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Lindsey Graham is not wise

No... really... he pretty much admitted it:

Elena Kagan now has at least one Republican vote for confirmation to the Supreme Court: that of Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who said Tuesday that she was not someone he would have chosen "but the person who did choose - President Obama - I think chose wisely.''

So... if Obama chose wisely... and you would not have chosen her... then that makes your choice... something other than wise.



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Comments (19)

Fire his RINO ass.... (Below threshold)

Fire his RINO ass.

It's time for Grahamnesty t... (Below threshold)

It's time for Grahamnesty to go.

Actaully, more than one cho... (Below threshold)

Actaully, more than one choice that can be wise.

He really is an idiot. Does... (Below threshold)

He really is an idiot. Does South Carolina realize this?

he don't care. He works on... (Below threshold)

he don't care. He works on the assumption of short voter memory, and He ain't up for reelection for a while.

Does SC have the ability to... (Below threshold)

Does SC have the ability to recall a Senator?

He did the same damn thing ... (Below threshold)

He did the same damn thing with Sotero. He only fights when it is his little pet projects on the line.

I wish Alvin Greene was run... (Below threshold)

I wish Alvin Greene was running against Lindsay, not Jim Demint. I would seriously consider contributing to him. Graham is beyond revolting.

Good old reliable Lindsey -... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Good old reliable Lindsey -he needs take lessons from Old Joe Lieberman on how to fake being in agony over such an important decision.

Is there not one honest and moral man in Washington?

Lindsey Grahamnesty, one of... (Below threshold)

Lindsey Grahamnesty, one of the 'Gang of Fourteen', perpetual Republican contrarian who wouldn't recognize a conservative thought if it hit him between the eyes. Perpetual RINO on everything from spending to USSC nominations.


He was just re-elected from a state that leans consistently towards the Democrats in each election cycle, next up in 2014.

If I lived in South Carolin... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

If I lived in South Carolina I'd definitely vote against him in 2014's primary election cycle.

I just sent him an email a... (Below threshold)

I just sent him an email asking him to get his head straight. Kagan demonstrated her dishonesty by secretly altering the MD's report on partial birth abortion, then submitting it as the official report.

I commented to Graham that such an action would be grounds for court martial in his Air Force, not an endorsement for promotion.

For that act alone, she is not suitable to sit on any court, including TV Court.

Graham is an idiot, and he runs to every TV camera to reaffirm the fact.

Limpsey Gramnesty is like a... (Below threshold)

Limpsey Gramnesty is like a kid that want's to declare both side's the winner in dodgeball before a single ball is thrown.

In other word's. A 'tweener'.

So - Graham stated he would... (Below threshold)

So - Graham stated he wouldn't have chosen her, but voted to confirm her?

What a treacherous little weasel - always has been, always will be. He'll leave all this destruction in his wake while living fat on his gummint pension.

Just image - the voting public is stupid enough to keep worthless twats like Graham in Congress - free to f*ck up just about everything with absolutely no responsibility. Now the nation will be stuck with idiots Sotomayor and Kagan for the next 30-40 years. Heckuva job, douchebag.

How does a state have Demin... (Below threshold)

How does a state have Demint and then this DOUCH as Senators!?
I'd put big money Lindsey lohan Graham is removed in his next re-election bid.

Lindsey Graham gives closet... (Below threshold)

Lindsey Graham gives closeted gays a bad name....

In Graham's mind (influence... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

In Graham's mind (influenced greatly by his Senate mentor, McCain), showing deference to Presidential nominees is the proper course. He believes this sets an example for Democrats in the future. Of course, he lives in this fantasy as an extension of the make-believe world of the Gang of 14; Democrats use any means they can and don't give a rat's patootie about the proper role of the Senate, the Constitution, or anything else besides grabbing and wielding power.

That said, it's just stupid to think we might stop Kagan. The votes aren't there for a filibuster, and even if they were, Obama would send up an even worse nominee, and again and again until the public revolted against the "obstructionist" GOP.

Don't think Obama could send up worse than Kagan? Then you really ARE stupid - he's got dozens of 'em. DOZENS. Elections matter, and those who stayed home because they were mad at McCain helped bring us to this travesty. Think about it.

Like McCain, Graham has a history of ticking off conservatives on high-profile issues and votes, but he has a lifetime ACU rating of 89. If we banish everyone under 90, we'll have DeMint and Coburn, and no one else in the Party. Great job, conservatives! We'll never win anything, but Man O Man won't we be ever so ideologically pure!

Now, towards beating Graham . . . put down the lighter and step away from the bong. He's not going anywhere, because you whiners won't put your money where your mouths are. Any primary opponent for 2014 would need $1-2 million at least to make a credible challenge, and even then is no guarantee. Senate incumbents thrive in SC - we kept Fritz Hollings in the Senate for 25 years after he went lefty-cuckoo.

Find a viable candidate to challenge him, raise $2 million for them, then come talk to me about beating Graham. Because until you can do that, it's nothing but hot air - and he knows it.

So - Graham stated he wo... (Below threshold)

So - Graham stated he wouldn't have chosen her, but voted to confirm her?

Gee, it's almost like it's the President's job to choose here, and then the Senate's to confirm or reject her.

Bwahahaha!Gee, ... (Below threshold)


Gee, it's almost like it's the President's job to choose here, and then the Senate's to confirm or reject her.

Li'l tiny, microscopic jimmy came out and proved it's too stupid to understand context!






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