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Funny, until now I would have thought Joss Whedon to be a contemporary of Justin Beiber. And I only know The Avengers because there was an episode of Married With Children where Al and Jefferson were all giddy about ordering some tapes of it - only to be disappointed when the tapes weren't the episodes (The Avengers was a TV show, right?) with Emma Peel (sp?).

My nerd fu must be weak. What I'm saying is, make sure you hit the tip jar for when the Wizbang staff eventually has to bail out Jay after something like this:

A Comic-Con attendee stabbed another near the eye with a pen Saturday after they got into an argument over whether one was sitting too close to the other, police said.

The injured man, in his 20s, was taken to a hospital with a minor cut, said San Diego Police Officer David Stafford. The attacker, also in his 20s, was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon, he said.

The incident took place in the San Diego Convention Center while fans were waiting for a panel featuring actor Seth Rogen discussing the science-fiction comedy "Paul."

"The room was very crowded and the males argued over one male sitting too close to the other," Stafford said.

The attacker was later seen being led away in handcuffs. He had on a blue "Harry Potter" t-shirt.

Of course Jay would be wearing his Josh Groban t-shirt, but you get the picture.


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Thank God the guy only had ... (Below threshold)

Thank God the guy only had a pen. Imagine what would have happened had he brought his light saber with him.

OK, I'm getting hold of my ... (Below threshold)

OK, I'm getting hold of my lawyer.

I do NOT have a Josh Groban T-Shirt.

(We will NOT discuss my Weird Al Yankovic T-shirt, from his "Running With Scissors" tour...)


Oh, and Baron:Joss... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Baron:

Joss Whedon is god. Your blasphemy will NOT go unpunished.







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