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Federally funded abortions in ObamaCare, brought to you by Bart Stupak

Bart Stupak signed on to ObamaCare after President Obama gave him an executive order and his promise that taxpayer money would not be spent on abortions. And as everyone but Stupak expected, neither of those commitments is being honored:

The Obama administration has officially approved the first instance of taxpayer funded abortions under the new national government-run health care program. This is the kind of abortion funding the pro-life movement warned about when Congress considered the bill.

The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new "high-risk" insurance program under a provision of the federal health care legislation enacted in March.

It has quietly approved a plan submitted by an appointee of pro-abortion Governor Edward Rendell under which the new program will cover any abortion that is legal in Pennsylvania.

The high-risk pool program is one of the new programs created by the sweeping health care legislation, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama signed into law on March 23. The law authorizes $5 billion in federal funds for the program, which will cover as many as 400,000 people when it is implemented nationwide.

"The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million in federal tax funds, which we've discovered will pay for insurance plans that cover any legal abortion," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee.

Johnson told LifeNews.com: "This is just the first proof of the phoniness of President Obama's assurances that federal funds would not subsidize abortion -- but it will not be the last."

Thanks a lot Stupak. You sold out your long-held pro-life principles and gave up your congressional seat for squat. Because of you American taxpayers who abhor abortion are now on the hook for paying for it.


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Comments (17)

"This is just the first pro... (Below threshold)

"This is just the first proof of the phoniness of President Obama's assurances...."

The first?

As for Stupid, er Stupak, given his constituents, he can kiss his job goodbye. Or maybe he'll wave Barry's Executive Order over his head yelling "He lied to me!". Yeah, the voters will buy that.

Who's surprised by the two ... (Below threshold)

Who's surprised by the two faced jugg eare'd infidel anymore. Apparently Stupified is. This is a death panel for the unborn. No hope, no chance to breath deeply and take in a sunset. You can be sure death panel's for the elderly is somewhere amongst all the pork and puke too.

Stupak didn't believe it ei... (Below threshold)

Stupak didn't believe it either. He just needed cover in his district so he could vote with the rest of his friends.

Elsewhere I saw it suggeste... (Below threshold)

Elsewhere I saw it suggested that Stupak ws played like a Stradivarius.

I think more like a comb & wax paper - to refer to a Strad is to imply that some level of competence was required to play it.

"Well knock me over with a ... (Below threshold)

"Well knock me over with a feather..."

Stupak is as Stupak does.</... (Below threshold)

Stupak is as Stupak does.

"You sold out your long-... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"You sold out your long-held pro-life principles and gave up your congressional seat for squat"

It wasn't for squat. First, he got a more Marxist America which most Democrats want. I'm sure Stupak was happy to make the US more like the former USSR and Cuba.

Second, we'll probably never really know what other goodies or threats the Chicago mob gave him, but I've no doubt he was rewarded in other ways.

"more like a comb & wax pap... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"more like a comb & wax paper"

We have refuse to accept "good intentions" from politicians.

Case in point, Republicans opening position re: BHO Budget is a 2% cut.

Are you kidding me? No, really, ARE YOU?

No doubt little Bart will b... (Below threshold)

No doubt little Bart will be LIVID over Hussein having LIED to him! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Newsflash from Al Jazeera: ... (Below threshold)

Newsflash from Al Jazeera: Barry tout's 3,000,000 new or saved job's from stimulus despite 10,000,000 lost during same time frame.

Barry's nose get's longer everyday. Right Stupacked!

Stupak knew; didn't care. ... (Below threshold)

Stupak knew; didn't care. It's all politics stupid! Ugly, evil man; ugly, evil soul.

Mark that down as one more ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Mark that down as one more Republican seat. Why am I reminded of Neville Chamberman waving his "Peace in our time" document? Although compared to Obama, Hitler was an honest man.

Something about pr... (Below threshold)

Something about promises and expiration dates comes to mind....

Relying on a promise by a D... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Relying on a promise by a Democrat might be the dumbest thing on earth.

I don't think what he told ... (Below threshold)

I don't think what he told Stupak is considered a lie in Washington. I believe they are applying a three week rule where they can legitimately change their mind on any issue and expect the public to buy it. Or is it one week?

"they can legitimately c... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"they can legitimately change their mind on any issue and expect the public to buy it."

They don't need to buy it. Most of them are oblivious thanks to Pravda, err I mean the "MSM".

I wish Mantis were still around--I loved how he used to defend the media--it was precious.

People who still get their news from broadcast or even some cable or big city newspapers are clueless--hence the approval in the 40's when it should be around 20 had we a free and honest press(or probably around 10 had we honest educators and honest media). But then had we a free and honest press, likely neither Obama nor McCain would be President right now.

Is there ONE SERIOUS JOURNA... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Is there ONE SERIOUS JOURNALIST out there who
will conduct a 20 second interview to ask him
the one question??!! Is there anyone else that
feels this invertebrate, who loved the lime-
light and drama, shouldn't be hounded by the
press for an explanation of his naivete???
No press can find him? No press cares to find
him? If FOX gets it done, they justify their






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