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The Prez of Cool sucks at Twitter

An interesting observation about President Joe Cool, the most connected, most "with-it", most hip President evaaahhhhh, from my long-time friend Jennifer James McCollum, who blogs at JenX67.com:

President Obama is not a good tweeter. Do you follow his tweets on Twitter? They're so boring.

No president before Obama has had a greater opportunity to (seemingly) connect personally with so many Americans, and yet, he wastes this opportunity on stilted characters and carefully crafted statements. Yes, President Obama is a bad tweeter. Terrible. Shame on him. ;)

Look at his tweet from Father's Day:

For the character they build, the doors they open, and the love they provide, our fathers deserve our unending appreciation and admiration.

President Obama's tweets are like 140-character speeches. And blahh and sterile. He should have tweeted something like:

"It's Father's Day! I'm taking an hour off to go bowling with the girls in the White House bowling alley!"

Or how 'bout this:

"I think of my dad on Father's Day and miss him. I'm so glad I get to be a dad to my two girls."

OK, so maybe he doesn't want to get sweet and sappy, but good grief, during a time when most Americans are craving a little bit of encouragment and seeking out hope from church and community leaders, this is what Obama tweeted yesterday:

"Disappointed last week to see dreary and familiar politics get in the way of moving forward on critical issues. Watch: http://j.mp/9-kK"

Are you kidding me? I don't want to read the words "disappointed" and "dreary" from the President of the United States on Twitter. I want my president to tweet this:

"Hold on, America! We will see the Gulf restored! The economy will be restored! Keep the faith and bless your neighbor."

By far, Obama's most ridiculous tweet in recent memory was this:

"Pres. Obama will meet with BP tomorrow to tell them to set aside necessary funds to compensate businesses and people who have been harmed."

Does the President always refer to himself as President Obama? I guess Obama's paid staffer forgot to write "I will meet with BP tomorrow..." One thing is for certain, this paid staffer has been given a green light on tweeting about clean energy. He, I mean Obama, keeps repeating the same thing in tweets over and over.

A commenter noted that @BarackObama is actually run by Organizing For America, yet it is a Twitter "Verified Account", which it shouldn't be since ... oh, never mind. Really, this would be pathetic if it weren't so darn funny at the same time. Or, would it be funny if only it wasn't so pathetic? So much luster has already been rubbed off The One's halo that I'm not sure I even care anymore.

Anyway here we are, smacked in the face once again with yet another example of how big -- and I mean seriously big -- a dud our President really is.

I'm already tired of saying "told you so".

On the other hand, I hear TOTUS actually has a worthwhile Twitter feed ...


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Comments (9)

Spock's love life i... (Below threshold)

Spock's love life is more emotional then Barry's tweeting.. Especially during that 10th year thingamajiggy.

Pon Farr. And it'... (Below threshold)

Pon Farr. And it's every seven years.

Pon Farr ? Sorry. Th... (Below threshold)

Pon Farr ? Sorry. Thought it was 10. Haven't seen that episode in years. Ha ha thank's.

What would anyone expect fr... (Below threshold)

What would anyone expect from someone so carefully scripted that he starts to wander aimlessly off topic when an unexpected question is posed and he doesn't have the first clue how to answer it? "Let me get back to you on that" is NOT an acceptable answer when you are the (P)resident.

He's not even a good BS artist and at best is a ventriloquist's puppet so dependent on TOTUS that he looks the fool he is when he's without it.

"He's not even a good BS ar... (Below threshold)

"He's not even a good BS artist and at best is a ventriloquist's puppet so dependent on TOTUS that he looks the fool he is when he's without it."

Never leave home without it. Where have I heard that before?

That's what you get when yo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

That's what you get when you have a twitter account owned by someone who believes that his every utterance will be regarded as wisdom for the ages passed down from generation to generation.

The schmuck can't be honest to the public. Why expect him to be real?

"The schmuck can't be ho... (Below threshold)

"The schmuck can't be honest to the public. Why expect him to be real?"

We expect too much out of our elected official's nowaday's. Thing's like honesty, decency and trust have little to no meaning or relevance anymore. I swear the worst character's flock to politic's because they get to be famous and rich for swindling the masse's.

What's the answer? The corruption is so entrenched I think it will have to follow the natural downward progression. A big fall.

So I wonder how much this t... (Below threshold)
Rich K:

So I wonder how much this twitter writers salary is?
And Ogods food taster,shoe shiner and butt wiper too while Im asking.

I don't believe that Obama ... (Below threshold)

I don't believe that Obama is writing any of these tweets. It is probably Fibbsy, or some Organizing for America flack who is being paid to put out this pablum.






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