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Department of Justice's new website

The Department of Justice has a new design for its website. It's very attractive and clearly well designed, but something doesn't feel right. While it clearly states in the header that it's the website for the United States Department of Justice, but you wouldn't know it was even associated with the United States except for the seals and logos. The colors are black and gold. Where's the red, white, and blue? From appearances, it looks like the designers worked overtime to remove all traces of familiarity and replaced it with cold and harsh.


Now compare that to the State Department's site:


The Department of the Interior does not use red, white, and blue, but it's warm and thoroughly American in its feel. Virtually all the other cabinet websites have a sense of warmth and an Americanesque feel to them.

So why is Justice's website so cold? Just because it's a law enforcement site doesn't mean it has to be so severe. Even the FBI's site keeps its theme familiarly American.

Instapundit links to Right Coast who describes the DOJ site as "creepy." The creepiness, I think, is a reflection of its disconnectedness.

Then again, it seems to accurately reflect Obama's and Holder's disconnect from the rest of America.


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Comments (23)

The makeover makes it look ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The makeover makes it look like any one of a number of private law firms. Oh wait, it is a private law firm devoted to enforcing the desires of a single client: obama. That's not what it is supposed to be. It's supposed to be dedicated to enforcing the country's laws, but instead it has become Barry's personal law firm enforcing his personal desires against individuals and political opponents rather than enforcing the law of the land evenhandedly.

Clearly, President Obama an... (Below threshold)
James H:

Clearly, President Obama and Atty G. Holder plot to subvert American values through the use of un-American color schemes.

Justice - just doublespeak ... (Below threshold)

Justice - just doublespeak for "You're screwed."

"Then again, it seems to ac... (Below threshold)

"Then again, it seems to accurately reflect Obama's and Holder's disconnect from the rest of America."

Obama is not disconnected from the rest of America. He has his boot on our neck. He is on the other side.

I hear the soundtrack for V... (Below threshold)

I hear the soundtrack for Vader and the empire.

I hate to respond to Lee, a... (Below threshold)
James H:

I hate to respond to Lee, and I hate to praise Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart, with is cheap generics program, has IMO done quite a bit to promote affordable healthcare. You'll have to pardon me if I can't join Lee's derision, then.

If the word "non-story" app... (Below threshold)

If the word "non-story" appears in a dictionary they should provide a link to this post.

"Black is beautiful". Didn'... (Below threshold)

"Black is beautiful". Didn't you get Holder's latest memo?

Is it a non-story? Perhaps... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Is it a non-story? Perhaps.

But why does an administration that is continually being accused of being out of touch with the public and of having antipathy toward American values, traditions and way of life choose to remodel the DOJ website in a manner that symbolically rejects its Americanism?

This administration is BIG on symbolism. Hell it is about the only thing the administration does, putting out symbols. So why this one and why now?

The facts are basically irr... (Below threshold)

The facts are basically irrefutable. I'm getting REALLY sick of the left playing the politics of division and trying to tear conservatives apart. Mitt and Sarah have both been relatively close and certainly cordial for years now. No matter which one of them wins the nomination in 2012, I have no doubt that the other will do whatever they can to help the other become president. We're all on the same team and both camps of supporters need to remember that!

Get beyond the spin and the slander/libel at http://mittromneycentral.com/2010/07/18/romneys-supposed-women-problem-you-be-the-judge/

Dan: Off-topic linkbait. ... (Below threshold)
James H:

Dan: Off-topic linkbait.

GOOD MORNING, LEE WARD.<br ... (Below threshold)

It is always nice to hear his reasoned commentary. Always gets to the heart of the matter.

Gold and black have always ... (Below threshold)

Gold and black have always been very popular with fascist movements. Symbolizing wealth, power and fear.

I have to part company with... (Below threshold)

I have to part company with the meme that DOJ's website redesign has some kind of nefarious political undertone. I don't even find it particularly severe.

Then again, I went to a Catholic school and spent grades 1 through 5 surrounded by nuns...

I was going to pass this of... (Below threshold)

I was going to pass this off as nonsense until I saw mojo's comment (#14).

You know what other fascist organization once used a black and gold color scheme?

The Daleks.

OMG! Obama is Davros!

"Osiris is a black god!" he... (Below threshold)

"Osiris is a black god!" he intoned meaningfully, holding up an ear of corn.

Puzzled looks all around.

ZOMG!!! President Obama is... (Below threshold)
James H:

ZOMG!!! President Obama is a Purdue fan[email protected]!1

James H. - Purdue! I;m no f... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

James H. - Purdue! I;m no fan. Not me, I'll say that for sure. Murray's raises much nicer chickens and turkeys. Better flavor and meat to bone ratio.

Or were you talking about that school?

Why is Lying Lee back on. I... (Below threshold)

Why is Lying Lee back on. I thought he go bye-bye. ww

The school, UOG. But I'll ... (Below threshold)
James H:

The school, UOG. But I'll point out that it takes a tough old guy to cook a tender chicken.

Black and gold? First black... (Below threshold)

Black and gold? First black president who istealing our gold. The color scheme fit's.

Pay no attention th the fool behind comment 6.

It is a more "Black Panther... (Below threshold)

It is a more "Black Panther" friendly theme.

lee weird - "More par... (Below threshold)

lee weird - "More paranoid rantings from Priestap. Her medication must have ran out and WalMart hasn't restocked it yet. "

This from the expert in paraniod rantings.






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