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RightOnline 2010

I spent all day yesterday and part of this morning at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation's 2010 Right Online conference. It was the first political conference I have ever attended and I had a great time. For the first time, I got to meet in person so many bloggers that I've communicated with via email or Twitter for years, including Lorie Byrd. I also met the formidable blogger, Twitterer, podcaster, and online talk radio host Melissa Clouthier of Liberty Pundits. Exurban Jon of Exurban League cracks me up. And I enjoyed meeting Erick Erickson of Red State, Andrea Shea-King from Radio Patriot, Tabitha Hale from Tabitha Hale, Stacy McCain from The Other McCain, and PJTV's Stephen Kruiser, whose standup routine Friday night was hilarious.

Friday's breakout sessions offered a variety of classes so everyone from the online novice to the more advanced internet user had an opportunity to learn something new.

At lunch, we were treated to a speech by Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.

Then after a couple more breakout sessions, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke and she went after the Obama agenda with both barrels. She told us that before President Obama took office we had a 100 percent private economy. Today, almost two thirds of our economy is now run or fully regulated by the government. It's mind blowing how much power the Obama administration grabbed in just 18 months. Then Rep. Bachmann ticked off a list of policies and programs that Obama implemented that she wants to completely roll back and repeal. Call it the Mother of all Repeal Bills.

Rob Port of Say Anything was there last night (I'm sorry I missed him!) and offers his remarks:

She didn't just throw bombs (though a few of those were in there too). She read quotes from audit reports, recited numbers from budgets and quoted from a myriad of media sources both left and right. I've heard a lot of speeches from a lot of politicians, and it was clear to me that this was not just another speech prepared for her by some staffer but rather an address based on factual data from sources she was familiar with and had read for herself.

I wish I'd gotten video of her entire speech. It was a long one, but one worth listening to. Agree with her or disagree with her, she's no dummy


Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, whom I was thrilled to meet briefly, was in attendance and got the video of her speech. It's worth your time ti watch it.

Unfortunately, I had to catch a flight on Saturday at 12:35pm, so I wasn't able to attend the second day of breakout sessions, but I did get to see Judge Andrew Napolitano speak. He did a fabulous job talking about freedom of speech. Not only did he give the audience a great history lesson, but he was entertaining, charismatic, and very passionate. I'd like to hear from him more often.

Both John Fund and Ed Morrissey spoke after I had to catch my flight, so I was unable to see their speeches. But you can read Ed's RightOnlne speech at Hot Air here and see his interview with John here.

The conference was very well done and energizing. I'm looking forward to next year's convention.


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Comments (4)

"She told us that before Pr... (Below threshold)

"She told us that before President Obama took office we had a 100 percent private economy."

100%? How long before President Obama was she speaking of?

Airport security, Amtrak, and TVA are three examples and I'm sure there are more that make that 100% private economy assertion wrong.

Why exaggerate? Is it like she HAD to do that to make Obama look bad?

Reading this I'm instantly ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Reading this I'm instantly struck by just how much the leftist media has been replaced by the internet. My take -they will -they must take if down or neutralize it to succeed with their agenda. We'll see....

"The conference was very... (Below threshold)

"The conference was very well done and energizing. I'm looking forward to next year's convention."

That is if Barry allows such things by this time next year.

Michelle Bachman [email protected]!

Kim,Was that you I... (Below threshold)


Was that you I was hanging out with in Kruiser's room Friday night? You had on a blue dress and told a story about your maiden name?

If so, I didn't realize who you were at that moment but had a great time talking with you and Melissa and the rest of the scooby gang. Funny because I know we've actually linked to each other's posts before (Verum Serum is my blog) and even traded comments a few times I think.

Anyway, it was great to meet you (if that was you?). Sorry we didn't get to meet properly. Hope we'll get another chance before too long. Will you be at the 9-12 event in DC?






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