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Obama, Terrorism, And Racism

There have been a lot of pixels butchered in discussing President Obama's labeling of Al Qaeda as "racist," stating that they have no respect or affection for Africans. As I have no great love of pixels myself, I thought I'd slaughter a few more.

Obama's supporters say that the move is a form of psychological warfare. Al Qaeda has a pretty decent foothold in parts of Africa, and by sowing dissent between Arab militant Muslims and African militant Muslims, to keep them from uniting and cooperating. And there's a grain of truth to the statement; it does seem that while Al Qaeda doesn't mind killing Muslims, it doesn't mind killing black Muslims even less.

Critics take a more cynical view. They say that the statement was a move aimed at domestic audiences. They see it as a part of a whole strategy, intended to pay off at the polls in November. While Obama builds the association between terrorism and racism, others (such as the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus, among many, many others) start building up the meme of the Tea Party as racists. Also tied in is the earlier move to paint the Tea Party as dangerous, violent radicals and -- dare I say it -- "domestic terrorists."

This, they say, is intended to all converge on election day, when the American people hear all the dog whistles, tie it all together in a big blue bow, and say "racism is bad, terrorism is bad, and the Tea Party is really, really bad" and vote Democratic.

Two extremely differing interpretations. Two seriously skewed perceptions. Which is correct?

Why not both?

Think about it. Yeah, the two explanations are wildly differing. But are they really contradictory? Why can't the move have been intended to achieve both goals?

The sheer clumsiness of the "terrorists are racists" move lend that some support. Let's face it -- the Obama administration has demonstrated tremendous ineptitude in foreign policy, but knows how to campaign for domestic elections. Hell, it's been noted by many that a year and a half into their regime, they really haven't stopped campaigning and started governing.

Hell, I'll toss a third explanation into the mix. In the hyperpartisan minds of the Obama regime (a 100% pure product of the colossally corrupt Chicago Democratic machine), "racist" is the worst thing you can call someone. Obama felt he needed to improve his "street cred" with the American people and demonstrate his toughness on terrorists, so he brought out his biggest gun -- the political version of the "F-Bomb" to his crew. Because when Obama and his people start calling someone racists, you know that they mean business and they're dealing with some really, really bad folks.

Sadly, the overuse of the term has made a mockery of it. In some corners, it's a badge of honor.

But will that stop the Obama administration and its supporters from continuing to use it?

Oh, hell, no. If they did that, they might have to actually run on their own record.


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Comments (8)

I guess if the silent major... (Below threshold)
rich K:

I guess if the silent majority as represented by the tea party phenom bought into that crap it might matter, but Im not buying and I don't think many others will either.
I would like it if he used that meme to tell Pakistan to clear the room and let the boys in green go in and perform 'room temperature'ops on AlQaeda once and for all .

Personally, I think the com... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Personally, I think the comment shows what a racist Obama is. He can now denounce islamic extremists because the victims this time are black, and therefore worthy of his sympathy and support.

In 18 months his Administration has assiduously avoided saying the words "islamic" and "terrorist" in proximity, because their victims were only Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, and whites.

I think Teh Messiah is usin... (Below threshold)

I think Teh Messiah is using the race card against Al Qaeda because, just like domestic policy, it's all he's got.

Someone should tell Preside... (Below threshold)

Someone should tell President Dumb Ass that it's RELIGION, not RACE that AQ takes issue with.

Barry care's about ruling, ... (Below threshold)

Barry care's about ruling, not governing.

Can we fire his non cracker... (Below threshold)

Can we fire his non cracker ass now?

The obvious coordination be... (Below threshold)

The obvious coordination between the democratic party worrying about black turn out at the polls and the NAACP calling Tea Party people racist, even though the Tea Party has been around for one NAACP covention already is low, even by liberal standards. The left has already watered down the word racist to almost a punchline.

The good news is a majority of the electorate isn't falling for it. If they are trying to get a great black turn out, it won't matter because the independents and the conservatives will show up in droves. The dem's had the independents last cycle but quickly lost them.

What the question is that I would like to have answered is: Why does the left tolerate this? White liberals started the NAACP, so why tolerate the organization selling their worth for cheap political gain? ww

Who are these "critics" who... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Who are these "critics" who are taking a "more cynical view," Mr Tea?

Besides you, I mean.

I haven't heard this wacky interpretation from anyone but you so far.






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