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Finally, video evidence for the Tea Party's racism

Only... there's more to the story.

Let's first go to the video, brought to us by ThinkProgress:

Now, let's go to Bob Owens' unequivocal takedown of the fraud that this thing is:

There are four men quoted in the original 53-second video.

Activist 1 is being smeared as a racist by Think Progress, even though he was attending a tea party event with his black wife and bi-racial son. It takes a lot of nerve to edit a video so dishonestly that what remains is the opposite of what the speaker intended. Here is what Activist 1 actually said in the full video recording:

Barack Obama's just a bad guy. That's all I can say. He's ... he's too black to be president. And you look at the color of my wife, it's not the color of his skin that troubles me, it's not the blackness of his skin that troubles me.

It's the blackness inside ... his heart. He's a bad guy.

Think Progress takes an obviously not racist man and edits him into a villain.


Activist 2 is a favorite of Think Progress, and no wonder: he says exactly what they hoped to hear a tea partier say, exclaiming: "I'm a proud racist, I'm white." Think Progress liked this clip so much they played it not once, but twice.

The problem is, Activist 2 isn't a tea party protester. He is a tea party crasher.

You need to read the whole thing... then you need to pass this on.

The video is fraudulent, plain and simple... and somebody's head needs to roll.


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Comments (20)

Think Progress is a great '... (Below threshold)

Think Progress is a great 'manufacturer'. You want a 'racist!', they'll make one. You want 'grass roots' support, they'll make some.

Integrity is not a byword for Think Progress.

The Tea Party counter attac... (Below threshold)

The Tea Party counter attack against the left is turning into the Democrat's Guadalcanal.
They're stuck in a war of attrition with a force although not initially superior on paper, has the staying power to out last them. They are unable to knock the Tea Party out, and unable to withdraw. They are throwing waves and waves of men at a fixed position in a desperate attempt to dislodge this foothold against their expansionist plans.

there's only one picture th... (Below threshold)
J Bradshaw:

there's only one picture that mentions tea-party and it certainly isn't racist. In all the other pictures there's NOT ONE sign or mention of the tea-party. This video was made up by the progressives to make the tea-party look bad. That's their way of doing things, lie, misrepresent, bend the truth...

'Think Progress' seems to h... (Below threshold)

'Think Progress' seems to have trouble with both of those things.

I guess I must be racist ca... (Below threshold)

I guess I must be racist cause I see nothing wrong with people opposing these tyrant's. That said. When is aTea Party coming to a location close to Me?

Im about 200 miles north of the twin citie's in bumfuc egypt.. Let's hold a rally on the back 40. Fifty keg's shall suffice. It's not even registered fly over country but maybe Barry will indulge us hillbilly hick's with a customary 'cause I care' droning?

Meiji_man:"They are ... (Below threshold)

"They are unable to knock the Tea Party out,..."

I heartily agree. What I think the Democrats don't seem to grasp is that this was not a "party" that really existed when Obama was inaugurated. I think it will be very, very tough for the Democrats to silence an opposition that they refuse to accept they are creating.

Seems like an open and shut... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Seems like an open and shut case of slander. I'll bet a large lawsuit would go a long way to either improve the lying or make them hesitate before beginning.

TP put out bulls... (Below threshold)

TP put out bullshit disguised as journalism.

Why? Because the entire left (or the ones slightly more sentient than a dirt clod) are scared to death of the Tea Party and the ramifications contained within.

I suspect that many of the pols in EITHER party share those trepidations, even if they'll never publicly admit so.

It appears we're on the verge of a cataclysmic change, one that will benefit all Americans. Can you imagine politicians subservient to their electors, for a change?
Naturally the left must subvert or destroy the movement by any means, thus TP's little exercise.

Remember November.

"The video is fraudulent... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"The video is fraudulent, plain and simple... "

So was almost the entire Obama campaign, but that fraud paid off for them so why wouldn't they try again? It's not like it's going to be reported on the networks or in big city newspapers.

Be careful there P. Buny... (Below threshold)

Be careful there P. Bunyan. Your treading on a very clevely crafted racist ploy by the shamestream.

First get him selected. Then when he turn's out to be an utter failure like he is. Blame whitey.

Oppsss!! Ha haahahahahahah... (Below threshold)

Oppsss!! Ha haahahahahahahaha

It's communist agitprop, pl... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

It's communist agitprop, plain and simple.

Think Progess?Think ... (Below threshold)

Think Progess?
Think Lying Assclown Racist Liberals.

As dispecable as this think... (Below threshold)

As dispecable as this think[less] progress tripe is what's really frightening is the comment thread over there.

It sure explains how obummer conned so many into voting for him.

Think PRogress is a blog ru... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Think PRogress is a blog run by the Center for American Progress, a Soros funded operation headed by John Podesta an adviser to obama. Gee, ya think that just maybe the White House had a hand in this video coming out just days after the NAACP denounced the Tea Party for racism?

There's no way Podesta didn't know an effort this big was coming out and if he knew then you can count on it the the White House knew. And everyone associated with this had to know it was a fraud.

Leftists are all lying prop... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Leftists are all lying propagandists. The "truth" to them is relative, and only useful where it helps advance their cause (which isn't often, naturally). This adoption of Stalinist disinformation techniques is hardly new - they've been doing it since the 1920s.

Enough finally infiltrated the media to elect a fellow Leftist before they destroyed the industry.

Short of actual lynchings o... (Below threshold)
rich K:

Short of actual lynchings of tea party activists the Holder JD aint gonna do a dang thing to TP or any other agitprop group.
Just learn to fight dirty and look clean.

"It sure explains how obumm... (Below threshold)

"It sure explains how obummer conned so many into voting for him"

Con is the adjective we want least.

Maybe that was an adverb?'<... (Below threshold)

Maybe that was an adverb?'

Whatever, Obama sucks!!

test... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:







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