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Is the Washington Post sabotaging US intelligence efforts?

Quinn Hillyer has this disturbing report at The Washington Times:

I have obtained this document sent by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It appears the Washington Post is about to push the bounds of intelligence reporting. The intelligence agency seems concerned.

Be sure to head on over to the Times' site and read the letter from ODNI.


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Since the 60's the aim of t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Since the 60's the aim of the MSM has been to take down the US government, destroy the government's ability to wage war or protect the nation via intelligence. For the MSM the enemy has been the US Government whether republican or dem. The difference is that currently the obama administration is on the same side as the media.

This all good and praise wo... (Below threshold)

This all good and praise worthy but if some exposes Valerie Plame. We need to know who and take down everyone in the White House.

"Is the Washington Post sab... (Below threshold)

"Is the Washington Post sabotaging US intelligence efforts?"
Do most bears ch1t in the woods?

"Again" should be added to ... (Below threshold)

"Again" should be added to the end of that headline. Dana Priest; the same reporter that blew open the "CIA secret prison" story is responsible for this one too.

this thread sounds like a G... (Below threshold)

this thread sounds like a Geico commercial.

answer: "DUH!!"

"Is the Washington Post ... (Below threshold)

"Is the Washington Post sabotaging US intelligence efforts?"

NO.. Business as usual.

If you're actually surpr... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

If you're actually surprised by this then your picture appears in the dictionary next to the definitions of "naive" and "gullible."

The sound of partying was h... (Below threshold)

The sound of partying was heard coming from Frank Church's grave.

I'd withhold judgment until... (Below threshold)
James H:

I'd withhold judgment until I see what the WaPo is doing. I can think of a few angles that might be worth examining if we're looking at orgs with Top Secret clearance.

The NYT has to be very piss... (Below threshold)

The NYT has to be very pissed off, it is usually their job to expose secret government programs and ruin chances to roll up terrorist or illegal operations. How did the NYT lose the rights to shaft the intelligence community again.

Why not?The govern... (Below threshold)

Why not?

The government's record on prosecutions for such activities hasn't been something to brag about. Just ask Pinch and Bill.

The first part of the story... (Below threshold)
James h:

The first part of the story is out today, and it looks like the focus is on the big bureaucratic picture -- the fact that there are so many agencies and so many groups involved in intel that it's impossible to keep track of all of it.

Glad to see conservatives h... (Below threshold)

Glad to see conservatives hate useful investigative journalism. Nothing pisses off right-wingers more than journalists actually doing their jobs of exposing government waste and civil liberties violations.

Besides, if you actually took the time to read it it shows that the intelligence community is so bloated and inefficient that it failed to detect the warning signs to prevent the Fort Hood shooting and the Christmas pants bomber. THAT is the real threat to our security, not the journalists who expose the incompetence of these agencies (or contractors, really).

the report is just a bunch ... (Below threshold)

the report is just a bunch of hasty information thrown together to overwhelm the reader.

They say the Intelligence community did not do two things. Ft Hood and Underpants bomber.

The Army actively protected their soldier in the name of diversity.

That was a failure the information was submitted. However the people who should have worked did not do their job. A report is not worth it if the station chief does not forward it.
The man just like the Time square bomber fit the profile but again diversity plays a large role.

1. You should have multiple agency working on the same projects. So that you can have independent verification of data and different perspective of data.
2. SIGINT, COMINT, and SATINT does not matter without HUMINT.
We need to start dealing with bad people because that where real information is.
3. They use the word SCIF a lot but do they tell the reader what one is?
4. The best intelligence is compartmentalized

I also love how Big Government is great thing for Health Care but for the National Defense well we got to be small to work well.






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