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They've Got A Little List...

...and you're probably not on it.

Ever heard of EMILY'S List? The fund-raising group for women running for public office? If you're like me, that's pretty much all you know about it.

Oh, and the name. Most people even know that there is no "Emily" -- it's an acronym for the beginning of the old political aphorism "Early Money Is Like Yeast -- it helps the dough rise." It reflects that early fundraising success helps candidates raise even more money later, and spread their message further.

Beyond that? Not much.

Well, it turns out that EMILY'S List has a far more restrictive mission statement. It isn't about helping women in general, or advancing women's issues. Its focus is considerably narrower:

The mission is simple, really: EMILY's List is dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.

Single-issue group, single-party loyalty, single-sex demands. You gotta hit all three -- pro-choice, Democrat, and woman -- to get their support.

Whoops, it's even worse. You're their enemy.

Now, let's make it clear: they are acting completely within their rights. They have every right to say that "we want to raise money and support pro-choice Democratic women exclusively."

But that kind of narrow focus should be front and center every time their name comes up. You gotta hit all three of their criteria, or forget it.

And it's only appropriate to point out that if you don't agree with their complete agenda, don't support them. If you would rather vote for a male candidate who is more in tune with your beliefs than the female, don't send them money. If you think that there are, indeed, some valid and legitimate restrictions to abortion, pass them by. If you occasionally think that a Republican might do a better job than a Democrat, don't write that check.

A perfect encapsulation of their narrow-mindedness was in the recent Massachusetts Senate election. The Republican candidate was Scott Brown -- a moderate (by most state's standards), a guy with a good record of accomplishments and of decent character. His opponent was Democrat Martha Coakley, an utter incompetent and blathering idiot who has been an incredibly lousy Attorney General, ignoring the tremendous corruption in the Massachusetts state government and doing her best to let a child rapist go free. (Luckily, her incompetence triumphed there, and the guy was convicted in spite of her "best" efforts.)

When it came to EMILY'S List, though, deciding whether or not Coakley would get their support was a simple matter of going down their very short checklist.

Democrat? Yup.
Pro-Choice? Yup.
Woman? Yup.

Ka-ching! A quarter of a million dollars went out pushing Coakley -- money that was pretty much flushed down the drain.

So, remember, the next time you hear about a fundraiser or appeal for EMILY'S List, it's only for pro-choice Democratic women. All other issues -- or whether or not the candidate is even competent -- simply don't apply.

And if you happen to be a woman who doesn't fit into both their other categories, consider yourself to their ENEMIES List. You're probably already there.


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Comments (16)

Democrats in general tend t... (Below threshold)

Democrats in general tend to have many sub-set groups, rather than focus on what is best for the majority of Americans. These sub-sets are loud and ideologically within the democratic party mainstream. Also, each small vocal group with an agenda tends to draw radicals like a magnet. It is one of the reasons the entire party has needed to go so far left. So the dems are stuck, not that I have a bit of sympathy for them.

Let's speak the uncomfortab... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Let's speak the uncomfortable truth. Pro-choice is a not-so-deceptive euphamism for abortion.

It's way past time to drop the hypocrisy ladies -it's pro-slaughter of your own innocent children that you seek justification and permission for.

Pray someday that your little one's souls and their merciful God forgives you.

The Dems have one thing ove... (Below threshold)

The Dems have one thing over the repubs: Dems will come together and support one candidate, because they want to WIN. Repubs let little things like morality, integrity, and the like be part of the decision, and so they may not all group behind a single candidate. I wish Repubs were more like Dems in this regard.

Don is correct. They are n... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Don is correct. They are not interested in choice unless you are choosing to have an abortion. they are adamantly against choosing to have a baby.

That little bit of truth telling aside, I have no problem with them flushing their money down the toilet. That's a quarter million that won't be used for a viable candidate.

Codekey, I hear what your s... (Below threshold)

Codekey, I hear what your saying but integrity is integrity. If you have it, you won't compromise it. Mitch Romney comes to mind. As does Dole, etc.

I give candidates money directly. I don't need any organization, including the GOP to decide for me. Gov. Brewer, who is not my governor, will get my support when and if she needs it. It is much better that way. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are the only organization I give to because at this point they are politically independent. ww

"whether or not the cand... (Below threshold)

"whether or not the candidate is even competent"
Are you trying to tell us that the party of Cynthia McKinney, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer and whoever that dim bulb is who thinks the island is going to tip over, does not value competency???
Color me shocked!

Democrats in ge... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Democrats in general tend to have many sub-set groups, rather than focus on what is best for the majority of Americans. These sub-sets are loud and ideologically within the democratic party mainstream. Also, each small vocal group with an agenda tends to draw radicals like a magnet.

Yup. The funny part is that many of the groups that are cobbled together cannot stand each other. This is my conjecture of one reason for the failure of Air America: a message that one Dem constituency would eat up would probably infuriate another one.)

Dems probably have nightmares about two of their constituencies showing up for the same meeting. Imagine giving a speech to a hall half full of environmentalists worried about spotted owls, and the other half union members worried about jobs. Or to one split equally between Jewish feminists and Hispanic mothers. You'd have to bring in the tac squad to break up the fight.

Wildwillie,I guess I... (Below threshold)

I guess I wasn't clear. My point was that the dems have no integrity at all, and winning is the only thing for them.
I agree with you. No money for the RNC, RSCC, etc. Only direct to those candidates with my values.
As an example here in NY19, John Hall will get resounding Dem support, but the repubs have several competing candidates. I want Hall out BIGTIME, but the vote split may put him back in. (It is NY, but (repub) hope springs eternal!!)

"Democrat? Yup.Pro-C... (Below threshold)

"Democrat? Yup.
Pro-Choice? Yup.
Woman? Yup."

+ Bitter? Yup.

Agreed Codekey. I do have a... (Below threshold)

Agreed Codekey. I do have and know dems with great integrity. I also know they are doing some serious soul searching at this point in the political life. The problem with the current government is that those that have integrity cannot "play the game" so we don't hear of them. ww

I think the nags would loo... (Below threshold)

I think the nags would look much more respectable with bridle's in thier mouth's.

Look on the bright side: we... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Look on the bright side: we can take "Emily's List," white out the "Emily's" and write in "My Shit," and we're good to go. Saves a lot of time.

I believe "EMILY's List" wa... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I believe "EMILY's List" was the first political donation bundler - their original plan was to raise money for particular candidates (who fit the criteria of baby-killing Democratic females) one at a time. Their members and supporters would write out the checks to the candidates' campaign committees, but send them to EL to be "bundled" together so the campaign knew they came through EL.

Of course, the whole "bundling" thing took off, leading to Riady, Hsu, Rosen, Nemazee, Scruggs, Sadiq, Jinnah, and other notable Democratic "bundlers" who were indicted . . .

So using 'Emily's List' to ... (Below threshold)

So using 'Emily's List' to obtain services is like visiting a whore house. You're going to get screwed.

Are you trying to ... (Below threshold)
Are you trying to tell us that the party of Cynthia McKinney, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer and whoever that dim bulb is who thinks the island is going to tip over...

The guy who worried about the island tipping over is Hank Johnson. He replaced Cynthia McKinney in Georgia's 4th Congressional District. So it must be something in the water in GA-4.

Georgia's 4th Congressional... (Below threshold)

Georgia's 4th Congressional District is virtually inseparable from DeKalb County, which has the distinction of being where a losing incumbent sheriff masterminded the murder of his successor-elect.

Enough said.






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