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Human Amoebas Of The World Unite!

Many times during the day, usually in the morning, Wizbang gets tips and information sent through the site's e-mail service.

Most consist of links to articles written by others, or brief descriptions of what may be covered on such and such a blog that day, usually just trying to get traffic directed to wherever they're at.

As a courtesy to our writers, Kevin has them forwarded to our e-mail accounts. Some will catch my eye, and I'll look at them a little further. Usually, not to sound callous about it, I delete the vast majority of them, since most are just attempts to bait you into visiting another blog.

Recently, almost on a daily basis, one such blog has been forwarding stories and links to us, that are a bit, well, out of place here.

It is called "Queers United."

(I refuse to link it, so if you are interested, by all means Google.)

I just shake my head, delete it, and forget about it.

Yesterday, however, I visited the website due to a description of a group of sexual misfits of which, until now, I did not know existed. (More on that in a second.)

First, I figured I would see what the mission statement of "QU" entails, and it reads as follows:

Queers United is the blog uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, & Asexual communities (Ya got all that?) in an effort of education and activism on issues of importance to sexual/gender minorities.

We believe in the vision and greatness of former civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King J.R., Mahatma Gandhi, and those who seek to topple oppression through activism and non-violence.

The blog will seek to put out action alerts to hold those who have a homophobic, transphobic, or deal unfairly with the LGBTQAI community responsible for their unfair and discriminatory actions.

It is our belief that through a united voice of all sexual/gender minorities that we can be a powerful force to lobby with and to bring equality to all!

So, this group, with its seven letter acronym, represents seven separate but equally disparate groups, all of which have some sort of, let's face it, base abnormal sexual lifestyle. And, from their statement, they consider you "homophobic" if you don't agree with said lifestyles.

Before automatically deleting the daily e-mail update, I read further the small summary of what the broader topic-de-jour was about.

Ah, hells bells, here it is for you:

Asexual activists are setting their sights on creating the first ever asexual pride flag to create visibility for their community. Asexuals are a minority (estimated at 1% of the population) who have little or no sexual drive and while they aren't actively discriminated against like the broader LGBT community they do face similar struggles of misunderstanding and difficulty coming out and living accepted lives.

"Asexual" activists? (Doesn't sound like there's much activity going on.)

By their own admission, "Queers United" find that people who have no desire to engage in sexual relations, have not been "discriminated" against, and do not much fit within the LGBT "community." A tad bizarre in itself.

But they are oppressed, dammit!

If a person finds they have no desire to have sex, then just don't have it. Why exactly would you allow yourself to be co-opted into a "queer" group. Nowhere in the explanation did it say you have to be gay to be "asexual." If you feel that you were born this way, having a flag and joining gay groups to validate your lifestyle is pretty pathetic.

Anyway, a link from the website directs you to a support group called AVEN, or "Asexual Visibility and Education Network." (Again, Google if you like.)

One of the first statements you encounter is a brief definition of what it supposedly means to these people to be asexual:

Asexual: A person who does not experience sexual attraction.

Further more, they do not engage in sexual behavior with others, regardless of gender, color, religion, or nationality.

Used to be that someone like that would be called a "prude" or "frigid." Or maybe their own attitude toward life and other people was so miserable that, well, nobody liked them.

Maybe they just couldn't get laid.

They delve into further detail about what constitutes being "asexual." They have their own little forum for discussion among others of like kind. They even have a store where you can buy shirts that contain such witty slogans like "No sex, please!" and "Asexuality: It's not just for amoebas any more."

I left the site when I stumbled across a forum entry which contained a discussion on the validity of bestiality being defined as an acceptable sexual orientation.

Yup. Normal people. Just like everyone else.

So, for all of those out there who don't, can't, or won't have sex: FEAR NOT!

You are not alone.

I'm sure the Democratic party will somehow include you in their platform.

And now, you can proudly plant your flag to prove it.


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Comments (11)

If the GLBT flag is a rainb... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If the GLBT flag is a rainbow would the asexuals have a white flag.

That could be appropriate on a number of levels.

Maybe all the "oppressed" s... (Below threshold)

Maybe all the "oppressed" should find their own little corner of the world were they'd be most happy. Until they found that their 'elite' leaders wanted to, you know, "oppress" them.

We believe in the vision... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

We believe in the vision and greatness of former civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King J.R., Mahatma Gandhi, and those who seek to topple oppression through activism and non-violence.

What, no love for John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Wayne Williams, or other LBPTAIQWVZTPX heroes? They were martyrs to toppling oppression and normalcy!

"What, no love for John Way... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"What, no love for John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Wayne Williams, or other LBPTAIQWVZTPX heroes? "

Speaking of Dahmer: Which color in the flag represents the gay cannibal lobby?

Shawn, I know I'm gonna reg... (Below threshold)

Shawn, I know I'm gonna regret this, but I'm going to look up "intersexual."

(nervous Googling)

OK, that was... odd...

Amazing. I look at that collection of initials, and I can't help but think that I've never seen so many different ways a group has said "everyone BUT you" to me before.

You know, the more I think about it (and I'd really rather not), the more appropriate the term "queer" strikes me -- in its original sense.

What has been seen cannot be unseen...


Thanks for taking one for t... (Below threshold)

Thanks for taking one for the team Jay. I will not go there because bleach supply is a bit low right now.

The sad truth about all of them is that they discriminate against each other.

I wonder who will take an a... (Below threshold)
rich K:

I wonder who will take an alphabet soup group like that seriously.
Oh,Wait, Thats why there is a democrat party. My Bad
And should not those Asexual folk be cruising pron sites if they feel unloved or unmotivated,wink wink ?

"And now, you can proudly p... (Below threshold)
Michael K.:

"And now, you can proudly plant your flag to prove it."

But I thought they don't feel like "planting their flag".

I'm actually kind of all fo... (Below threshold)

I'm actually kind of all for this alphgabet-soup trend.

Think about it: the more finely they distinguish between identity groups, the closer they come, however gradually, to defining people on an individual basis rather than as a member of a collective.

Be careful who you pick on.... (Below threshold)

Be careful who you pick on. People who are physically intersex are facing a life of difficult cultural choices: which bathroom to use, which clothing to wear, and who to date.

People who are asexual are pressured by their families and peers to "settle down" and "be normal", and they are feared when they don't. When people get nervous about the forty-year-old bachelor uncle offering to watch the kids for the day, it's because they don't believe anyone could truly have no reproductive drive. The giant pandas are an example of what happens when such people are forced into the gene pool...

I'm asexual, and I don't un... (Below threshold)

I'm asexual, and I don't understand the writer's hostility towards us. Shawn, we're just people. You talk about us like we're cannibals or something. How are we harming anyone by being asexual? We don't have fistfights over women, we don't spread AIDS, we don't molest children, we don't commit rapes, and we don't waste time watching porno. I can't speak for all asexuals, but I'm super-happy and have lots of friends. I just don't want to have sex. I enjoy my life greatly and prefer to spend my time on much more worthwhile things such as reading and learning. The writer's numerous insults are completely unnecessary and indicate that he fails to understand this topic.






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