the shit.

Blind obedience to a politi... (Below threshold)

Blind obedience to a political party will turn you into Lee, as was said above Lee put party above country, above his fellow citizens above everything. A democrat could have been video taped shooting a baby and beating a seal with a club and he would have called us liars and racist for saying the democrat was killer and seal beater. Sorta like NOW supporting Clinton with his record of interesting work place relationships with women subordinates.

Jay Tea,I've been ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Jay Tea,

I've been reading (and sometimes commenting) Wizbang since before you were an author.

I generally agree with your opinions (notable exception being God/Christianity) and find you one of the more insightful writers in blogland. One of the things I most disagree with you, however, is your tolerance of/patience for Lee Ward. There was a period of time where Wizbang was my first and last stop every day and I commented very frequently. Once Lee showed up and started flinging poo on just about every post, it became more tedious than it was worth to read the comments section. For a time I did not really read the comments at all. Once Lee was given space at Blue, things at the main sight improved and I started reading comments and posting comments of my own again.

I was chagrined when Blue was killed because it led to the return of that waste of bits to my beloved Wizbang.

Please...for the love of all that is good and holy...do not ever unban Lee. His entertainment value to you is not worth the increased blood pressure of all of your loyal readers.


SybI am retired mi... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I am retired military and I approve of your message.


I gonna miss Lee like Black... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

I gonna miss Lee like Black Fly season in Maine.

But, who is now going... (Below threshold)
John S:

But, who is now going take up the responsibility of constantly posting "Republicans have cooties"?

JimX is still around. Has anyone doublechecked the IP addresses for both? My problem with Lee was his "insta-ban" on Blue. He showed the vile intolerance that is typical of the liberal mindset.

"diarrheaists." What are yo... (Below threshold)

"diarrheaists." What are you, five years old?

C'mon over, Lee. On your worst day you'll get more readers and commenters than Jay does - and the audience is smarter than a ham sandwich. Not a claim that can always be made here.

...however, I think Lee's d... (Below threshold)

...however, I think Lee's demonizing of Obama strikes an odd note. That may not fly to well...but let the sparks fly, I say. That's what makes the conversation interesting.

VerbalPaintball, you might ... (Below threshold)

VerbalPaintball, you might really want to read some of Lee Ward's stuff. Go over to wizbangblue.com and check out what he has written over the years.

If that is a sample of your type of audience, you might not be quite as smart as you think you are.






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