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The Blog Prof has a story up about how President Obama and his lackeys used a public appearance last week to set up a Republican congressman for public humiliation.

In brief: Obama came to Congressman Pete Hoekstra's (R-MI) district to speak at a battery plant. During his speech, he included a dig at Hoekstra, and afterwards the press (tipped off by Obama lickspittle Robert Gibbs) mobbed him to get a response to the presidential cheap shot.

Now, there's a protocol to such presidential visits. The local elected officials -- from the mayor right up to the congressman and the senators -- are invited to attend, and often do -- not out of any personal loyalty to the president, but out of respect for the office. And at these events, the president remains positive and minimizes the partisanship -- especially to those who have shown him their respect by attending.

That's not what happened here. The Obama administration scheduled the event and invited Hoekstra to attend. Hoekstra accepted, as traditionally The Obama administration confirmed Hoekstra would attend -- a safe bet, as this is just one of those things that congresscritters do. It helps show the people that their elected representatives, regardless of party affiliation, do understand that they are the elected representatives of everyone, not just of one party.

Once Hoesktra's attendance was confirmed, Obama made sure to include his dig at Hoekstra and Robert Gibbs informed the press that talking to Hoekstra afterwards would likely yield some quite newsworthy quotes.

This is part and parcel of Obama's character, a tactic he's used before. Take an opportunity when he can speak without being challenged, and take a cheap shot at someone in the audience when Obama knows they can't hit back.

He did it during the State of the Union address last January, when he looked the Supreme Court right in the eye and outright lied about a recent ruling of theirs that he did not like. At that point, the cameras zoomed in on the Justices, and Justice Scalia's Alito's mouthed (but unheard) surprised outburst of "that's not true" suddenly became positively scandalous. (Apparently truth isn't an absolute defense when Obama pulls crap like this.)

And another time, when Obama was addressing a joint session of Congress and denied that his health care plan would cover illegal aliens, Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted "You lie!"

It turned out that Wilson was correct -- at that point, there were two clauses in the proposed bill that did extend benefits to illegal aliens -- but that didn't matter. The only issue that mattered was that Wilson had broken the decorum of the House.

This is a trademark Obama move. Take an event where he can reasonably be assured he will not be contradicted, confronted, or challenged, and take cheap shots at his political opponents -- who are present, but constrained from answering. When that happens, he's assured that his attack will go unanswered -- and if those he's attacking do respond, even mildly, they will be criticized for doing so.

Two possible responses come to mind. The first is that the Republican leadership could serve notice that, from now on, if Obama uses a nominally non-partisan event to engage in partisan political attacks, they will recognize that "the gloves are off" and respond in kind. The next time Obama considers pulling this kind of crap, he will do so knowing that he very well might be challenged on the spot.

The other one is that Obama grows the hell up and starts acting like the president. That he stops campaigning and starts governing. That he stops being the "community organizer in chief" and starts being the "commander in chief."

Frankly, I don't like the odds of either happening.

Update: Trivial correction that changes nothing about substance of article made, another Lee Ward IP added to the banned list. It may be time to escalate his banning...


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It was Justice Alito, not S... (Below threshold)

It was Justice Alito, not Scalia, that mouthed "Not true". :P

an Aussie

Once again Obamalala shows ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Once again Obamalala shows he is a thin skinned, self centered, little smart-ass. Everybody in the country, whether they admit it or not, sees it. Don't wait for the statist liberal media to expose it. They never will.

This is no surprise, Jay. A... (Below threshold)
Brother Bob:

This is no surprise, Jay. As long as conservatives let libs get away with this and allow the press to cover for them it will never stop. Anyone remember Jimmy Carter talkng smack @ Coretta Scott King's funeral w/ Bush standing right behind him?

Obama demonstrates once aga... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Obama demonstrates once again that the office is above his pay grade.

It isn't that the job of President is too big a job. It's that obama is too small of a person. Very small indeed.

His tactics may be part of ... (Below threshold)

His tactics may be part of why his ratings are dropping... and given that weak Presidents have trouble passing legislation, do you really want him to stop?

Thanks, Clive. Fixed now.</... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Clive. Fixed now.

What can I say? All them Italians look the same to me...


A reminder, Jay - we ignore... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

A reminder, Jay - we ignore the troll. In the first place, his intent is malign, not to help, and in any case his contention does not impact the points you made.

Whack his intrusive comment, edit your piece as you see fit, and remove all mention of his name - like the fictional villain in Ms. Rowling's books, he gets encouraged when anyone mentions him, so let's give him nothing.

Free up those electrons for something worthwhile!

Republican party elites wil... (Below threshold)

Republican party elites will simply "bend over" and take it, of course, claiming that in so doing, moderates and undecideds will rush to their side!!!! It's the strategy that worked SOOOO well for Juan a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, DJ, I have a... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, DJ, I have an older policy that trumps here: when I make a mistake, I do NOT delete it and all evidence of it. I correct it and note the correcter.

Plus, in this case, I'm building a paper trail. I'm documenting that whatshisface knows full well that he is not welcome here, that his presence is a form of trespassing, and is deliberately acting to circumvent the efforts made to exclude him from using our resources against our wishes. Should it continue, I can think of a few authority figures outside of Wizbang who would be very interested in proof of his actions...


Obama IS governing in exact... (Below threshold)

Obama IS governing in exactly the way he wants.
And he is fully grown up, a full grown communist.
These childish tactics are just tools of his agenda and they usually get the results he intends.
When we stop playing defense and fight like the left does there is a chance we can save America.
Republicans have to stop worrying about being re-elected and start worrying about America's future or there will be nothing worth saving.
Stand up and speak up.

The solution is simple if c... (Below threshold)

The solution is simple if conservative politician's have the balls? Everytime Mr. Ears does this yell 'YOU LIE' no matter the setting or decorum.

Obama is a little, little m... (Below threshold)

Obama is a little, little man.

"Robert Gibbs informed t... (Below threshold)

"Robert Gibbs informed the press that talking to Hoekstra afterwards would likely yield some quite newsworthy quotes".

Hoekstra was presented with quite an opportunity, when the press questioned him afterwards he could have simply said, "Not only was it a cheap shot, it's an act of cowardice to slap another man across the face when his hands are tied. Pres. Obama knows that showing due respect for the Presidential office prevents me from responding during the event."

When someone in the press points out that Hoekstra can respond now, he could point out that most people are interested in what the President has to say, not the reportage after the event. For every 10 people who heard the President's cheap shot, one will learn of my response. Then say, you know that's true.

Other Republicans should give similar responses in the future. Publicly question his manhood by pointing out his cowardice, then let the viewer draw their own conclusions.

Republicans need to learn to counter-punch. It's time to get over the shock of Democrats violating long-established norms of behavior.

First off, Barry has yet to... (Below threshold)

First off, Barry has yet to be accused of having any 'class'.

"The other one is that Obama grows the hell up and starts acting like the president."

Not going to happen. Don't forget, this is America's "first post-partisan" president. Everything Barry says either has an expiration date or is an outright lie.

Take an opportunity when... (Below threshold)

Take an opportunity when he can speak without being challenged, and take a cheap shot at someone in the audience when Obama knows they can't hit back.
This is based on the assumption that his lying is not pathological?

Once Obama leaves office ei... (Below threshold)

Once Obama leaves office either by being throw out or unelected for a second term, the whole White Office will have to be exorcise of this evil entity. Yes, I believe, besides lack of leadership and being incompetent...this man borders on evil like all the other communist leaders in history.
Who would think someone like him would be voting into office... some Americans are too take in with showbiz personalities...and obivously like being lied to.

Thanks, Jay. The flaw I ca... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Thanks, Jay. The flaw I can see in your plan, though, is that Mr. Nystagmus is incapable of anything not related to immediate gratification of a cortex stunted at the 18-month-old's development level. the very concept of consequences is way beyond his comprehension.

DJ, that's not my concern. ... (Below threshold)

DJ, that's not my concern. There are others who can properly explain things to Mr. Nystagmus. Others, outside the blogging community, but holding positions of authority.


Jay Tea, You Err!Y... (Below threshold)
Texas Tom:

Jay Tea, You Err!

You Correct!

Damn your eyes! (Marty Feldman: "Too late."

Besides the lack of decorum... (Below threshold)

Besides the lack of decorum you sited JT, there is also the return of the Churchill bust, an I Pod full of Obama's speeches given to the queen. So many more. The guy lacks grace and leadership. Not on purpose, he simply does not have it or know how to achieve it. Campaigning is all he knows and all he does. The bright side? Most Americans have awakened to his BS.

Now in regards to "what's his name". I have been here at Wizbang for years. You have always showed great patience towards that guy. More so then I possess and I believe I am a very patient guy. Then you take the time to set him up with his on blog which he proceeds to slowly ruin. And now after all the very nice gestures and restraint you showed him, he still persists in publicly calling you vile names, etc. The man is a pathetic human being and one of the problems with this country. My personal take on most liberals is they are self loathing and do to that are unable to be positive and/or gracious to anyone or anything. Including the USA. It is a pathologic character flaw. So, I suggest we move on, delete his IP addresses and don't even comment on it. Because that is what he wants. Thanks. ww

"...The flaw I can see in y... (Below threshold)
Texas Tom:

"...The flaw I can see in your plan, though, is that Mr. Nystagmus is incapable of anything not related to immediate gratification of a cortex stunted at the 18-month-old's development level. the very concept of consequences is way beyond his comprehension..." DJ

Translation? He gots poopy pants don't he?

Ever know the kid that when anyone would put a finger on his chest and ask "What's that?" he would always look down?

Jay TeaPerhaps a n... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jay Tea

Perhaps a nice law suit would assist in a final cleansing of stains on the site.

The (P)resident knows that ... (Below threshold)

The (P)resident knows that he can thumb his nose with impunity at the Republicans because they will not react, unless you count acting like spineless pussies.

Until the Republicans go on the offensive like Joe Barton did then they are going to find that it is only conservative candidates that expose a platform of conservative values that will be receiving TEA Party voter support.

"There are others who can properly explain things to Mr. Nystagmus."

I really do hope its someone that can yank his internet connectivity. ;p

Whats really apparent is th... (Below threshold)

Whats really apparent is that The Won is a punk, just a punk. No brains, no class,no ethics, no morals...just a common punk.

Obama took his first low-cl... (Below threshold)

Obama took his first low-class cheap-shots in his inaugural speech, and he's been doing it ever since.

I do not believe the man has what it takes to rise to the level of the office he occupies.

As stated previously, Obama is a small man when it comes to character.

I'd like to see him try thi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'd like to see him try this crap, say, in New Jersey. I'd love to hear Gov. Christie's response. :)

Republicans need to start w... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Republicans need to start walking out on the spineless, gutless excuse for a President when he takes such cheap shots. That makes an adequate statement without interrupting with a correction.


On the other repugnant subject, hindsight does tend to confirm what Kipling said about the Danegeld.

IIRC, during the primaries,... (Below threshold)

IIRC, during the primaries, Obama twice scratched his face with his middle finger while talking about someone who was an irritant to him.

Even if he only did it once, that act was enough to show his true character and emotional development - a Jr. High bathroom. The fact that a lot of adults thought his gesture was funny and cool says a lot about the mindset of the Democratic voter.

The RNCers know the MFM wil... (Below threshold)
rich K:

The RNCers know the MFM will give them no help and I think they know that so well they long ago decided to not even try to stand up for the truth.
Cowards also wear ties you know.






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