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James Carville: "the federal government is about to kill us"

He speaks the truth about Obama's policies... for a change:

H/T to Tammy Bruce via InstaPundit.


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Comments (10)

No shit, Sherlo... (Below threshold)

No shit, Sherlock.

Enjoy your ride, and if it weren't for the true victims, I'd be laughing at you all the way down. Shame there isn't a way to separate the undeserving ones.

Carville (aka The Skull) is... (Below threshold)

Carville (aka The Skull) is definitely off the Obama Christmas card list.

Barry's been making 'job's ... (Below threshold)

Barry's been making 'job's gone forever' his top priority from day one. Its about time the message get's through to you Quisp.

And after all the rigs leav... (Below threshold)
John S:

And after all the rigs leave the Gulf, we'll be paying $7.50 a gallon for gasoline. Just one more f*ckup to add to Obama's historic incompetence. Barney Fife could beat Obama in 2012. On the bright side, this Congress only has 100 days to live.

He married well.... (Below threshold)

He married well.

Although, Carville comes ac... (Below threshold)

Although, Carville comes across genuine when he talks about the spill, don't forget he is a Clinton guy. Obama's handling of the BP spill will be front and center of Hillary's 2012 Democratic primary campaign.

James Carville is a racist.... (Below threshold)

James Carville is a racist.

Yeah, Carville thinks that ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yeah, Carville thinks that the Clintons should be the ones killing us instead.

When was this recorded? Is... (Below threshold)

When was this recorded? Is Carville still mad, or is this an old video?

john - And after all ... (Below threshold)

john - And after all the rigs leave the Gulf, we'll be paying $7.50 a gallon for gasoline.

What, you act like that's a bug or something.

In obummers thought-train tht's a feature.






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