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Just When You Think You've Heard It All

There are some sick practices in parts of the world regarding the accepted treatment of women.

Female genital mutilation, death by stoning for adultery, blaming a woman for getting raped.

And that's just a few.

Add another to the list today.

I visited the Huffington Post to see what the kooks on the left are up to, and found something very disturbing, no matter what your political persuasion may be. (Begrudgingly, I tip my hat to them for reporting this.)

In the country of Cameroon, located in Western Africa, it seems there is a growing problem, particularly involving the rise in pregnancy of young girls.

People have invented a rather barbaric way of attempting to combat this problem.

Their answer: Breast ironing.

The justification given for performing this ritual is that if a girl's breasts, particularly those of a young girl, can be "flattened" and made smaller or unattractive, men will be less likely to want them, get them pregnant, or sexually assault them.

So, someone, usually the mother, bakes a stone in a fire, and, uses it to flatten the young girl's breasts.

This is not just a one time event for the girl. It can be repeated for months.

This doesn't necessarily halt the growth of the breast, but physically mutilates them, so they will be perceived as less attractive.

Not that it matters, but, this is done while these girls are fully awake, with nothing to relieve what has to be unbelievable pain, not to mention the emotional scars which will remain with the girl forever.

Some will say male circumcision is just as barbaric and unnecessary.

The difference is that no male infant has any memory of the procedure, it is almost always preformed in a hospital, under sterile conditions, by a doctor, and there are actual health benefits associated with it. (Although some will disagree with that.)

This, however, is just a sick practice. One which is designed to place sexual blame on the woman, and done because, hell, it's easier to mangle a woman's body than it is to condemn and change a male-dominated, barbaric society.

The following video is a small documentary on this practice. There is a small amount of nudity, but, it most certainly is not of the "arousing" kind.

(As much as I detest using it, the video is from CurrentTV, which is just a liberal mouthpiece created by AlGore to be utilized on the internet that Algore created.)

Never-the-less, it's sick.

What's next? Killing all females just because they are women?



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Comments (14)

Those poor children. God am... (Below threshold)

Those poor children. God am I glad I was born in the U.S.A.

Neg Me I neg You.... (Below threshold)

Neg Me I neg You.

Waiting for arrogant lib to... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Waiting for arrogant lib to call us racist for criticizing barbaric third world practices in 3...2...1...

What is even worse for me i... (Below threshold)

What is even worse for me is that this is NOT un-frigging-unbelievable.

These are the the same types of cultures we are admonished to treat as equal to our own, only different.

Nope, nothing exceptional about the United States.

But of course, it's too muc... (Below threshold)

But of course, it's too much to hold the men accountable for raping children. It's easier to just mutilate the children.

I was circumcised shortly a... (Below threshold)

I was circumcised shortly after birth and i resent that everyday i breathe. Not only is it similar, it is defined by the same word! mutilation. Both destroys sexual function and sensitivity and both are employed only to hold back and limit the sexuality of the victims. The only difference is that infant male genital mutilation is hailed as a cure for all sorts of ailments based on none other than pseudoscience and fueled by none other than ignorance and greed(multi-billion dollar industry, for the surgeons and hospitals as well as the sale of the skin to pharmaceutical company's).

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all those who oppose mutilation.

"Nope, nothing exception... (Below threshold)

"Nope, nothing exceptional about the United States."

It's all Obammy's fault. If that damn socialist hadn't been elected we'd never have third world countries oppressing women like this.

The world has gone to hell in a hand basket ever since that "man" was elected. I wish he'd go back to Africa.

I was circumcised shortl... (Below threshold)

I was circumcised shortly after birth and i resent that everyday i breathe. Not only is it similar, it is defined by the same word! mutilation. Both destroys sexual function and sensitivity and both are employed only to hold back and limit the sexuality of the victims

Dude, get a grip. You are still functional, maybe. I was one of many millions circumsised and haven't seemed to suffer loss of sensitivity or sexual function because of it. I never felt my sexuality was suppressed, although if it has been it's probably a good thing, or I'd get nothing else done. I'd rather not go around humping legs like a poodle all day. Admittedly my point of view is only my own, but I surely don't see my circumsion the same as the ritual multilation of females in foreign countries.

Gordon,It's probab... (Below threshold)


It's probably Carter's fault. I wish he'd go back to Georgia, oh wait he did....

Obama doesn't have to go back to africa, I'd be happy with Chicago, or Hawaii, even Indonesia.

First off to the man who sa... (Below threshold)

First off to the man who said that his circumcision bothers him every day of his life
1. Did you have repeated mutilation for months at a time to hide your sexual maturity?
2. Do you honestly compare a procedure that has been done for several reasons- religious, hygienic, and for reduction of some health issues, to an action that is to make a woman less sexually attractive to a man?

Because I am telling you right now, grow some as you had this done as an infant in the thought it would benefit you.

These children who are just entering puberty are being tortured because men cannot control impulses and rape any little girl without a second thought.

These scars not only leave painful reminders of the ironing that they endured for months, but also can block glands impede the ability to nurse her child, and of course ACTUALLY make her feel less of a woman, whereas a man who was circumcised as an infant can still perform sexually, father children, and actually attract a woman to him.

This behavior is abhorrent and is a constant reminder to the pampered Americans that we have no grasp with reality if we equate male circumcision to this...

Where on earth are the feminist?

...silence...as they are too busy breaking glass ceilings and proclaiming that women are still not equal to men in the US.

I thought I would be able t... (Below threshold)

I thought I would be able to not respond to Gordon's comment about President Obama. I respect the office, and to be quite frank this post has nothing to do with politics, or Obama. Therefore the president and his position should and have been left out.

I am not suggesting that a president cannot bring awareness to situations globally. But this post was more of an informative( and shocking) post to clue those of us into a subject and act that is happening to children.

You see the president with his position can bring awareness, but we the people can do even more, because we outlast a mere two terms and can demand a cessation through boycotts, soliciting our congress to work side by side with the nation to protect those who literally will be bringing the next generation into the world.

Heck, we could boycott the UN and remove funding if the entity could not save these children from this vile act. But what we can never accomplish is action when we are reduced to this bi*chfesting about the president. Gordon you make me sick to my stomach.

Like him or not, whether or not you believe the president is legal or not does not ever remove the respect that the office demands.

Soldiers pay the ultimate price so that we can remain the nation we are with the rights we have, and you better bet that the Commander in Chief is someone that they each are well aware of. Get away from the keyboard with your nasty filthy comments.

For these little girls not even done jumping rope, playing hop scotch and doing all the things little girls do, are violated abhorrently. And they are not violated by some unknown bastard, but by the very person who they have come to love and cherish. I do not fault the mothers as their babies are treated as candy for a population of men that have not been castrated the first time one of these sick dudes impregnated a wee one. Funny seems like accountability may actually work instead of silly things like putting the burden on the mother to make her daughter not appear to be the very thing she was designed to be.

Gordon I think you need to head home...where do all the complete and total dillweeds reside again? Because you need to start packing.

Jennifer, "Gordon" is a lef... (Below threshold)

Jennifer, "Gordon" is a left-wing troll. Just ignore the creature.

Left wing troll or not Jenn... (Below threshold)

Left wing troll or not Jennifer's response to Gordon was a good one.

This is the high civilizati... (Below threshold)
Bill Johnson:

This is the high civilization of africa, noted in song and story.






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