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Chronicling the media bias

It's Andrew Klavan, via NoisyRoom.Net:

Anyone who would suggest that the media isn't in the tank for Obama (or any progressive) ought to be beaten about the head and shoulders with a clue bat.


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Screw the clue bat... (Below threshold)

Screw the clue bat, use a 2x4.

Gots to protect "their man"... (Below threshold)

Gots to protect "their man". They screwed the public. The media 'intelligentsia' isn't about to admit they made a mistake. What's funny is when they wail about having no credibility with the public (as measured by their dropping readership and revenue).

Have Bat will travel.... (Below threshold)

Have Bat will travel.

Let me imitate a liberal. <... (Below threshold)

Let me imitate a liberal.

But its different now.

That was then it now 2010. Things change.
But Bush is an idiot and Obama is a genius. Facts and results mean nothing.

But everyone expects more out of a Republican. Expectation makes all the difference.

Everyone knows that when Obama makes a promise, he really doesn't mean it so you can't hold him to it.

My local paper used that as... (Below threshold)
rich K:

My local paper used that as a front page sunday story.
Of course the local a$$ kissing plagerizing reporter rewrote it so as to take credit for the idea that Obama saved america.






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