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Car bomb in New Jersey?

The AP via Fox News is reporting that police are investigating a suspicious car in Newark, New Jersey:

A police bomb squad in New Jersey's largest city is using a robot to examine a vehicle containing what appears to be two gasoline canisters, wires and some type of device.

Police said earlier Wednesday that the wires were connected to the device, but now say they're not sure that's the case.

The Dodge Omni is parked about six car lengths from a railroad overpass in Newark that serves Amtrak and NJ Transit trains. The trains are still running.

Detective Sgt. Ronald Glover says authorities have identified the owner of the car through motor vehicle records and are attempting to contact that person.

I'll update with more when I get it.

Update: According to CNN, the police have given the all clear.

And this is from the AP:

Police in New Jersey's largest city say a car parked near a railroad overpass and containing gas cans and wires is not a bomb.

A police bomb squad was dispatched to examine the Dodge Omni on Wednesday after a passer-by reported it as suspicious.

Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy says police found two gasoline canisters sitting on top of a toolbox inside the car. Wires protruded from the toolbox and a battery pack nearby, but nothing was connected.

McCarthy says: "At this point we know it's not a bomb."

Police do not know why the car was there or whether it might have been a hoax.


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Comments (9)

Let's face it. If a bomb b... (Below threshold)

Let's face it. If a bomb blew up in Newark, would anyone really notice?

Could be those racist islam... (Below threshold)

Could be those racist islamist's again?

Will CAIR or NAACP blame th... (Below threshold)

Will CAIR or NAACP blame this on the Tea Party?

OK, suspicious Dodge Omni i... (Below threshold)

OK, suspicious Dodge Omni is redundant. An Omni outside of a scrapyard is by definition suspicious

Of course, being a Dodge ... (Below threshold)

Of course, being a Dodge Omni, it might explode even without a bomb.

Maybe someone wanted to see... (Below threshold)

Maybe someone wanted to see just exactly how police would respond to the situation. But one thing we know for SURE...no car bombs/terrorist acts could possibly be connected to Muslims. The Whitey House has SAID so.

Maybe they ran out of gas a... (Below threshold)

Maybe they ran out of gas and in thier haste to not be seen by an Omni forgot the canister's?

SCSI, Brett - absolutely so... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

SCSI, Brett - absolutely so. By definition (I checked) a Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon on the road anywhere in 2010 is considered suspicious and presumed to be a danger to life and limb. The only thing not in question is why the car is stopped - no matter where.

I miss my Dodge Omni. Good ... (Below threshold)

I miss my Dodge Omni. Good car. Great gas mileage. Cheap to own. Had mine for 18 years.

Is that car for sale?






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