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Ground Zero Mosque Being Built with Ulterior Motive

As you know by now, there is a proposal to build a Mosque just two blocks away from the ruins of Ground Zero. While the majority of Muslims are not radical, the Twin Towers and three thousand men, women, and children were murdered in the name of Islam. Is a Mosque, by itself, offensive to the memories of the fallen? Perhaps, but I believe, through simple common sense, that the Manhattan Islamic house of worship is being proposed with an ulterior motive.

Let me begin this with statement: I do not believe those in favor of the Mosque are in favor of terrorism, per se. Are they proposing the Mosque to laud 9/11 over New Yorkers? I doubt that as well. However, there seems to be fishy things going on underneath the surface.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man who is the driving force behind the Mosque, has an odd/shady background, which Hot Air reported on here. Mr. Rauf is associated with Mahathir Mohamad, an outspoken 9/11 truther and anti-Semite. Mahathir Mohamad said, quote, "There is strong evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything." With these connections to the Mosque, it is understandable to be weary of such a project.

Now, play along with me so I can make a point. Suppose a friend of yours just lost his job and got a divorce, okay? The thing is, his boss took his wife and then fired him. Got it? So let's say you are trying to cheer him up... say you decide throw him a party. The thing is, you intended to invite your boss to the gathering. Your pal is upset, though, because your boss reminds him of the boss that canned him and took his sweetheart. Now, you know that not all bosses are evil, but are you really going to force your friend to interact with your boss, even though you know that it will really bother him? Of course you wouldn't.

And that's the thing. Not all Muslims are bad people, but if the families of the victims of 9/11 don't want a Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero, who can blame them? If you are throwing a party for your friend to cheer him up, why force him to deal with your boss? If you are building a Mosque to simply worship God, why does it have to be near Ground Zero? The fact that Imam Rauf and his followers are trying to force this Mosque, utterly disregarding the feelings of the victims' families, screams that there is an ulterior motive here.

Furthermore, there has been absolutely no explanation as to why this Mosque must be built here, so close to Ground Zero. Why can't it be ten blocks away, or twenty? Is a location so close to the ruins the only place in Manhattan where they can build it? Surely Mr. Rauf knew of the uproar it would cause.

These things, the force and disregard for feelings, the lack of explanation, and so forth, tell me that there is an ulterior motive behind this Mosque. What it is, I am not sure.

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Comments (18)

I side with the "in your fa... (Below threshold)

I side with the "in your face, we did it and we're proud" scenario. The concept of a "moderate" muslim doesn't exist. They are either jihadists, or silent supporters of jihad. They lie, cheat, and steal with the approval of that piece of useless trash, the koran (may it be flushed down the toilet. Occam's razor applies here.

Not all Muslims are bad peo... (Below threshold)

Not all Muslims are bad people

>>>> 99%

While the majority of Mu... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

While the majority of Muslims are not radical

While I suspect (and hope) this is true, reversing a generalization without evidence is still a generalization in itself... just sayin'.

From here in Dearbornistan,... (Below threshold)

From here in Dearbornistan, Michigan, I can assure you all, I've lived with muslims all my life (over 44 years). Not all are radicals. But increasingly, since say the mid-1990's, they arrive here more fundamentalist, more radical, more strident. And thus, more violent jihadis are here as well.

Bottom line is: The US (and the West in general) needs to reduce muslim immigration because Islam is not just a religion but a political ideology as well and one hostile to Western civilization - separation of church and state, individual liberty, etc.

The real danger is the spread of Sharia Law - Islamic religious law.

But alas, I fear it's too late. Nothing will be done to reduce the mass immigration we are living with, so the historic USA is bring replaced before our eyes by "growing" a new population, more willing to be led by the progressive/left political class.

I don´t agree that they don... (Below threshold)

I don´t agree that they don´t just want to "laud it over us". I believe it is being built there as a message to Moslems that they are going to conquer us.
Conquering the "infidels" who don´t agree with them has been the pattern throughout the history of Islam since 622AD. The only times they have stopped is when a superior army beat them back or before having all the petro-dollars at their disposal. They will continue with that purpose every way they can, every time they can, and every place they can.
Part of overtaking an enemy is making him think that there is no danger. That is part of their whole political/propoganda agenda in Europe and in the USA. Europe is already suffering dire consequencies of this takeover by immigration, much of it illegal. Also, you don´t hear any talk about birth control or abortions in Moslem families. In democracies, more kids mean more votes eventually.
If a Moslem is not working to conquer those who do not agree with them, then he is not considered a real Moslem. A specific pit bull may be comparatively docile, but it is still a pit bull and capable of going on a killing spree. It is best not to turn him loose in the hen house.
PS- I prefer using the real name "Moslem" instead of "Islam" just like I prefer using the real name "homosexual" instead of "gay".

I long thought it would be ... (Below threshold)

I long thought it would be a good idea to place a mosque right within ground zero as a message to the muslim world that we aren't afraid of them. We will still go about our way of life and we will still oppose radicals by any means neccessary. It also sends the message to the moderate muslims (yes, assuming there is such a thing) that we aren't at war with Islam. How could one argue with that?

As for the boss analogy, it's a rather poor one. I recognize that some people have a tendency to overgeneralize, but I prefer not to pander to them and do whatever I deem right.

If we give in to those who don't want to be reminded of Muslims, might not the Muslims overgeneralize and think all Americans overgeneralize?

It is part and parcel of wh... (Below threshold)

It is part and parcel of what Radical Muslims do when they conquer an area. NYC will not put up with this. If it goes through, I predict a lot of union problems, delivery problems, inspection problems, etc. This project can go on for ten years. ww

while the location is quest... (Below threshold)

while the location is questionable, it does afford a sterling opportunity to play the race/religion card if anyone dare object. It has been amply proven how invaluable this card is in the overall game.

If we give in to those who ... (Below threshold)

If we give in to those who don't want to be reminded of Muslims, might not the Muslims overgeneralize and think all Americans overgeneralize?

I'd rather send a signal of strength than one of dhimmitude.

gsr - "From here in D... (Below threshold)

gsr - "From here in Dearbornistan, Michigan, I can assure you all, I've lived with muslims all my life (over 44 years). Not all are radicals. But increasingly, since say the mid-1990's, they arrive here more fundamentalist, more radical, more strident."

As one who spent the first 29 years of my life living within one mile of what is now rightly called Dearbornistan I find it highly ironic that a place that once was ruled (lorded over by mayor orville hubbard [1942-1978] actually) by one of the most racist bastards the country has ever seen has indeed turned into a place dominted by...

the so-called "religion" of peace.

Please listen to Pat Condel... (Below threshold)

Please listen to Pat Condell at the Jawa Report.

everything i need to know a... (Below threshold)

everything i need to know about islam i learned on 9/11

They should all be turned t... (Below threshold)

They should all be turned to glass!

If they do build a mosque a... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

If they do build a mosque at Ground Zero then Obama will have a convenient place to pray to Allah for the destruction of America.

Marc - Where to begin your ... (Below threshold)

Marc - Where to begin your education, hmm?

Would most Dearborn residents today want Mayor Hubbard back? Not likely, since the population has been changed through immigration, like most of the nation. Was Hubbard a racist? Who knows. Does it matter? What is "racism"? Is proof of not being "racist" being forced to live with other cultures you may or may not like?

Hubbard strove to keep Dearborn free from Detroit - truly the worst city in the USA, years ago, today and always will be. Period. In doing so, Hubbard kept Dearborn a great place to live, grow up in, go to school in, etc. He is "accused" of wanting the National Guard on Dearborn's borders as proof of his "racism". Detroit was rioting in '67, he didn't want it spilling over into his town. Is that "racism"? Is wanting or not wanting to live in "diverse" neighborhoods "racism"? Is it really? What if I don't want to live in an Islamic neighborhood or want to live somewhere where nearly everone speaks Spanish? Am I "racist"? Was this country founded by Sharia Law Muslims or grade school educated, Spanish speaking Mexican-Indians? Life is more complicated than politically correct school book "fact".

Marc, seems you have a simplistic, media-driven definition of "racism" and Mayor Hubbard. Shame you can't go deeper.

Where do you want to draw t... (Below threshold)

Where do you want to draw the line? Do we ban Christian churches within so many blocks of any clinic bombed by Christian anti-choice activists? Or does government only interfere in religion when it involves non-Christian religions?

what is going to happen to ... (Below threshold)

what is going to happen to America?

Let them build it, fill the... (Below threshold)

Let them build it, fill the neighbourhood with hores and gays. take as many pictures of every one that goes to he musk and place it all over the neighbourhoods and town, and hopefully someone do what they did to the towers.on the contrary welcome them to a point that they will fill uncomnfortable building it, ask them every day, when are they going to build it.






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