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No "Nation Of Cowards" Here...

Well, it looks like some of the Tea Party Movement have decided to take up the NAACP and their spurious accusations of "racism" imbuing pretty much every aspect of the Movement. They're going to hold a "Uni-Tea" rally in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall on July 31. And in a break from the usual agenda (lower taxes, smaller government, less corruption), they're going to discuss racial matters.

I'm not so certain this is a good idea. The main point of the Tea Party Movement has been apart from racial matters; only those who see anything non-liberal as "racist" (which, sadly, is a large chunk of the left these days) have seen a real racist agenda behind the Movement. To go along and react as if the Tea Party Movement has a racial component is playing along with Alinsky's Rules 2 and 3: "Never go outside the expertise of your people" and "Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy." By changing the agenda to racial matters, the Tea Party is playing into the hands of their critics and allowing them to set the agenda -- and it's their agenda, where they're the experts.

On the other hand, it does give the NAACP a chance to repair some of the damage they've inflicted upon themselves with their ill-advised attempt to pick a fight with the Tea Party at the behest of their Democratic masters, and that could be a good thing.

Further, it would bring the Tea Party right into the back yard of the New Black Panther Party, with all the potential entertainment value that could entail. How could the NBBP possibly let this opportunity to confront the "crackers" head-on, on their home turf?

Once again, I wanna see this guy show up in Philadelphia. An armed black man attending a Tea Party? It makes liberals' head explode, in the most amazing colors...


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Actually, liberal's heads d... (Below threshold)

Actually, liberal's heads don't explode. The internal vacuum makes them implode.

As Thomas Flanagan might sa... (Below threshold)
Dan H:

As Thomas Flanagan might say 'the tea party isn't about race, its...its..umm..IT'S ABOUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING! YEAH THAT'S THE TICKET!' However, the weight of history says otherwise, as this post suggests - http://wp.me/pNmlT-io

it's a crappy idea. By doi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

it's a crappy idea. By doing this they are letting their accusers set their agenda. Never allow someone with BS stories to derail your whole agenda like this. They would be far better off staying on topic and talking about taxes, spending and government accountability.

By focusing on race it provides the MSM with the excuse for saying that all their false allegations are somehow justified because the Tea Party is now trying to pay pennance for their sins.

Of course, Dan H rushes to ... (Below threshold)

Of course, Dan H rushes to the defense of the Dems, by posting a link to an article tht admits that the Tea Party isn't visibly racist overall, but that that SHOULD be racist, because they're old and white...

..and then goes on to try and "prove" Tea Party racism by trying to show that the people in the Tea Party (which didn't exist before the Obama/Reid/Pelosi spend-a-thon) didn't complain about George Bush's spending - but lumps in two years of Democrat spending in Bush's term to "prove" he spent more. Then... not bothering to note that most of the people running the Tea Party groups were unknown on the national political scene, so of course they're not going to have a published track record of opposing spending (never mind that the average American has been pissed about Washington spending excesses for most of the last half-century).

"Why weren't you complaining about spending before?" cry the leftists, while not noticing that people DID complain (but not in organized groups), and that the Dems increased deficit spending to the point that this one Presidential term is setting us up for more deficit spending than the last few decades put together...

Jay Tea: "Once again, I ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Jay Tea: "Once again, I wanna see this guy show up in Philadelphia."

What would be even better would be to see that guy get into a shouting match with this guy.

And Lee Ward and the leftist media would still call the Tea Party guy a racist.

Wrong, Jay Tea. Charges of ... (Below threshold)

Wrong, Jay Tea. Charges of racism must be answered strongly and without apology or they will be pressed by the radical, hypocritical left forever. The charge--or the THREAT of the charge--of racism has become the STAPLE of the Hussein regime. RINOs and other weaklings immediately dive under their desks or profusely apologize when accused, even though they have done nothing untoward. This is the behavior expected by the left. The only ACCEPTABLE response...cowardice. The Tea Party IS the American public. It is made up of actual Americans who believe in the Constitution and the liberty of the individual. Running, hiding and cowering are not only anathema to actual Americans, they will destroy the tea party movement and the left KNOW it full well.






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