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Future of Catholicism

A word of warning and a begging for indulgence. What follows is not the normal fare at Wizbang.

Nearly a week ago, The Anchoress approached me about participating in 'a sort of ongoing "symposium" featuring prominent Catholic bloggers and their thoughts on the Future of Catholicism--that will be on the blog-side at the Catholic portal'.  Her only stipulation was that it had to be short (250 to 300 words).  She went to to say that once the symposium was over, it would become part of Harvard's Plurality Project.

I was honored to say the least, agreed to participate and a couple of days later, submitted a piece.  The Anchoress accepted it, did a little "nipping and tucking" to make it fit (I had gone a little long) and more palatable (she's an exceptionally good editor and my writing can be raw) and published the piece yesterday. 

Here's an excerpt:

Rice-1 My wife and I are on the road to Rome. I'm heading back to where my faith was birthed; she is walking a new path. We both have questions and doubts, many of them fueled by the adversity faced by the Church. We move forward by the incessant human need to understand and fully know.

Into our journey has stepped a man who walks with a cane, or with someone at his arm. He cannot see the bleak-sepia future being painted by many. Neither can he see the cadmium promises of the optimists. He cannot see at all; he was blinded by surgery undergone to remove a brain tumor when he was just 5 years old.

He is also our priest.

Father Mike Joly is a sight to behold, especially while setting the Eucharistic table. No one has been able to make this sacrament holier to me. No one. It is clear that though blind, he sees to great depths; he has increased my desire to see as well.

Of course there's more, including a follow-on piece by someone else that's worthy of your time.  Read it all and I'd be appreciative.

And a big public thank you to The Anchoress for her willingness to take on the risk of publishing something from your brutally honest host.


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Thank you for this -- and f... (Below threshold)

Thank you for this -- and for the several pleasant hours I've spent following links.






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