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RightOnline in Las Vegas

I'm in Las Vegas for Right Online, a conference of conservative bloggers, citizen activists, and well known conservative leaders. It all starts tomorrow morning and I'm very excited about it. Judge Andrew Napolitano is the keynote speaker. We'll also hear from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Mike Pence, business man Herman Cain, Red States' Erick Erickson, Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, Fox News' Jim Pinkerton and many others.

I hope to blog in between the break out sessions, but tonight, I'm hoping to meet some blogger friends I've only communicated with via email.


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Kim, Have a great ... (Below threshold)


Have a great time. Many of us would love to be there.

Hey Kim! Drop 5 in the slo... (Below threshold)

Hey Kim! Drop 5 in the slots for me. Let me know if I win!






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