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There is a stealth jihad going on

And to dismiss it is to put forth much ignorance.  Someone go ahead and listen to this and rebut it thoughtfully... we'll wait:


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Comments (16)

I still say we let the Musl... (Below threshold)

I still say we let the Muslims think they have won. It doesn't matter; they can't touch us.

I still cannot understand how this is an insult in any way to the memory of those killed to anyone other than a bigot. At the same time, I find it an insult against muslims to not allow this mosque.

In any case, I refer you to that proverb: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. At least in NY, we'll be able to keep an eye on them.

stunningly accurate...and e... (Below threshold)

stunningly accurate...and equally chilling.

Thank you...we're gonna link to this from BeJohnGalt.

Earlier, I attempted to lin... (Below threshold)
Senor Cardgage:

Earlier, I attempted to link to more of Mr. Condell's YouTube videos, but that comment got lost in the ether, I suppose. He has a lot to say on the subject of religion.

The Muslims "cant ... (Below threshold)

The Muslims "cant touch us"??? WTF do you think happened on 9-11?

How about taking that sick perspective elsewhere.

Now, on the topic at hand, NO ONE with a fraction of rationality could rebut any of Mr Condell's statement. What he said is entirely true, and unfortunately 8 years of comparative safety (thanks W) have left their mark.

I'd bet that the reality of the war on us will be brought home again, likely in the next year, or sooner. And would further bet the response will be shameful.

I meant they couldn't touch... (Below threshold)

I meant they couldn't touch us psychologically. Terror attacks or empty sybolism will not stop us from enjoying our lifestyle and fighting hate wherever we find it by any means neccessary (yes, I thank W too). I was merely adopting a posture of defiance.

Maybe I'm just not rational (I've been told this before), but I still can't see how any non-bigot could take this mosque as somehow offensive to the memory of those that died.

Then may I suggest ... (Below threshold)

Then may I suggest you watch the video again, and reflect on it at length.

Failing that I cant help ya.

It's offensive and revoltin... (Below threshold)

It's offensive and revolting to me and im 2000 mile's away.

Nothing to rebut. He pret... (Below threshold)

Nothing to rebut. He pretty much nails it.

Ditto.... (Below threshold)


So Mr. Noe, let me get this... (Below threshold)

So Mr. Noe, let me get this straight. If we were to blow up Mecca and build a Christian church over the ruins, you would "find it an insult" not to allow the Christian church to be built there? Your're kidding, right? Sorry, but I'm do back on planet earth now.

To the nice gentleman in th... (Below threshold)
James H:

To the nice gentleman in the country with the established church:

Over on this side on the Atlantic, we protect the rights of individuals to be Muslims if they so choose. Or to be Nazis. First Amendment all the way.

America is out of its mind.... (Below threshold)

America is out of its mind. England has realized its mistakes in letting in all the Muslims; look at the country now. Why would Muslims who are warm weather people want to live in Dearborn or Minneapolis? Just so that they are positioned everywhere in this country for the jihad. Any bets for twenty years from now on what color this country will be..tan, chocolate, or black? And just how unrecognizable from "our country" it will be? And remember this all you folks that see nothing wrong going on, your head will roll too.

Mea culpa; should read "let... (Below threshold)

Mea culpa; should read "letting all the Muslims in"

Mr. Noe: Regardless of what... (Below threshold)

Mr. Noe: Regardless of what we think, to them this is a thumb in our eye. This is telling them that we will gleefully allow them to rub salt in a wound that they inflicted upon us. This is how we go down, them using our freedoms and laws against us.

#10, If the muslims just le... (Below threshold)

#10, If the muslims just left a hole in the ground for eight years and had already found something else to face towards while they pray, then yes, I would have nothing against allowing christians to build a church there.

We're forgetting something. These are not the same people. Not all muslims are terrorists. If they are, we should do worse than simply curtailing their building privileges; we should round them all up into internment camps. However, if these are different people, why restrict them for the crimes of others?

I read it from someone else somewhere: If a christian blew up an abortion clinic, would it be wrong to later build a church nearby? Would it matter if it was the same denomination?

#14: That is precisely the ... (Below threshold)

#14: That is precisely the reason why this should send them the message that we do not fear them. They didn't conquer; we willingly let them build - because we are invincible...






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