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Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where Allah Done Split Ya

Well, there are a whole bunch of Muslim Facebook users who aren't too happy with the site. Apparently, it doesn't sufficiently cater to their faith. First, it suspended four popular pages that broke its Terms of Service; second, it didn't immediately cancel and ban some pages that promoted the "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" event. If Facebook doesn't prove it's a good little dhimmi, they'll leave it for a more Islamic-centric social networking site.

Let's take a look at those two demands. First up, the suspended sites. I'm not a Facebook user, but the explanation seems pretty clear to me:

According to Facebook the Islamic pages, which included 'I love Mohammed' and 'Quran Lovers', were taken down because they were being used to 'spam' users, which is against the company's policy.

The pages were were using a JavaScript code that when entered in the address bar, would add all a user's friends to the Page Suggestions - making it similar to spamming people across Facebook.

A spokeswoman said: 'The pages in question were taken down because they violated our policies about spamming users. These pages were not removed because of content violations.'

The rules say don't spam other users. They don't say "don't spam other users, unless you're doing it in Allah's name."

As for the second demand, that one is even easier to dismiss.

The letter demands that ... disrespecting Islamic religious symbols is banned and any Facebook page which does so is disabled.

Respect and tolerance for others' beliefs is a good thing. Getting the law to enforce it -- in effect, forcing others outside your faith to abide by and enforce the specific tenets of your faith -- is tyranny.

Years ago, I said something that bears repeating: do I, a non-Muslim living in a non-Muslim nation, have the right to disobey and ignore Islamic law? By what right do these Muslim Facebook users have to demand that Facebook -- a secular company, headquartered in a non-Muslim nation and owing no fealty to the Byzantine, capricious, and draconian tenets of that faith -- enforce their rules on all their users, regardless of faith or nationality?

I'm an agnostic, but I have many times expressed my respect for Christianity and Judaism. But I still enjoy mocking them on occasion -- such as this cartoon which is a crass but amusing swipe at both.

It seems that there are a lot of Muslims are bound and determined to prove that the tenets of their faith are incompatible with democracy and Western civilization. They demand that we "show our respect" by forfeiting our inalienable rights.

Fortunately, American history offers us a splendid precedent for this situation: "Nuts!"

And for those who find that too wordy:


Update:Yes, I changed the title. See Comment #5 for an explanation.


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Comments (22)

Free market rules. If you ... (Below threshold)
James H:

Free market rules. If you don't like the relatively chaotic Facebook, you go home, spend a few months with your favorite CMS or social-network-type software, and whip up IslamicFriends, where the Prophet is respected properly.

I know that in America, some evangelical Christians do something similar. The irritating Brent Bozell and his lackeys aside, those who have found mainline American culture inconsistent with their values have created a parallel subculture that embodies them.

Free market. End of story.

islam is not compatible wit... (Below threshold)

islam is not compatible with the west. It never has been and never will be.

I will not submit.

Islam means submit. But tha... (Below threshold)

Islam means submit. But that includes Facebook's rules.

Let them make their own sit... (Below threshold)

Let them make their own site.

Call it "Burkabook" or "Don't-show-your-face-book."

And Jay, not to be a thorn in your crown, and not that I was "offended" by the cartoon, but, we all know you're agnostic.

Did you really have to prove it by linking to a Christian/Jew cartoon?

Sort of like saying, "I'm not racist! I like black people. I have alot of black friends."

You ARE a bit better than that.


Btw- The BOTB is one of my favorite periods in WWII. Those men had balls.

Actually, Shawn, I did have... (Below threshold)

Actually, Shawn, I did have to link to that cartoon. For one, it demonstrates that Christians and Jews -- unlike Muslims -- aren't driven into homicidal rages when their faiths are "insulted." I could have shown a couple of examples, but that one did both at once.

For another, I LOVE it. There's something I find hysterically funny about it. I printed out a copy, and it's on my wall.

Finally... I'm kicking myself now for the title. It implies that the Muslims have left, and they haven't yet. I wish I'd gone for "Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where Allah Done Split Ya."

Screw it. I'm gonna go back and change it.


Jay,Understandable... (Below threshold)



Although it could go without saying that Christians and Jews do not react with the same automatic rage over issues that are just so menial in their nature.

Besides, you nailed your point with a sledge hammer, anyway.

I'm just nudging you. (You magnificent bastard.)


BEHEAD those who insult Chr... (Below threshold)

BEHEAD those who insult Christianity and Judaism!
(swipe returned) wait.. we don't do that...DOH!

Wow the back and forth chat... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Wow the back and forth chatter between the site editors kinda reminds me of Wizblue. 'Course that's all they had since everyone else was banned...


"Don't Let The Door Hit ... (Below threshold)

"Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where Allah Done Split Ya."

Just tell the whackjob's to 'screw off'. Work's for any religion.

Bunion, we do keep some of ... (Below threshold)

Bunion, we do keep some of our dirty laundry from public consumption. But not much.

Also, you'll notice a decided lack of vitriol and drama. Sorry if that's less entertaining, but hey -- Kevin picked a fairly compatible group here.


Radical Islamists appear to... (Below threshold)

Radical Islamists appear to have a major problem with our First Amendment. And having such a problem, they should just GET THE FUCK OUT!

hmmmm.. CARTOOOOOONS!!! I'm... (Below threshold)

hmmmm.. CARTOOOOOONS!!! I'm offended.
Not offended by these specific cartoons, ANY cartoons.
Remove ALL cartoons including bugs bunny, cuz I don't wanna have to keeeeeeeeeeel anybody.

Oh wait...offended me doesn't mean act of violence, ok never mind.

Jay,You always hav... (Below threshold)


You always have interesting titles. I also like plays on words, and tweaking the language. I have worked in South America for 30 years, and often point out funny things in Spanish that the native speakers don´t realize exist.
But, I don´t believe you are really an agnostic or you wouldn´t mention it so often. Agnostic means you don´t know if God exists or if He does that you can actually know him. A real agnostic can only say that he or she doesn´t know God. He can´t say that he doesn´t exist or can´t be known.
Someone once asked Albert Einstein how much of the world´s knowledge he knew, perhaps 10%? He humble replied, perhaps one tenth of 1%.
If Albert could admit to having such a limited knowledge, and I suspect that you would not want to say that you were smarter than he was, isn´t it possible that in the other 99.99 percent of knowledge in the world, exists the knowledge of God? You can only say, "If God exists, I don´t know Him", but you can´t say "He doesn´t exist", because you don´t have all the knowledge available.
Many of the rest of us who call ourselves Christians, and in some cases Jews (or both at the same time)have found that knowledge and can testify to what we know by firsthand experience.
Like the Apostle John said in I John 1:1-3,
"The one who existed from the beginning is the one we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is Jesus Christ, the Word of Life. The one who is life from God was shown to us, and we have seen him. And now we testify and announce to you that he is the one who is eternal life. We are telling you about what we ourselves have actually seen and heard, so that you may have fellowship with us."
When a person finds God or is found by Him, he needs no further evidence. Other people who have not found him yet should keep on looking until they do. He is not far away from an earnest seeker.

That was good Myron.... (Below threshold)

That was good Myron.

I think Jay Tea means exact... (Below threshold)

I think Jay Tea means exactly what he says. I think he knows exactly what agnostic means. It is one of the reasons why he keeps bringing it up. (apologies for going off topic and for speaking for our esteemed writer.)

Thanks, Grace. You're too k... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Grace. You're too kind. And what I mean by "agnostic" is that I think I lack "the faith gene." I simply can not bring myself to accept the existence of a supreme being based solely on belief, one who expressly says that there can be no verifiable proof of their existence.

But I'm not so close-minded that I reject the possibility, either. To me, that requires as much faith as belief.

So I say I don't know, can't know, and try to live my life as best I can.

In the meantime, though, I should warn Myron that the quickest way to antagonize me is to evangelize to me. That gets my dander up in very short order, and I push back.

And not nicely.

Anyway... I've known a lot of Christians and Jews, many quite devout. And I have a lot of respect for most of them.

But I ain't one of them.


But wasn't that a really, really cool cartoon?

Jay,In the cartoon... (Below threshold)


In the cartoon, I couldn´t tell if the guy was Mohammed, Moses, Elijah, or the Pope. So, how could the cartoon offend anyone. It´s just a silly drawing when it comes right down to it.
Did you know that the word Evangel comes from two Greek words: Eu (good) and Angelion (message). Angel means a messenger.
So, if you think that I am evangelizing you, that is good. I am trying to share with you the good message, even though perhaps you can´t see it that way.
Nevertheless, time may come when you see things differently, and the "meeting" with God occurs. Much greater skeptics than yourself have fallen to the Author of love.
99.99 % to go.

Love ya,

What I see, Myron, is my po... (Below threshold)

What I see, Myron, is my politely telling you that I'm not interested in your message, and you insisting in trying to ram it down my throat anyway -- because your fantasy divine being says that you have to and it's best for me if you do.

I said before, politely, that I'm not interested. I've been preached at by pros, and it didn't take. Now I'm being less polite. Continue, and I'll get downright rude and offensive -- like how I perceive you to be for ignoring my wishes.


Oh, and Myron? The guy in t... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Myron? The guy in the cartoon? I don't think it was supposed to be any specific person. But I could be wrong.


Jay,Why so touchy ... (Below threshold)


Why so touchy about something that to you should be so unimportant?
You are reacting like the Moslems who get all fired up when someone doesn´t agree with them.

I am listening to you politely telling me that you are not interested. I am politely responding with friendly dialogue. Is that cramming it down your throat? I don´t think so.

Myron, when I say I am not ... (Below threshold)

Myron, when I say I am not interested in discussing a subject and you persist in trying to engage me on that topic, you've gone past "responding with friendly dialogue." You're pushing. In this context, you're proselytizing. And I do NOT take that well.

If you're curious to see how I do not take things well, please continue. If you actually do respect my wishes, drop it.


Threats don´t become an ope... (Below threshold)

Threats don´t become an open-minded person. They are typical of the arrogant, religious extremists that we all find offensive.

I´ll drop it gladly, but just think about why you are so touchy about this one thing.

I ain´t doing you no harm nor threatening you. I don´t even have a troll hammer.







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