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Republicans Haven't Yet Sealed the Deal with Voters in Effort to Retake Congressional Majority

Wizbang author Kim Priestap fittingly expressed incredulity last week over Rasmussen poll results showing roundly unpopular Harry Reid in a virtual tie with challenger Sharon Angle in Nevada. Today we see liberal Republican turncoat Charlie Crist in a dead heat with conservative Marco Rubio in Florida's heated Senatorial race. In California, principled conservative Meg Whitman is tied with "Moonbeam" Brown for the governorship and Barbara Boxer has established a lead over Carly Fiorina in another Senate contest Republicans hope to win.

In some races, reasons for the failure of Republican candidates to establish leads in the polls are evident. In Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader possesses the financial capacity to rapidly spread falsehoods about his underfunded opponent. Reid, who has disapproval ratings near 60 percent, recently bombed the airwaves with horrific misrepresentations of Ms. Angle's positions, evenly shamelessly editing her comments to generate a false perception that she supports massive cuts to Social Security. That ad campaign alone gutted Angle's formidable lead.

Injustices such as Harry Reid's litany of lies may be corrected as Republicans have sensed these mid-term elections to be critical and financial support for GOP candidates has begun to increase. The national discontent over the President and liberal Congress is palpable and conservative voters seem far more motivated to turn out this November. However, Republicans are nowhere near ensuring a complete takeover of Congress for a number of reasons.

Most glaring is a lack of galvanization among those already in power. The squishy McCain/Brown/Collins/Snowe crowd in the Senate has eroded momentum and unity among outnumbered Republicans in the Senate. Minority Leader McConell has been a stone on the most important issues and the Senate has been unable to achieve any important victories despite having national support of a variety of issues. Republicans utterly failed to express why ObamaCare was a huge step toward socialism and why the recently-passed Wall Street "Reform" Bill was a dangerous governmental takeover of free enterprise.

Michael Steele has been an unmitigated disaster as RNC Chairman and funding has been rather disappointing for a political party that enjoys a 9-point lead in a Rasmussen poll of generic Congessional candidates. Steele has kept himself in the news for all the wrong reasons and has been an awful distraction from the issues at hand.

However, the most disturbing aspect of the GOP as a whole has been an apparent fear to run with unbridled conservative principles. A few nights ago, prominent House Republican Mike Pence (IN) granted an interview to MSNBC host Chris Matthews who repeatedly framed a scenario whereby Republicans are supposedly against extending unemployment benefits but are supportive of extending Bush tax cuts for the "very wealthy". I love Rep. Pence and regard him as viable 2012 Presidential timber, but his restraint in responding to Matthews' badgering exemplified why Republicans have not yet established the enormous support one would expect following the catastrophic results of unfettered liberalism. Pence inexplicably passed on the occasion to tell hundreds of MSNBC viewers that massive tax increases commencing next January will affect all Americans and will cripple business (and hiring). He neglected to opine about how tax cuts eventually result in a larger tax revenue to the government as business expands. While a touchy subject, Mr. Pence passed on the opportunity to explain that long-term unemployment benefits are tantamount to entitlements that adversely disrupt the motivation of some to procure alternative work. These are difficult subjects, but a majority of Americans appreciate the gravity of the dangers our country faces and are willing to listen.

Republicans do have some courageous candidates out there and some will ride a conservative agenda to victory this November. But the GOP remains leaderless in the Senate, House and RNC and the party could very well blow this spectacular opportunity to derail the Obama agenda in just 108 days if they continue to shy away from principled conservatism. Merely standing in opposition to the Obama doctrines will not persuade voters. Republicans need to coalesce around commitments to slash disrectionary spending and balance budgets, establish strategic tax cuts and disencumber free enterprise. If they do not succeed this November, they will fail to fatally wound the Beast and 2012 could end up being a lost cause as well.


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When will Republican leader... (Below threshold)

When will Republican leadership pull there heads out of their arses and lead? Heck, if they could grow a pair and communicate the Republican and conservative platform, they would roll to victory in November, in a huge way.

One of these days the Beltw... (Below threshold)

One of these days the Beltway GOP will learn that they can't count on the Democrats being worse than they are, forever. And they'll learn it the hard way, because that's the only way they can. And they'll promptly forget the lesson just as soon as they've won two election cycles in a row.

I'd love to be wrong about this, but I'm not.

Good!Just as the T... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:


Just as the Tea Party movement would probably never have formed if budget hawk McCain had been elected, our best long-term hope to reverse the course of the country would be to win enough seats to block the most odious of Obama's proposals, but not to have a majority in either House or Senate just yet. This would prevent him from blaming a "Do-nothing Republican Congress" for the problems he has created - a tactic effectively employed by Truman in 1948 and Clinton in 1996.

With the aid of a compliant media (conspiring in secret on the successor to Journolist to distort the facts for public consumption for partisan political benefit), Obama might blame the worsening economy resulting from Democratic excesses on Republican obstructionism. The dullards who comprise the late-deciding voters hate obstruction, apparently preferring disastrous actions to inaction, but this would be a hard sell even to the public school products if Republicans remain in minority in both House and Senate.

We could then look to retake both, AND the White House, in 2012.

Regarding Reid specifically... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Regarding Reid specifically, his problem is less Angle and more his overall disapproval. Incumbents with support below 50% and disapproval over 50% rarely win reelection.

You're right... some Democr... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

You're right... some Democrat incumbents like Reid have been so offensive that voters will eject them regardless of their opponent's prowess. However, I'm afraid we are not seeing too many cases whereby Republican candidates are brandishing genuinely conservative ideologies to reach out and actually grab electoral victories. We have a few, of course, but in general, it seems many more Republican candidates are pretty much keeping things close to the vest.

.... Michael Steele has bee... (Below threshold)

.... Michael Steele has been an unmitigated disaster as RNC Chairman ....

I wonder. Or has he been consistently and persistently sabotaged by the RINOs and by the "Democrats" uniformly Goebbelsesque-propagandist, polemicist and pamphleteer Pravda Press pals?

Mr Steele recently, for example, spoke the Truth to 0zero's asinine Afghan misadventures and for his courage was savaged by the RINO ranks.

While just out of frame their "Democratic" potty-activist media mates danced and sang.

I think that the worst thin... (Below threshold)

I think that the worst thing that could happen to Obama and the Dems is that they retain control of the Senate and House by very thin margins. It destroys the whole narrative that they are trying to build to in 2012 that they need to be back in charge to accomplish what they started out in 2008 to do.

I honestly think that the Senate is going to go 52-48 Dem and the house stay Dem by 3-5 seats.

"I think that the worst ... (Below threshold)

"I think that the worst thing that could happen to Obama and the Dems is that they retain control of the Senate and House by very thin margins"

Let's see..

I think that the worst thing that could happen to U.S. citizen's is the Dems retain control of the Senate and House by very thin margins.

It's about us, not them.

Republicans who lose big co... (Below threshold)

Republicans who lose big contests in November will inevitably be the limp-wristed, spineless, pathetic cowards who spend most of their time defending their beliefs rather than STATING them. Voters are looking for actual CONSERVATIVE Americans to vote for. Tragically, they will often find little more than Steele-controlled, McCain-type gutless wonders who are more concerned with political correctness than with winning.

#9Then Lindsey Gra... (Below threshold)


Then Lindsey Gramnesty is doomed.

Rethuglicans may(events per... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Rethuglicans may(events permitting) retake the Senate but the practical outcome is prevailing gridlock and burgeoning theatrics by the swing voters, a la the gang of 14.

The real hope is Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus. We have to hope they will strong-arm Boehner to credible deallocation to salvage anything positive in Reconciliation.

Between renegade judges and Il Douche a game of chicken will result-can Amerikkka do without our precious Federal overseers.

Anyone really thing Angle w... (Below threshold)
Jeff L:

Anyone really thing Angle will unseat Reid? Really? Child please.

If the Greek government did... (Below threshold)

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