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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

People take a dip in a black mud pool at a tourist resort to escape the summer heat in Daying county of Suining, Sichuan province July 4, 2010. China experienced temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in at least 13 provinces and regions, according to the National Meteorological Center on Sunday. Picture taken July 4, 2010. REUTERS/Stringer

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (123)

Chancellor Obama, fresh fro... (Below threshold)

Chancellor Obama, fresh from his trip to Panama City Beach, FL, begins his new round of global warming talks with China. Details at 10....

Public reception of Competi... (Below threshold)

Public reception of Competitive Naked Mud Wallowing as an Olympic event has been less enthusiastic than hoped.

When life gives you oil, ma... (Below threshold)

When life gives you oil, make Oil-AID

Obama: I said British Petro... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama: I said British Petroleum, you idiot! British!

Chinese play in U.S. debt p... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Chinese play in U.S. debt pool, laugh all the way to the bank.

Experiments have shown that... (Below threshold)

Experiments have shown that, contrary to popular belief, Chinese men do not readily absorb spilled crude oil.

China's answer to their oil... (Below threshold)

China's answer to their oil spill... The Human Sponge!

I'm going to sue my travel ... (Below threshold)

I'm going to sue my travel agent for not telling me WHY the Gulf Shore Vacation package was so affordable.

Democratic operatives prepa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Democratic operatives prepare to commit voter fraud and intimidation by first changing their skin color to avoid prosecution by the Department of Justice.

Is I black enough for Harva... (Below threshold)

Is I black enough for Harvard yet?

The Barrack Obama lookalike... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The Barrack Obama lookalike contest did not go as planned.

It's velly oiree!... (Below threshold)

It's velly oiree!

Al Sharpton flew into LA to... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Al Sharpton flew into LA today to decry the blatant acts of racism displayed by the chinese community.

The truth comes out... and ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The truth comes out... and I always thought oil was made from dinosaurs.

New video from the BP gulf ... (Below threshold)
Texas Tom:

New video from the BP gulf well proves that you really can drill all the way to China.

In other news...Clean up crews in Pensacola have remove oil from what appears to be an Egg Roll found washed up on the beach...

Back to you Chet...

The attempt by China to bec... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The attempt by China to become part of the Opec cartel failed miserably.

Al Gore defended the use of... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Al Gore defended the use of hydrocarbons in his Church of Green's sacrament of baptism.

All your oils are belong to... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

All your oils are belong to us.

The chinese economy is doin... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The chinese economy is doing so well that they are now opening oil Spas instead of mud spas for the elite.

Nancy Pelosi declined comme... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Nancy Pelosi declined comment on the latest fad among her constuency. Gay chinese sex lubricant.

The slogan of the gay chine... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The slogan of the gay chinese community. Drill Baby Drill.

The asian elite university ... (Below threshold)

The asian elite university entrance leveler bath by BP.

Headline:Dem's annou... (Below threshold)

Dem's announce new plan to fix their two biggest blunders by repaying Asian debt with Louisiana vacation packages. "Best idea POTUS has had so far; it can't fail" says White House insider.

Man with legs in the air "H... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Man with legs in the air "HAHAHAH. You can fart and the bubbles the dont show."

Where Michelle Obama's dres... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Where Michelle Obama's dress designer got the idea.

I see that BP is interviewi... (Below threshold)

I see that BP is interviewing in China...

The latest findings at the ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The latest findings at the LeBrea tar pits provide proof of an ancient land bridge between what is now China and the US.

Obama declares new governme... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama declares new government drinking water initiative a huge success.

Those guys are one match aw... (Below threshold)

Those guys are one match away from being Mu Shu.

Joe Biden on accusations th... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Joe Biden on accusations that he was gay "I was just trying to plug the damn hole"

Center: Obama travels to Ch... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Center: Obama travels to China to test local legend. Upon entering the pool, it is said that the water will turn the color of the entrant's soul.

Imodiums latest commercial,... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Imodiums latest commercial, while canceled for TV was a huge success on the internet.

Things started slow at the ... (Below threshold)

Things started slow at the new tourist attraction in Louisiana. ObamaLand opened last Friday. Barry, the manager of the new oil-based theme-park, said he planned to add additional attractions beyond the oil soaked beach slip-and-slide. "We plan on having our own MMA/UFC style fights, featuring James "The Raging Cajun" Carvell vs. Rham "Da Joo with a Knife" Emanuel. Things will pick up..." The companion restaurant, modeled after Hooters is called "O's Ho's" is literally a greasy spoon.

The Ho brothers were beginn... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The Ho brothers were beginning to question Jianguo's latest health craze.

Al Gore likes his masseuses... (Below threshold)

Al Gore likes his masseuses nice and oiled up.

Zhuàng wondered why he coul... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Zhuàng wondered why he couldn't loose the nickname 'dipstick'

Nancy Pelosi did some serio... (Below threshold)

Nancy Pelosi did some serious soul searching.....and all she found was three Chinese guys in there.

After the Sherrod incident ... (Below threshold)

After the Sherrod incident in which Ms. Sherrod had to be recovered from under the bus, the administration has begun trials on more easily reversible methods of ostracization. Seen here, early tests on Tarring and Feathering...

Biden was puzzled at the up... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Biden was puzzled at the uproar he caused with the Chinese ambassador "I thought I was making it very clear that the Chinese were going to take a bath in the oil futures, but they didnt seem to appreciate the advise"

Remind me to never order th... (Below threshold)

Remind me to never order the Happy Family Special again...

Pool party for the cast of ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Pool party for the cast of "Dukes of Sichuan"

[ not pictured - Dai xi "Daisy" Duke, the General Mao, and Boss Jiabao ]

Soylent Oil is PEOPLE!... (Below threshold)

Soylent Oil is PEOPLE!

BP caught photoshopping aga... (Below threshold)

BP caught photoshopping again.

Confucius say: Boys who pla... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Confucius say: Boys who play in oil tub have crude where it's rude.

"BP Summer Camp sucks!"... (Below threshold)

"BP Summer Camp sucks!"

The premier of the new Chin... (Below threshold)
retired military:

The premier of the new Chinese game show "Louisiana tourists" proved to be a black eye for the network.

Some holes best remain unpl... (Below threshold)

Some holes best remain unplugged!

Dude, your carbon footprint... (Below threshold)

Dude, your carbon footprint is going to be AWESOME!

Those Japanese do it again,... (Below threshold)

Those Japanese do it again, take an American idea and make it better. We see you like oil in your water, so we will make it into a health aide and sell it back to at 10 times the price. mpw

BP's China Syndrome... (Below threshold)

BP's China Syndrome

Shengi NOOOOOOO, as Shengi ... (Below threshold)

Shengi NOOOOOOO, as Shengi lights up the fart bubbles in a "watch this" moment. mpw

When asked for comment, Lee... (Below threshold)
retired military:

When asked for comment, Lee Ward was heard to say "Chinese never played in oil until a black man became President."

As Robert Gibbs explained, ... (Below threshold)

As Robert Gibbs explained, "hey, they played a vital role in building our railroads, why not let them expand into petroleum as well?"

There are some indications ... (Below threshold)

There are some indications that the concept of "mud wrestling" was lost in translation.

Obama said it's clean, so i... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Obama said it's clean, so it must be clean!

Weary travelers relaxing in... (Below threshold)

Weary travelers relaxing in the hot tub at Motel 6 by the Great Wall of China.

Survivor Gulf Coast.... (Below threshold)

Survivor Gulf Coast.

Try as he may Xu Lei just c... (Below threshold)

Try as he may Xu Lei just could not pass gas sitting in a pool of crude oil.

Come on over here Hillary! ... (Below threshold)

Come on over here Hillary! me so horny for you!!

It's good to know the Gulf ... (Below threshold)

It's good to know the Gulf Coast is still a popular tourist destination for Asians.

We will show those imperial... (Below threshold)
just bob:

We will show those imperial yankees that China stands second to none in industrial disasters.

When given lemons... ww... (Below threshold)

When given lemons... ww

well that's obviousely raci... (Below threshold)

well that's obviousely racicst.

What's slimier than a membe... (Below threshold)

What's slimier than a member of Congress?

Wrong, not even these three guys are.

In the Asian market the ter... (Below threshold)

In the Asian market the term "oil crisis" has an entirely different meaning.

New rock band, The Tar Babi... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

New rock band, The Tar Babies, relax after their concert last night.

Things are getting real ugl... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Things are getting real ugly in Louisiana.

BP was denounced by the Oba... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BP was denounced by the Obama administration and labor unions today for using cheap Chinese labor to clean up Louisiana beaches.

Lee Ward and his entire fan... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lee Ward and his entire fan club just could not embrace their "inner blackness" no matter how hard they tried.

Only the President seemed n... (Below threshold)

Only the President seemed not to be able to smell what others could.

These three have figured ou... (Below threshold)

These three have figured out a "slick" way to advance upward in the present regime, "color"me green with envy!!

Chinese tourists take a ref... (Below threshold)

Chinese tourists take a refreshing dip at a local Louisiana Shrimp Shack & Health Spa.

Obama's team of hand picked... (Below threshold)

Obama's team of hand picked scientists have finally found the best way to clean up the Gulf oil disaster is by sucking it up through their ass.

More people suckered by Flo... (Below threshold)

More people suckered by Florida's "Our beaches are still beautiful" campaign.

It seems like BP's spill ha... (Below threshold)
Abhishek Duggal:

It seems like BP's spill has even reached Pandora.

With all the negative ratin... (Below threshold)

With all the negative ratings here, we clearly have an infestation of Obamanista Trolls©. Send for the Waaaaaambulance. What a bunch of thin skinned pussies. Just like their hero, the Lightworker© who has stopped the oceans rise, and will bring us the glory that is Socialism in America. Really. This time it will work for sure. Of course, we may have 20- 30 million peasants die in the process, like every other attempt to bring the world a Socialist Utopia. But American Liberals have proven to be okay with that numerous times. Sometimes you just have to stack the bodies 60 feet high to get what you want, right Libtards?

Japanese tourists enjoy a f... (Below threshold)

Japanese tourists enjoy a fun and relaxing day at a Louisiana beach.

I think Lee ward and his bu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I think Lee ward and his buddies from DU must be having a field day on their voting.

zipity,I suspect i... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


I suspect it might be one certain thin-skinned, recently banned troll causing trouble.

I think you're right.... (Below threshold)

I think you're right.

Well, they aren't named Bus... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Well, they aren't named Bush, so if they're capable of reading flowery prose off a teleprompter we can now expect these otherwise unaccomplished men to quickly assume the reins of power in Beijing.

Lee takes a break before go... (Below threshold)

Lee takes a break before going on a mad downding-ing spree.

Caption (so you know that t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Caption (so you know that this is an entry).

Lee Ward laughs at his latest banning, meanwhile his fan club ponders of the evils of the racist conservatises.

"We are not the white man's... (Below threshold)

"We are not the white man's bitches!"

The final cure for racism -... (Below threshold)

The final cure for racism - Make everyone black.

It's all Bush's fault.... (Below threshold)

It's all Bush's fault.

"But do please, Brer Fox, d... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

"But do please, Brer Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch!"

It's an ancient chinese art... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

It's an ancient chinese art
And everybody knew their part

This, plus feathers, is wha... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

This, plus feathers, is what the Democrats have to look forward to in November.

Won't you sample my poo-poo... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

Won't you sample my poo-poo platter?

Obama moratorium likewise i... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Obama moratorium likewise includes this new
oil deposit discovery. EPA's Browner deems
it "too superficial to be safely tapped."

Hotel pool at the Bahrain H... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Hotel pool at the Bahrain Hilton invites
guests to "immerse themselves" in the
luxury of the exotic Middle East.

Yokito Takai wins the Pennz... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Yokito Takai wins the Pennzoil Triathlon
for the third time.

World -class Beijing Contin... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

World -class Beijing Continental cooks up
a ton of "Dim Sum in Black Bean Sauce" daily
for its hungry guests.

"Haiii, Haiii, Wee wee Harv... (Below threshold)

"Haiii, Haiii, Wee wee Harvey Ward... You cap china boy well weel good.

Waiter: "Welcome to the Poo... (Below threshold)

Waiter: "Welcome to the Poo Ping Palace Congressman Frank, might I suggest the Cream of Sum Yung Guy"
Barney Frank: "Yes you may, and yes I will.."

Barney Frank: "Yes, the Cre... (Below threshold)

Barney Frank: "Yes, the Cream of Sum Yung Guy sounds dewicious, but I fink I will have 3 orders of Tar Balls instead, and make 'em fwesh"

Urkel: Did I do that?... (Below threshold)
Jay Dean:

Urkel: Did I do that?

Chin Wu and his friends enj... (Below threshold)

Chin Wu and his friends enjoy testing the new 'Free to Pee' swimming pool.

Secret stir-fry sauce expos... (Below threshold)

Secret stir-fry sauce exposed!

Wong kept repeating, "Drear... (Below threshold)

Wong kept repeating, "Drear baby, Drear," but had no takers.

Ching Li lubed his legs and... (Below threshold)

Ching Li lubed his legs and Wrecked 'em

Contestant: I'll take Rulin... (Below threshold)

Contestant: I'll take Ruling Class Elites for 200, Alex.

Alex: The answer is "Tim Geither"

Contestan: Who is a closet Chi-Com baptized in socio-racial redistributive policy?

Ping Peng Pong, Obama make'... (Below threshold)

Ping Peng Pong, Obama make's us strong!

China wallows in US Debt.</... (Below threshold)

China wallows in US Debt.

"Hu is that?"... (Below threshold)

"Hu is that?"

"Hu is that?""Yes".<... (Below threshold)

"Hu is that?"
"No, what's his name."
"That guy. What's his name"?

"SUEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


Confucius say~"Put... (Below threshold)

Confucius say~

"Put the foo yung in your won ton & squeal like a mating bear."

Just add feathers... and Ob... (Below threshold)

Just add feathers... and Obama.

With 200 guaranteed freshma... (Below threshold)

With 200 guaranteed freshman slots for blacks at Harvard, and Asians required to score 20% higher than blacks on the S.A.T. for acceptance, a dip in the ink well was the smartest move for the Chu boys.

DRUDGEREPORT: Surprising ab... (Below threshold)

DRUDGEREPORT: Surprising absolutely no one, the Obama Administration announced today that they had plugged the Oil Geek.

DRUDGEREPORT: BP executives... (Below threshold)

DRUDGEREPORT: BP executives announced today that they had identified the chink in their oil leak prevention strategy. Developing...

'tis better to imolate than... (Below threshold)

'tis better to imolate than never.

#76 Hey Zipity! (do-da) Ri... (Below threshold)

#76 Hey Zipity! (do-da) Right ON! You got my vote!

Edmund had thought he'd be ... (Below threshold)

Edmund had thought he'd be car pooling

This is what we're all goin... (Below threshold)

This is what we're all going to be in once ObamaCare really kicks in!

Iron Chef: Cannibal Edition... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

Iron Chef: Cannibal Edition!

Gee, I hope Breitbart doesn... (Below threshold)
Mick McMick:

Gee, I hope Breitbart doesn't show THIS out of context!

BLACKWATER operatives on R&... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

BLACKWATER operatives on R&R at undisclosed
location. "Thanks, taxpayers!"

"Marco!..........Poro!!!!"<... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:


Chinese Hershey franchise s... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Chinese Hershey franchise secret videotape:
"We rooking for brockbuster product to push
overseas. Chocorate Peopre! We got rots and
rots of vorunteers!"

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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