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The humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Oh the humanity.

With thanks, once again, to Bookworm who smartly contrasts the video with excerpts from the Hamas charter... funny what news we do and don't get coming out of that region.


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U.s. Tax dollar's at work.<... (Below threshold)

U.s. Tax dollar's at work.

Obviously built from grass ... (Below threshold)

Obviously built from grass and twigs because we were told over and over again how there were shortages of cement and steel ;

During the last israel/lebe... (Below threshold)

During the last israel/lebenon fighting the u.s. sent ships to lebonon to evacuate american citizens/american citizens.we did not send any ships to israel to evacuate dual citizenship israelis.you might have noticed that the evacuees were women and children.the men,most likely also holding american citizenship stayed to help in the fight.No comment made on this by the MSM.






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