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White House issues second offshore drilling moratorium

Undeterred from their effort to ban all off shore drilling, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the White House issued a second moratorium on deep water offshore drilling, after the federal court shot down the first one. This time, however, the new moratorium bans all offshore deep water drilling

The Obama administration's new moratorium on deep-water offshore drilling will no longer be based on water depth.

Instead, the moratorium will apply to any deep-water floating facility with drilling activities. The original moratorium applied to those in waters of more than 500 feet.

Those new restrictions were spelled out in an Interior Department Q&A obtained Monday by The Associated Press. An official announcement is expected later Monday.

Last week, a federal appeals court rejected the government's effort to restore its initial offshore deep-water drilling moratorium, which halted the approval of any new permits for deep-water projects and suspended drilling on the 33 exploratory wells.

So committed is the White House to banning deep water offshore drilling, they refuse to accept limitations or the authority of the court. I hope this one gets challenged as well. But then again, even if it is challenged and tossed out, the administration will try to circumvent that, too.


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Sigh.So after havi... (Below threshold)
jim m:


So after having been slapped down by the courts twice and having the court chastize them for misrepresenting the scientific concensus obama is doing what he always does and is doubling down on a mistake.

I am so tired of this incompetant fool being unable to see his mistakes and unwilling to accept the rule of law.

Be interesting to see if th... (Below threshold)

Be interesting to see if the judge were to hold the president in contempt.

Would you have expected any... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Would you have expected anything less from a collection of Marxist thugs??

Totally amazing what these ... (Below threshold)

Totally amazing what these people will do to get their way. I guess Albert Eisenstein's axiom does not apply to the Obama Administration. You know the one where the definition of insanity is when it does not work keep going the back the same way again. It looks like this outfit is ready for the rubber room.

Obama is getting more and m... (Below threshold)

Obama is getting more and more desperate to hold his base.

Do you get the same impress... (Below threshold)

Do you get the same impression that I do that watching the Obama administration is like watching a group of kids in day care? In this case you tell them no, they pitch a fit, then go into a corner with a sour face and figure out how they are going to get around your decision.

The judge definitely should... (Below threshold)
John S:

The judge definitely should hold Obama in contempt and deport him to his native Kenya.

Obama doesn't need a morato... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Obama doesn't need a moratorium in effect to get the result he desires. Drilling equipment isn't going to sit in the Gulf patiently waiting for an endless stream of orders/challenges and appeal to play out. As long as the industry is convinced of his commitment to issuing that endless stream of new moratoria they will commit their resources to areas where they can drill and activity in the Gulf will cease.

Personally I don't see any judge locking him up for contempt of court.

What do you think would hap... (Below threshold)

What do you think would happen if a company decided to keep drilling? What if every company decided to keep drilling? What if every state decided to do what had to be done to clean up this mess?

Would this administration decide to open fire on its own citizens?

"White House issues second ... (Below threshold)

"White House issues second offshore drilling moratorium"

Another hollow decree from Barry stuck on stupid Obuma!

#9We would all pro... (Below threshold)


We would all prosper, the sun would still rise tomorrow and Hussein would still be a laughingstock back home in kenya.

The Gulf coast is officiall... (Below threshold)

The Gulf coast is officially considered fly-over territory now.

"Would this administration ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Would this administration decide to open fire on its own citizens?"

Yes. In a heart beat.

We'll see how Barry holds u... (Below threshold)

We'll see how Barry holds up when the price of gasoline starts rising.......along with the cost of everything else.

If Barry thinks 'the rich are soaking the poor' now, just wait until "the poor" start paying higher prices at the pump and the grocery store.

What's next from 'the best ... (Below threshold)

What's next from 'the best and brightest administration, evah!'.

They going to 'fix' the price of gas and fuel oil?

President Obama, if you kee... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

President Obama, if you keep ignoring and/or violating the law we, the voters, may have to issue a moratorium on your presidency!

"if you keep ignoring and/o... (Below threshold)

"if you keep ignoring and/or violating the law we"

There is no 'if' Bill. He will violate and desecrate until he is taken down. Than he will pal around with Sharptongue and Jack$on and pocket an extra untaxable 500 mil from the stupified hate crowd.

They deserve him and it.

Is t it great living in a n... (Below threshold)
rich K:

Is t it great living in a nation of Fiats and not Laws. Remember that next year when you decide what to declare on your tax forms.
BTW,does Salazar get secret service protection?, Cause if he visits the gulf much soon he may need it.

Addendum to #17 last line: ... (Below threshold)

Addendum to #17 last line: We dont.

If I remember right, the mo... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

If I remember right, the moratorium was only overturned because they skipped the comment and response period mandated by statute on new regulations. The law doesn't force them to give a fair hearing to comments and industry responses, though, just to allow the statutory time to receive them.

Once the bigger rigs are moved to Brazil, they won't be coming back. It costs too much, and Brazil is happy to have them. They will never have to worry about idiot liberal governments interfering with their business down there, so why would they ever come back?

Obama is right on track to destroying America in a single term.

Obama is right on track to ... (Below threshold)

Obama is right on track to destroying America in a single term.

Stalin, Mao, and Mugabe all used the power of the government to destroy a country to establish their rule over that country.

Lot of good comments as alw... (Below threshold)

Lot of good comments as always, but Upset Old Guy is exactly right. The ongoing uncertainty of what will and will not be allowed will force the oil companies to move their operations elsewhere. They may never return
and the economy of La will continue to be destroyed.

Would this administratio... (Below threshold)

Would this administration decide to open fire on its own citizens?

I've kind of wondered that myself, Dwayne. Seriously, what could the EPA do if Jindal had given a hearty FU to them when they stalled the berms and other remediation measures?

We VOLUNTARILY abide by the laws and restrictions set up by the government, because those laws and restrictions are nominally beneficial to all. Arbitrary decrees (like the 55 mph national speed limit in the '70s) tend to get ignored.

When the VOLUNTARY actions become excessively restrictive or problematic, we tend to buck against them - see Prohibition as an example.

If Obama were to use lethal force to push his decrees, it would decidedly kick the whole mess into another level, and one where I think the government would lose.

Obama needs to back off as gracefully as he can manage. Doubling down on a losing hand doesn't turn it into a winning hand - it simply means you lose twice as much.

The problem is that obama d... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The problem is that obama doubled down over and over on healthcare until he finally found a way to bully the dems into forcing a crappy bill through on partisan lines. The lesson learned is that if he keeps doubling down he will eventually win. That is what Alinski teaches and he just had it validated this year.

Obama will continue to double down on his mistakes until he is removed from office. The only hope is to remove congress from his control in the meantime.






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