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What Hath Breitbart Wrought?

OK, this is getting downright strange. When Andrew Breitbart decided that someone ought to answer the NAACP's attack on the Tea Party Movement and jumped in, most people started getting edgy -- Breitbart, as I said, doesn't bluff.

He delivered the goods. He released a video of an Obama administration official admitting that she had discriminated against a white farmer at an NAACP function -- where she was receiving an award.

The reaction was instant and fierce. The NAACP issued a press release condemning the official (Shirley Sherrod, the Department of Agriculture's Georgia Director of Rural Development), and her bosses fired her posthaste.

Then other details started trickling out. (Trickling, hell -- it was a fricking firehose.) It turns out that the video (shot last February) was incomplete. Sherrod was recounting an incident that occurred 24 years ago, when she was working for a "community organizer" type of group (not the government), and she told how she had later realized the wrongness of her actions, returned to the farmer in question, and helped him save his farm -- to the point where she and his family became friends.

But the harm had been done. The NAACP took down their press release, but she was still out of her job.

So, what the hell happened? That's actually two questions.

The first part is, how did Breitbart end up having released a highly-selective and downright misleading video?

There are numerous possibilities.

1) Breitbart was set up by the NAACP, whose event was featured in the video.

Not bloody likely. The NAACP issued a press release condemning Sherrod in very short order, and then had to withdraw it. That says that they believed the video was legit -- if they'd set it up, they would have pulled the "gotcha" instead.

2) Breitbart was set up by the Obama administration.

Again, not bloody likely. Their reaction was to immediately get rid of Sherrod, showing that they believed the video was legit, too. If they'd set it up, they too would have defended her and played the "gotcha" card.

3) Breitbart was set up by a third party, who had the complete video and edited it down to just the incriminating section.

Also not very likely. Breitbart knows he has a huge target on his back, and has to be incredibly careful when he makes his big moves like this. Also, Breitbart, I suspect, would have absolutely no problem with burning a source who set him up like this. If someone pulled something like that on him, he'd destroy them.

4) Breitbart deliberately edited the tape to smear and destroy Sherrod.

Still not very likely. Sherrod is "small potatoes;" she's not really a worthwhile target. Also, the set-up was so shoddy that it fell apart in barely 24 hours. Breitbart has the brains and resources that, should he have wanted to do just that, it would have been considerably more substantial. It's the equivalent of Bernie Madoff shoplifting. Sure, it's possible, but it's just incredibly unlikely. Way too much risk for way too little gain, as well as incredibly pointless.

So, what the hell happened? I'm starting to see signs of a fifth possibility -- partly fueled by Breitbart's own statements (which could be simple self-serving), partly by how things played out.

Breitbart knew the video was deceptive, but released it anyway because he wanted to see how his real target -- the NAACP -- would react.

I find this plausible, because Breitbart never takes his eyes off his true target. In this case, Sherrod wasn't the target -- the NAACP was.

And that is the second part of the "what the hell happened?" question. What was the response, and why did they react that way?

Not only did they bite on the bait, they bit hard. They found the possibility that not only would the honoree of one of their award banquets freely admit to practicing "reverse discrimination," but the attendees would not even bat an eye at it. They saw the video, found it entirely plausible, and started damage control operations immediately. Sherrod was thoroughly trashed within hours.

Then things got even more interesting. Breitbart snagged an even bigger fish with his bait. The Obama administration (whose reputation for loyalty is virtually nonexistent -- anyone who proves no longer convenient or useful gets tossed under the bus without a second thought or glance) fired her. Because they, too, found the edited video entirely plausible, and didn't bother to get her side of the story before getting rid of her.

This is an interesting twist on the old "fake, but accurate" riff that many defenders of the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes forged Texas Air National Guard documents regarding President George W. Bush. In this case, it seems that the fear that the video was an accurate representation of a typical NAACP honoree/Obama administration official led those worthies to take immediate action, without bothering to try to get the full story -- or even asking Sherrod for her version of events.

There's another interesting aspect to this that's come to light. It seems that Sherrod was a key player in a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of Georgia farmers that took about 10 years to play out. It was settled recently, for several million dollars. Sherrod herself -- who had helped initiate the suit -- scored $150,000 and in an astonishingly coincidental turn of events, was given a job in the Department of Agriculture that she had been suing for over a decade.

Sherrod was ill-used in this incident -- that is indisputable. Breitbart owes her an apology, at a minimum. But the real story here is how the NAACP and the Obama administration reacted to the video. They found the presented video entirely plausible and immediately acted to protect themselves, and to hell with verifying the facts of the story.

One final point: Breitbart took a hell of a risk here by releasing this deceptive video. From now on, all his gambits will be viewed with great suspicion. The ploy he apparently played here -- gambling that the NAACP would react first, instinctively, without first carefully considering the matter -- was one he could pull exactly once in his career. He's now marked forever as "a guy who released a misleadingly-edited video," and his critics will never let that go. It will color everything he does in the future.

Breitbart's gambit cost Sherrod her job, and put a big dent in his credibility, but it also gave a hell of a black eye to the NAACP and the Obama administration.

I hope he thinks it was worth it.


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Is the editing the actual p... (Below threshold)

Is the editing the actual point in all of this? An example of how a person's character is compromised by taking comments out of context? Except instead of someone on the right being the victim we now have someone close to the Obama administration taking it on the chin. On top of that, the Obama administration doesn't even have the extra 5 seconds to investigate in favor of one of its own and she gets dumped without apparent good reason in retrospect.

Breitbart owes no apology t... (Below threshold)

Breitbart owes no apology to anyone. Her racism is not in doubt and neither is her audience. Whether or not she decided to help the white farmer all those years ago is irrelevant, because help him or not, she is racist.

Breitbart revealed the NAACP as a racist organization. Ask for an apology from them, Jay.

The other thing Breitbart h... (Below threshold)

The other thing Breitbart has done is blunt the race card as an everyday weapon of the left.

I don't know what's on the ... (Below threshold)

I don't know what's on the "full" tape, but there were indications on the clip I first saw yesterday or the day before that Sherrod was talking about something that happened years before--for instance, she talked about a bankruptcy provision enacted 20 years ago as having been "just enacted" and said that the farmer may have been sent to her by the USDA (showing that she was not working for the USDA at the time).

But I don't believe that Breitbart ever represented this tape as being something that it is not--unless he selectively edited parts of it himself (which I agree seems highly unlikely). Breitbart just published the tape and let everyone react to it.

The funniest part of this is that the NAACP and the administration (according to Sherrod) are blaming Fox News and the "Tea Party." Blaming Bush and the GOP for their mistakes is funny enough. Now they are blaming a TV outlet and a "party" which has no memebers involved in the government nor any listing on any ballot that I know of. Talk about paranoid.

"...but it also gave a h... (Below threshold)

"...but it also gave a hell of a black eye to the NAACP and the Obama administration."

To you and I maybe, but I'd venture to guess a lot of people won't see it that way. First, the left will keep the focus on Breitbart and not the knee jerk reaction by the NAACP and the administration. Second, as a result, everyone (at least those who patiently wait for the leftward media to tell them what to think) will forget the murmurs of assent of Sherrod's audience.

I refrained from commenting on this because I read elsewhere where someone questioned why the video was cut short and wondered aloud whether this woman was leading up to an admission that her behavior was wrong and had amended her ways. Had her speech only gotten worse, it would not have been clipped. It turned out to be exactly what I had hoped it would be.

Would that more people see that harboring this kind of animosity, particularly the racist kind, hurts us and helps those who would gleefully keep us at each other's throats for their own self serving agenda.

As has been pointed out els... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As has been pointed out elsewhere the NAACP was the target. The aim was to demonstrate the racism inherent in the NAACP. That racism wasn't revealed so much by Sherrod as it was by her audience nodding and speaking their approval of her withholding information from a white farmer, their approval of her bigoted put down of this man in need and their approval of her refusal to help him and shoving him off on a white person because she believed that no black person should provide the man help.

That is what the point was. Everyone else is getting caught up in the Sherrod sideshow when the point was that the NAACP members were reveling in her racist put downs and enjoying the struggles of a impoverished farmer simply because he was white.

Breitbart said he would rev... (Below threshold)

Breitbart said he would reveal that the NAACP had racists and when the layers were peeled back on that smelly onion, whataya know.. They found a racist.

I bet there is more to come. He might even have Lee Ward on tape.

Breitbart doesn't bluff, he... (Below threshold)

Breitbart doesn't bluff, he looks good with egg on his face though.
A couple days ago Priestap here railed on and on about blogs being taken down by the Obama admin without knowing the whole story and we now know that the blogs were taken down because terrorists were sharing bomb making recipes on those blogs.
Now Jay Tea gets all excited about Brietbart getting some good gotcha video. Jay could barely contain his glee. "The man is one cagey bastard." and "Anyway, the day after he said he had video of racism tolerated within the NAACP, he released it. And hoo boy, was it a fun one." Jay's glee continued "e's a master at keeping the story going, of keeping the pressure on, and never showing all his cards.

I predict a very, very rough few weeks for the NAACP -- as they will never know when he has released all the videos he has.

Because Breitbart doesn't bluff."

Looks like Breitbart doesn't bluff and doesn't have much integrity either.

Jay Tea trying to put some positive spin on it though. "Breitbart's gambit cost Sherrod her job, and put a big dent in his credibility, but it also gave a hell of a black eye to the NAACP and the Obama administration." Black eye for the Obama Admin.......you wish.....I see 2 black eyes, a broken nose and a broken jaw for Breitbart.

Jeff, the Obama administrat... (Below threshold)

Jeff, the Obama administration got rid of Sherrod, and the NAACP condemned her. Now the NAACP has backed off, and the Obama administration is looking into that as well. How the hell does this NOT make them look stupid?


Breitbart isnt the story h... (Below threshold)

Breitbart isnt the story here. The NAACP PROVED its racism by the reaction of the crowd. They PROVED it further by their immediate reaction, they thought cleaning house would make it seem like thy were not racists. Likewise the WH.

The issue is the reaction, not the tape.

As usual, Wizbang commentat... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

As usual, Wizbang commentators, like Jay, with their breathless, rush to judgement style, on anything has a remote partisan or political ring (are you having a competition?) end up losing credibility. There have been so many similar incidents in the past, I wonder when you guys are ever going to develop a healthy scepticism about evidence presented by authorities, or any authority for that matter, just as you do from that purported to be from the left. Yesterday, Shawn was even kicking himself that Jay was able to post this Breitbart story first, about this Sherrod tape made in March 2010.

Two aspects of this story n... (Below threshold)

Two aspects of this story need further explanation. Who hired Sherrod for this position (and why) after she and husband had successfully sued USDA for discrimination? If she was going to be given a political appointment, I understand about the Plum book that there are about 4,000, why on earth this one in this department? Surely there are others in the federal government in which her knowledge and experience could be useful.

Second, why on earth, after the O'Keefe Acorn sting video, did some "official" react so overly quickly in a way that makes it look like the Administration is full of guilt-presuming cowards with no loyalty whatever?

What jim m said - other peo... (Below threshold)

What jim m said - other people trying to make more of this than it was (a bust on NAACP) were the ones that blew it. It was never about Sherrod or Obama and anyone that went there overreached. In other words, the rightweb let Breitbart down by making what he did out to be something it wasn't. With friends like these...

I fail to see how Breitbart... (Below threshold)

I fail to see how Breitbart lost any credibility at all. He released a tape and let it speak for itself.

I'm still half suspicious with how fast Sherrod found herself under the bus - I think there's more to her story that the administration wanted shut down.

Give Andrew another week or two.

Steve, if you're so outrage... (Below threshold)

Steve, if you're so outraged at the credibility we gave this video, you should be really, really ripshit at the NAACP and the Obama administration over doing far, far more than we (well, largely me, but Shawn seems content to let me speak for him here) ever did or could do.

Why? Because it was so plausible than an NAACP honoree and Obama appointee (who had just won a hefty lawsuit against her now employer -- my, what a coincidence!) would say and do and believe such things.

And now it turns out that Mr. Jealous, the head of the NAACP, was apparently present at the event featured in the video. And even he found it so unmemorable that he didn't find anything amiss with that video, judging by the initial press release condemning Sherrod they put out.

Man, it would have been something if Jealous had said, immediately, "hey, I was there at that event, and that video is completely taken out of context! It's an utter crock!" Instead, his group couldn't trash her fast enough.

THAT'S the real story, Steve. That's the real outrageous thing.


It must really suck to be a... (Below threshold)

It must really suck to be a political appointee in the US government right now, especially if you have ANY previous statements on tape somewhere, or any skeletons in your closet. All it takes is one bit of video making it into the public eye, and you get a first-hand look at how loyal the Obama administration is...

Maybe she can sue the gover... (Below threshold)

Maybe she can sue the government again for not giving her due process.

Why did the voice on the ph... (Below threshold)

Why did the voice on the phone tell Ms. Sherrod she was going to be on Glenn Beck?

"And now it turns out th... (Below threshold)

"And now it turns out that Mr. Jealous, the head of the NAACP, was apparently present at the event featured in the video."


Isn't Jealous the one who explained to us all just recently that black tea party members are "Uncle Toms"?

And you, bryanD, are the ma... (Below threshold)

And you, bryanD, are the master of run-on sentences replete with arcane references to things no one gives a damn about and a completely and utterly disrespectful man.

The obvious point here is t... (Below threshold)

The obvious point here is that if a white official from, say, the Bush Administration had admitted he'd screwed over a black farmer just because the guy was black, no amount of "context" could possibly have saved him; it would be An Act Of Genocidal Racism(tm) and not only would he have to be fire, the guys who hired him would have to go ... and the guys who hired them.

A useful thought experiment is to imagine Trent Lott admitting he had based a decision not to help a black farmer 24 years ago on the basis of the farmer's race. Oh, *later* he kissed the farmer's ass and the guy became "one of his black friends" and he helped save the farm.

None of this would matter with the situation reversed. Context? Who cares. There was some tiny atom of racism involved, so out the Republican would go.

Okay Jay, I'm willing to ba... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Okay Jay, I'm willing to back off my rush to judgement on the rush to judgement call. I haven`t been able to scrutinize the issue because I simply haven`t had the time.

But it seems like Brietbart, and even worse Obama adminstration officials have had the time, (it is their job to) and they end up looking like fools and are getting paid handsomely too.

What is it that Pat Moynihan said about the race issue in America, -it got him into trouble for saying it-"it could benefit from a period of benign neglect".

Whether the story was from ... (Below threshold)

Whether the story was from 20 years ago or not, consider the language she used (e.g. "one of his own kind") and the crowd's reaction - the point still stands.

This is simply a bumbling attempt by the Obama Administration to dampen the impact.

Jeff,People "see" ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


People "see" can only see what they look at.

The video released was identified as revealing racism within the NAACP that was tolerated. Most people assumed at Sherrod was the locus of the racism on that video and most commentors pounced on Sherrod.

But that was a guest of the NAACP, there to receive it's award. The racism on that video within the NAACP was expressed by the hooting, nodding and applause of the audience responding (positively) to the portion of Sherrod's story that covered her mistreatment of the farmer based on her racial bias.

Information is useful for what it reveals. I think you're responding to the, "Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain. I am the great and powerful..." statements now coming out of the NAACP and the Obama Administration, while I'm looking at what I've learned from those organizations reactions to that video.

Moynihan had it right about... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Moynihan had it right about benign neglect. When we focus on race then the result is that everything becomes about race and no one is ever satisfied that things are equal. The left's obsession with race (and in particular this administration's) has only made race relations worse.

MLK Jr had it right too when he said in his "I have a dream" speech that people should focus on character and not color. Too bad the black community and the left weren't listening when he said it and haven't picked up on it since his death.

Maybe Rush should hire her ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Rush should hire her for his staff. She can be his sports commentator for NFL or ESPN stuff.

If the intent was to show t... (Below threshold)

If the intent was to show the NAACP audience reaction to racist language, then it seems fair. I agree with Jay that one interpretation is that the NAACP decided that they needed to act quickly because they knew there have been many examples of well-received racist outbursts at NAACP meetings.

That is, the NAACP knew there would be PR damage intrinsic in any delay in denunciation of the woman. They judged that the chance that the whole tape might be better to be so small that the delay was not worth that chance.

One could infer similarly from the Administration's behavior, making their reaction unexpected and the poor woman unexpected collateral damage. Note, though, that political appointees and career civil servants are different employees, with the former serving/leaving at the pleasure of the Administration.

Nonetheless, demanding a resignation before allowing a defense or even any sort of investigation is extraordinary, and tells a story all its own. Perhaps, "we know that all of us are scoundrels/racists/whatever and that's okay just as long as none of us gets fingered. If that happens, it's under the bus, instantly."

I wonder if Breitbart had expected the NAACP to delay and defend, saying that this was not any sort of valid example. Then, while the NAACP was in full denial, Breitbart would release a "better" example and challenge them to defend that one, too.

If that was his intent, he snared them faster than he expected, and caught the Administration as well.

I agree with that Moynihan ... (Below threshold)

I agree with that Moynihan quote, Steve. You wanna start by reining in those assholes on your side who shout "racism" at every opportunity?

We even have evidence that they know it's a ploy -- look at the latest JournoList releases, when a reporter suggests picking a conservative at random ("Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, whoever") and calling them a racist to shut them up and discredit them and their allies.

What's making this such big news, Steve, is that a lot of people are coming to realize that it is a stunt. And it's a little late for the professional racist-criers to say "it all started when they hit me back."


And now it has been reveale... (Below threshold)

And now it has been revealed that the president of the NAACP was in the audience during the speech....The whole point of the video release is the audience cheering and laughing at her mention of the discrimination. They didn't know she would end the story with her redemption story. The video was released following the tea party racism declaration. It was not released in a vacuum. Don't discount more videos being released after the NAACP response just like the ACORN story.

Nobody won here. The admin... (Below threshold)

Nobody won here. The administration has to reflect on their rush to throw due process out the window for this woman. The NAACP needs to reflect on racism in their ranks, before demanding the Tea Party do so. And Breitbart has lost a certain amount of credibility and should reconsider any videos he has in his possession and the source he got them from that he intends to use in the future.

Looking at the original Bre... (Below threshold)

Looking at the original Breitbart posting: the second video, the comment about government jobs being safe, was the key point he seems to be trying to make, and if you read his commentary, he zeroes in on the NAACP audience, not the speaker, as racist, when describing the first (edited) video.

The Race Card graphic at the top of his original post is all too telling - how easily it is played, and how quickly the players react to anyone who threatens to expose the sham, and how pervasive to our government and society playing the card has become. The speaker's career thus far in PLAYING the race card apparently made her a poster child for the NAACP UNTIL she got a spotlight exposing the con game. Then she is quickly thrown under the bus.

I won't bother to speculate which of JT's scenarios is closest to the truth. As long as we concentrate on that distraction, we are diluting the message reflected by the second video clip - that the race card playing folks advertise government jobs as SECURE jobs, the ONLY secure jobs, and they are committed to filling government jobs in a racist manner.

From the NAACP press releas... (Below threshold)
jim m:

From the NAACP press release:

We are appalled by her actions, just as we are with abuses of power against farmers of color and female farmers.

Her actions were shameful. While she went on to explain in the story that she ultimately realized her mistake, as well as the common predicament of working people of all races, she gave no indication she had attempted to right the wrong she had done to this man.

The reaction from many in the audience is disturbing. We will be looking into the behavior of NAACP representatives at this local event and take any appropriate action.

I can't wait to hear what appropriate action they deem necessary to address the racism that is now apparent in their own organization's president.

I tend to think that this is exactly what Breitbart wanted. Put this video out there and sit back and watch as the hypocrites in the NAACP trip all over themselves trying to look pure and holy in their outrage over her remarks.

Look. We conservatives do n... (Below threshold)

Look. We conservatives do not need to make up $hit about the left...they give us examples of their racism,incompetence,dishonesty,etc. everyday. I saw Breitbart on Hannity last nite although I was not paying close attention it seemed to me that he let the tape stand for itself. I do remember that he told Hannity that he cared not for the lady on the tape but wanted to show the hypocritical & racist nature of the NAACP.
That being said, this kind of crap from out side just pisses me off to no extent. This.Must.Stop. Maybe he has more "dry powder", maybe he doesn't...I don't care, I want HONESTY from our conservative pundits. No half truths. No deception. Just the facts Mamm!
If that tape (unedited one) shows this woman explaining that she was sorry for her original thoughts and actions and that she "made things right" then he has wronged her and owes her more than an apology. He also owes all of us truth. Nothing else.
As a conservative I know where the racism is and don't need anyone to make up anything to show me where it lies.
Breitbart and especially Shawn Hannity have set us back...we had the high ground!

Off to Tea Party Rally to stand with my fellow Louisianians against the Obamatorium on offshore drilling (the oil bidness is the life blood of Louisiana). by the way,so all will know, this moratorium is a de facto ban on all offshore drilling not just deep water since drilling permits of any kind are near impossible to get due to the Obama adm. "new" nonexistant regulations. You can't comply with regulations that don't yet exist.



Sorry the block quote got m... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sorry the block quote got moved somehow above. From the press release:

We are appalled by her actions, just as we are with abuses of power against farmers of color and female farmers.

Her actions were shameful. While she went on to explain in the story that she ultimately realized her mistake, as well as the common predicament of working people of all races, she gave no indication she had attempted to right the wrong she had done to this man.

The reaction from many in the audience is disturbing. We will be looking into the behavior of NAACP representatives at this local event and take any appropriate action.

Ok it did it again. I don'... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Ok it did it again. I don't know what the problem is.

If her point in bringing up... (Below threshold)

If her point in bringing up her story was to show how she realized she was a racist and changed her ways then why all the racist language in the story ?
She could have said I didn't help a white farmer the way I should have and I regretted it and made ammends. No, she embellished the story with things like "he was talking down to me" and "I sent him to one of his own" ...
The story told was was not out of context, she was a racist ... period ...
yes, she very soon after that realized she had done wrong and changed her attitude towards this one farmer ...
Is she still a racist ? based on this one story it appears she has reformed her thinking ...

I am disturbed by the words she used to describe the story to the audience ... much of the inflamitory language was not needed to tell the story ... so why use it ?

The irony here is priceless... (Below threshold)

The irony here is priceless:

The tape was published in response to a groundless resolution by the NAACP attacking the "racism" of the Tea Party. The NAACP then takes an apparently groundless action attacking the "racism" of Sherrod shown in the tape. And, in then reversing itself on Sherrod, instead of saying that it needs to re-evaluate such things, the NAACP places the blame for the whole thing on . . . the Tea Party!

C'MON FOLKSJust re... (Below threshold)


Just reverse the colors of the speaker/audience, and the colors black and white in the speech, and tell me that the NAACP, MSM, current DOJ, and even Lee Ward, wouldn't say the entire unedited tape shows irrefutable evidence of an unapologetic racist speaker and audience.

And look at the lack of such a response without the reversal.

Iwog,Well that's j... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Well that's just the NAACP isn't it? Taking groundless action condemning the racism of others while overlooking the blatant racism in themselves.

I'm not sure just how much ... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure just how much credibility Breitbart lost, Oyster.

One problem with reactionary politics is that you're caught between a rock and a hard place when something like this comes out. If you DON'T react quickly and firmly, your enemies can point at your delay (even if it's for something as reasonable as actually researching the event) as approving the event - and then if/when you DO decide to act, then your enemies can take credit for forcing you to act, whether they had anything to do with it or not.

The time when a political organization (like the NAACP) or a President could actually consider what course of action would be best on something like this is long gone. And it's partially due to their own actions in the past that they had to spring-load their reactions now.

We'd be a lot better off if the political classes would be willing to give the other side the benefit of the doubt until all facts are in, instead of rushing to judgement to catch the next hour's headline news.

(I also think that the current demonization of the other party in our politics today is getting downright dangerous - and only time will tell just how THAT shakes out.)

jim m: There's something in... (Below threshold)

jim m: There's something in the publishing code that closes tags when there's a hard line break for the next paragraph, even if you didn't hit enter yourself. It's really annoying. Expecially when it shows up properly in a preview. If you want it to post correctly you have to place open and close tags for each paragraph - even for italics or bold face. For block quotes it looks stupid as it will blockquote each paragraph separately, but it's the only workaround. At least for italics or bold face it flows.

My point, JLawson, (which a... (Below threshold)

My point, JLawson, (which admittedly I wasn't clear about) in regard to Breitbart's credibility is not from our side of the aisle. My point is that he was on a straight path to garnering, at the very least, a begrudging respect from the other side even if they still didn't like him. Now he'll just be dismissed out of hand and demonized even more thoroughly. Be assured, they were looking for a reason, even if lame or dishonest, to delegitimize him. Now they have it.

The question now becomes, w... (Below threshold)

The question now becomes, what will the MSM do about this canard? Will it "investigate" and work to destroy the credibility of Breitbart? Will it lobby to get Sherrod's job back? Will it bemoan the rapid response of the "poor NAACP" as a noble organization, suckered by an evil WHITE guy, yet obviously doing what was "right" by trashing Sherrod? Or will the MSM simply shut up and let it go, worried that Breitbart might have something TRULY damning still in his video cupboard?

I watched the full video an... (Below threshold)

I watched the full video and what struck me was that, after her realization was that the larger issue was about poor vs the haves, she still had to point out that it was still about white vs black.
Then there was the hard edit at the end of the story and the next thing you know their laughing about something she said and you didn't hear.
What I took away from the story was that she had some old racist tendencies, however, she was a more educated liberal who let her classism override her racism.

I don't really care who the... (Below threshold)

I don't really care who the real 'target' was. He owes the woman an apology - and if he knew it was deceptive, I'd expect her to respond with a lawsuit.

The end doesn't justify the means.

I see this issue is awash i... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I see this issue is awash in distractions as usual. Breitbart is not the issue. Sharrod is not the issue. Racism at the NAACP is the issue and that has not be debunked or disproven in any way by the new information that has come out.

Leeward wrote:<blockq... (Below threshold)

Leeward wrote:

Brietbart played right into the Democrats hands on this . . .

Maybe "the Democrats" should have let the White House in on their grand scheme, since it's the Obama Administration that comes out looking like blubbering incompetents in this whole deal.

Immagine there was a tape o... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Immagine there was a tape of a Tea Party rally and you couldn't even see the speaker, but you can hear his words. Imagine the speaker said "I don't oppose Obama because of his policies, I oppose him because he's black" and the tape shows the crowd laughing, and nodding, and agreeing with the speaker...

Ignore the distrations-- they have no more substance than Lee Ward. Focus on the real issue -- racism at the NAACP. That's the point.

It may not be right and it ... (Below threshold)

It may not be right and it may not be fair but live by "fake but accurate" die by "fake but accurate" at least in this case there is video of some objectionable behavior it was just staged and made up.

Lee, you are no one to talk... (Below threshold)

Lee, you are no one to talk. You lie, deceive and spew nothing but hate with every utterance.

How's your new Truthtastic ... (Below threshold)

How's your new Truthtastic blog coming Mr. Ward?

Thank you, Lee Ward, for pr... (Below threshold)
Sean P:

Thank you, Lee Ward, for providing example number 1,335,218 of the exact kind of talk (hanging from a tree/ lynching) that would be denounced as racist if the shoe was on the other political foot. If you were in a supermarket balloons would be dropping from the rafters by now and you would be presented with a $100 gift certificate.

MSM going ape over it in 5.... (Below threshold)

MSM going ape over it in 5... 4.... 3...
For days on end. This will cost Breitbart badly.

Lee,You clearly need... (Below threshold)

You clearly need help. You have made many more racist comments about Obama - according to the standards you use to judge others - than anyone else who posts here regularly. Second, you clearly have the tendency for being a stalker. You need professional help badly.

"I watched the full video a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"I watched the full video and what struck me was that, after her realization was that the larger issue was about poor vs the haves, she still had to point out that it was still about white vs black."

And what that says to me is that she was self-conscious about the racist tone of what she had said and found it necessary to make some attempt at a PC disclaimer to excuse her racist actions. Then, understanding her audience, she returned to the racist theme of her remarks to general approval.

I wish people could get that it isn't about the speaker it is about the audience. People like Lee Ward of the state want to make it about the messenger and ignore the content of the video. But then Lee never was one to talk about the issue - and isn't he still banned?

First, I find the whole She... (Below threshold)

First, I find the whole Sherrod incident to be hysterically funny and would like to thank Breitbart for the entertainment value alone. The NAACP and Team Barry made fools of themselves and now whine about being snookered. FABULOUS!!!

Second, Breitbart will be fine because he's not afraid to FIGHT BACK! He posted a video as he received it and let it stand for itself. It's not his fault the NAACP and Barry reacted stupidly. I love the fact that Jealous was actually at the event and still denounced her. bawahaahaha! Sherrod's statements and the reaction of the crowd are racist on its face. But, if the moonbats want to attack Brietbart over it, then I'm sure Breitbart will point out how the lamestream media deliberately cropped a picture of a black man to prove that racist white tea partiers brought guns to a rally. Or how the Congressman who alleged that he was called the "N" word by teapartiers recanted his story now says that he didn't hear the "N" word ("I never said that") but his "friend" told him about it. Riigght. Although Jackson Jr. was following him with 2 video cameras and didn't release the tapes.

As it stands, Breitbart released the video and let the people decide. The drive-by-media WITHHOLDS video and information from the public and spins the facts to fit their agenda. The drive-bys routinely publish rumor and anonymous sources to destroy republicans and yet protects Barry, Clinton and Edwards. They squashes true stories and propogandize for the democrat party. At this point, the only journalists that have ANY credibility work for the National Enquirer.

Alinski you magnificant bas... (Below threshold)

Alinski you magnificant bastard I read your book. Like I said above these are the same tatics that have been used over and over again against conservatives. The first punch was thrown by the NAACP not Beitbart, his was a counter punch it so dazed the opposition they acted irresponsibly. The lesson that should be learned is that throwing around racists charges might just come back around. I do think the firing was uncalled for and that Vilsack and Obama and the NAACP owe her an apology, Breitbart should also apologize that her words and the reaction of her audience caused her so much trouble.

I know the story about pig wrestling but if the pig is eating your children you pretty much have to get in the dirt and deal with the pig.

"But then Lee never was ... (Below threshold)

"But then Lee never was one to talk about the issue - and isn't he still banned?"

Every issue is about race for Lee Harvey. And yes he get's banned everytime he indulge's in racism. Which is every post.

As for the NAALCP AKA Obama administration. Ha ha ha ha ha ha , must have hit them in a tender spot to jump so quickly.

Now he'll just be dismis... (Below threshold)

Now he'll just be dismissed out of hand and demonized even more thoroughly. Be assured, they were looking for a reason, even if lame or dishonest, to delegitimize him. Now they have it.

There wasn't any way he WOULD be accepted as legit by the hardcore left, Oyster - all you've got to do is look at the BryanDs and Lee Wards - you can demonstrate that 2+2=4 repeatedly, and they'll maintain that 4 is actually 17.3 x pi. Reality doesn't MATTER to them, they've got their own views and will not consider that they might be in error. Lee doesn't see the garbage he spouts as racist, and never will.

(And out of curiosity tracking down his IP addresses - he's posting from San Pablo, Berkeley, and Daly City, California. Busy guy - wonder if he's tapping off unsecured wi-fi networks?)

Hey iwogisdead,Your ... (Below threshold)

Hey iwogisdead,
Your comment to the following was just beautiful... snarky too :-0) :

"Leeward wrote:
Brietbart played right into the Democrats hands on this . . .

Iwogisdead wrote:
Maybe "the Democrats" should have let the White House in on their grand scheme, since it's the Obama Administration that comes out looking like blubbering incompetents in this whole deal."

Anyone who argues that Breitbart was gaining credibiltiy with the left and this has ruined it hasn't been paying attention. You need to get off the McCain Maverick train and get a clue. All that "high road" talk has gotten you is marginalized in the public square and made you the minority party.

Now, we have some fighters who are willing to punch back twice as hard and I say, LET'S ROLL...

Not quite, 914. Lee is bann... (Below threshold)

Not quite, 914. Lee is banned period. And he'll remain banned until he asks for it to be lifted, and someone with sufficient authority agrees.

One thing that bears repeating: every single Wizbang contributor who expressed an opinion on him was glad to see his banning be implemented.


I don't see Lee asking for ... (Below threshold)

I don't see Lee asking for the ban to be lifted - he's too ego-driven.

But please keep posting his IP addresses. It's interesting to track him as he goes around the San Fran area...

He ain't complained about t... (Below threshold)

He ain't complained about that yet, either, JLawson, so I guess he doesn't mind...

Hell, maybe I'll assemble a list of all the IPs he's ever used on Wizbang and post that. Would you find that even more entertaining?


Hey, is Lee Ward still popp... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Hey, is Lee Ward still popping in here today. I just wanted to ask him if this is the Democrats cunning plan that Breitbart just walked into:

"A year after President Barack Obama's political honeymoon ended, his job approval rating has dropped to a negative 44 - 48 percent, his worst net score ever, and American voters say by a narrow 39 - 36 percent margin that they would vote for an unnamed Republican rather than President Obama in 2012, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today."

But please keep po... (Below threshold)
But please keep posting his IP addresses. It's interesting to track him as he goes around the San Fran area...
There are alot of free hot spots these days... given the guy's obsessive and paranoid behavior it's not a stretch to imagine him running about town from one Starbucks to another to stay away from his lust object, Jay Tea. But if we are talking about San Fran and Lee, I have to wonder... do many bath houses have free wi-fi?
"Hell, maybe I'll assemb... (Below threshold)

"Hell, maybe I'll assemble a list of all the IPs he's ever used on Wizbang and post that. Would you find that even more entertaining?"

Entertaining? Not terribly - it's more on the order of 'where are the ants coming from' when you find them on the kitchen counter - when you're a guest in someone else's house.

(Frankly, I'm not surprise he's sneaking in from San Francisco. It just seems somehow... appropriate.)

If I was out of line in checking and posting the locations, I apologize.

SCSIwuzzy -One int... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy -

One interesting thing is that most IP locator sites now use Google Maps to pinpoint the IP. With Google Street View locating IPs, you can practically get it down to the house.

Such interesting times we live in!

You wanna hear something od... (Below threshold)

You wanna hear something odd, JLawson? I have two friends who moved from New Hampshire to San Francisco (admittedly, one of them was moving "back home" to San Fran). And both are gay men.

I doubt they know each other, though. Bit of a generation gap -- they're about 25 years apart in age.

So I just happen to have a couple of connections with the primary culture of the Bay Area... not exceptionally strong or close connections, I admit, but yeah, I know these two guys in that neighborhood...


I've lost all respect for B... (Below threshold)

I've lost all respect for Breitbart over this. He's cost an innocent woman her livelihood, wrecked havoc on her reputation, ruined his own credibility, and by association has cast a shadow over conservatives both bloggers and at large.

He's become a liability.

I disagree JJ she worked fo... (Below threshold)

I disagree JJ she worked for Vilsack he is responsible for her losing her job not Brietbart. It is the administration that acted stupidly here and reacted without all the facts.

Breitbart has released at l... (Below threshold)

Breitbart has released at least THREE phony videos. There was the "Hear our cries Obama" video where some black people in New Orleans are saying "Hear our cry O God" and Breitbart put subtitles underneath claiming that they were praying to Obama. That at least did not do too much damage but neither was Breitbart discredited for this one. Next, was the O'Keefe ACORN gambit that was a smashing success in ruining ACORN and when it was revealed that the videos were fake, the media wasn't interested. So Breitbart got away with it again. Surely they should have known in the Obama administration that Breitbart was a repeat offender, but clearly they didn't. Unfortunately I don't see Breitbart being discredited openly like he should be. They surely aren't talking about his series of fake videos.

Hey JJ... he didn't fire Sh... (Below threshold)

Hey JJ... he didn't fire Sherrod.. an admin official did.

Guess you missed that, or don't care.

RRR - "Next, was the ... (Below threshold)

RRR - "Next, was the O'Keefe ACORN gambit that was a smashing success in ruining ACORN and when it was revealed that the videos were fake, "

The ACORN vids were fake? And your proof is what? Which one? All of them?

You're right about one thing, the nedia didn't give a damn about the videos fake or not. To their long lasting shame

Brietbart continues to do a... (Below threshold)

Brietbart continues to do a huge service to the conservative movement. He was a liberal dem until he saw how vile his party was during the Clarence Thomas hearings. I watched/listened to the entire hearing. Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself for his actions. The NAACP is a racist organization and Brietbart proved it. Focus on the reaction of the audience to the racist actions. ww

OT: what is the point of th... (Below threshold)

OT: what is the point of the score / voting on the comments and how does it work?

"I know these two guys i... (Below threshold)

"I know these two guys in that neighborhood..."

My immediate thought was "Either of them named Guido?" - but then, they were from New Hampshire, not New Jersey...


MarcNo video relea... (Below threshold)


No video release, no firing. I didn't miss it and I do care. I had high hopes for Breitbart. He's got a lot of ground to make up.

As for you--go away, ya bother me.

Obviously, Breitbart edited... (Below threshold)

Obviously, Breitbart edited the tape to smear Sherrod. The guy is a unethical, deceitful hack.

Yeah, I guess Breitbart is ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I guess Breitbart is a master at making people's word's fit thier lip movement's. He's even better then Milli Vanilli.

The Weekly Standard is now ... (Below threshold)

The Weekly Standard is now calling on Breitbart to apologize to Sherrod.

This whole controversy, whe... (Below threshold)

This whole controversy, when viewed from foreign eyes seems to illustrate but one point.
That even after electing a black president America show that it's racial wounds are still festering into a huge open sore.
The irony is that Americans have always been quick to condemn other countries for racism and lack of freedom.
Yet after slavery and a 300 year history of racial division, America still can't get it's own house in order.
The freedom and democracy which the west wants to import to Asia and the Middle east is badly flawed.
That the United States should lecture Darfur, Somalia, Iraq and the rest of the world on racial and ethnic harmony....while America is racially divided is hypocrisy.

The world doesn't need the United States to be lecturing on freedom, democracy and equal rights.

The Untied States needs to get it's own house in order before it goes wandering around the globe trying to export it's brand of "democracy" to the rest of the world.

Physician "heal thyself"

Yeah, tourist, I suspect th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, tourist, I suspect the world would be a much better place if we waited until we were perfect before trying to stop genocide and totalitarian repression. Go tour in Rwanda, Sudan, Burma and Tibet, why doncha?






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