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Let's talk about sex baby

Or more specifically, let's talk to our babies about sex:

The height of irony can be found in a Montana Health Curriculum draft (pdf).  Gay love and intercourse and not in the barnyard either!

A proposed sex education program that teaches fifth-graders the different ways people have intercourse and first-graders about gay love has infuriated parents and forced the school board to take a closer look at the issue.


Supporters say the proposed health education curriculum contains honest, science-based information on wellness and allows students to make better decisions. At Tuesday's meeting they urged the board to accept the policy. (FOX)

Please bear with me as I try to get to the irony of it all.

Grade 5; Human Sexuality; pg 45: Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration

In grade 6 and following, fingers, tongue and "objects" are introduced. Nice.

That's Leslie at her new place, a blog devoted to "unleashing the mysteries of public education".

Hit the link and finish with her as she gets to "the irony of it all" and consider adding her to your list of places to regularly visit for pertinent and relevant info.


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One of the goals of communi... (Below threshold)
Don L:

One of the goals of communism/progressives is to degrade the society by attacking family and family values corrupting the culture.

Maybe its because communism despises decency and God? Maybe it is because it is from that same God that we get our rights and freedom in the first place? You can't separate the two.

Hnnh. I'm all in favor of ... (Below threshold)
James H:

Hnnh. I'm all in favor of comprehensive sex ed, but as far as I'm concerned sex ed for elementary school should be limited to teaching kids about "good touching" and "bad touching." The rest can wait for high school

I'm in agreement with #1. ... (Below threshold)

I'm in agreement with #1. There is a method to all this maddness.

Agreeded, James H. The lit... (Below threshold)

Agreeded, James H. The little guy is 12 - he's a LOT more interested in airplanes and flying (to the detriment of my wallet, lol) than figuring out how to do what to who.

I'm starting to wonder whether the folks who write and push stuff like this aren't secretly pedophiles. ("Hey, if I can persuade 14-year-old girls that it's okay to oofty-oofty with whoever asks, I might be able to get one myself! Just have to persuade her it's all good and natural and not to tell her folks...")

Frankly, with test scores for math, science, reading and history as they are I don't think the schools need to be teaching stuff like this until they're 15 or so. Call me old fashioned and prudish - but maybe some subjects should have priority over others!

I'm amazed that we as a spe... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I'm amazed that we as a species managed to survive and evolve from pre-history to the present time without this curriculum. And it makes me wonder how we managed to make it through those two World Wars without "grief counselors".

Ok, I admit it. I'm being sarcastic again.

I'll just point out that if... (Below threshold)

I'll just point out that if this was a private entity doing this that they'd be out of business with a quickness.

As long as the schools are gov't operated and there's no competition for education dollars, issues like this will continue to occur.

This is what happens when t... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when the PRODUCT of our education system advances to the point where they are now RUNNING the education system.

I'm sure things will "improve".

In grade 6 and following... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

In grade 6 and following, fingers, tongue and "objects" are introduced.

Upon retirement age, teabags are explored.

It's really not a big secre... (Below threshold)

It's really not a big secret that the sex ed curriculum is ran by pedophile's like Jocelyn Elder's.

Props to Don L for #1. Nail... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Props to Don L for #1. Nail. Head. Hammer.

Will the Dems/ liberals/ Reds/ socialists/ Marxists/ progressives/ whatever they call themselves now ever give the perversion crap a rest? Is that asking so very much?

I have a feeling some of th... (Below threshold)

I have a feeling some of the parents are going to teach the teachers about foreign object insertion over this.

Sure puts the argument for ... (Below threshold)
rich K:

Sure puts the argument for home schoolin right on the doorsteps huh.






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