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Would Alvin Greene Really be that Bad a US Senator?

When Alvin Greene won the South Carolina Democratic Nomination for US Senate six weeks ago, the party establishment was in an uproar, attributing his victory to some form of malfeasance. Fellow Democrat James Clyburn erupted in anger, saying, "There were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary. I don't know if he was a Republican plant; he was someone's plant." Clyburn went even further, suggesting that criminal acts culminated in Greene's stunning victory. "I think there's some federal laws being violated in this race...Somebody gave him that $10,000 and he who took it should be investigated, and he who gave it should be investigated," proclaimed the indignant Clyburn.

It turns out that Clyburn's claims were unfounded and Mr. Greene was the legitimate Democrat nominee. South Carolina investigators concluded that he paid the $10,440 fee to get his name on the ballot from his own personal savings and will file no charges.

Since then, the mainstream media has waged a mocking campaign against this unemployed man with 13 years of military service and presently living with his parents who invested his entire life savings to run for US Senate.

All of this begs the question: How would Alvin Greene actually perform as a US Senator? We know so much about his opponent, the principled conservative Jim DeMint who has rapidly emerged as a leader in the GOP, committed to massive reductions in taxation and spending, preservation of life and has been a kingmaker of sorts for other rising conservatives including Marco Rubio. While Alvin Greene can not touch his opponent on experience, his qualifications are based primarily on what he is not:

Alvin Greene has never taught Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in college. He did not for 20 years attend a radical church poorly disguised as "Black Liberation Theology". He has never worked for or been supported by ACORN. He has never spent significant time in Pakistan. Alvin Greene has stated he will gladly turn over his academic records and, if requested, even a long-form US birth certificate.

On policy, Alvin Greene also seems like an addition by subtraction kind of guy. He has never threatened to bankrupt the coal industry or claimed that energy prices must necessarily skyrocket. He has never betrayed our military by standing on the Senate floor and proclaiming the surge in Iraq would never work. There exist no public records of Mr. Greene claiming police acted "stupidly". He has never advocated governmental takeover of banks and our automobile industry. Greene has never sought to scrap our missile defense programs around the world. He has never been on record having spoken ill of his country while on foreign soil. Most importantly, Alvin Greene has never proclaimed that he would fundamentally change this country.

While Jim DeMint is not going to be unseated this November, it is noteworthy that his opponent, who has been laughed off by the liberal media, could be a lot worse. Even Greene's economic stimulus plan of manufacturing action figures of himself would create more net jobs than the $787 billion monstrosity we suffered 17 months ago. Sometimes less is more.


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Jim DeMint is n... (Below threshold)
Jim DeMint is not going to be unseated this November, it is noteworthy that his opponent, who has been laughed off by the liberal media, could be a lot worse.
The fact he isn't a lot worse is why he's been laughed off by the one-party media.
Senator? I'd trade him for ... (Below threshold)

Senator? I'd trade him for Obama in a heartbeat.

Hey Brett,DITTOS<br ... (Below threshold)

Hey Brett,
Greene beats the Narcissist-in-Chief hands down!!!

Seems everything Clyburn sa... (Below threshold)

Seems everything Clyburn says is later determined to be "unfounded".

As for Greene's ability to get nominated. Clyburn should consider that's how he managed to get into public office.

Guess Clyburn doesn't realize the idea that if the people are stupid enough to fall for Greene, they must have been just as stupid in electing him.

Greene would be a refreshin... (Below threshold)

Greene would be a refreshing change from the marxist in chief. Add in the fact that he doesn't need a telenurse to help him speak and has a sense of humor.

Yes Barry has organizing skill's. But that only got him so far with a free lunch ticket.

When it came to the main course the empty suit had no talent's to work with accept 'I blame Bush'. Well guess what Barry. Remember November.

When I say Alvin you say Gr... (Below threshold)

When I say Alvin you say Greene!
Alvin Greene! Alvin Greene!
When I say Alvin you say Greene!
Alvin Greene for Senator!

Official Alvin Greene campaign video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar09czbfE8o

Slightly O/T - but Barry on... (Below threshold)

Slightly O/T - but Barry once said that this election cycle would be a referendum on him. Wonder if that statement has already expired?

Be interesting to see how the MFM spin it.

The only reason people don'... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

The only reason people don't want Green elected is because he's black. The Democrats are all a bunch of racists.

Quick note -- turns out tha... (Below threshold)
James H:

Quick note -- turns out that's not an official campaign video. But it's still damn catchy.

When I say Alvin you say Greene ....

Well Lee, that'd m... (Below threshold)

Well Lee, that'd make Alvin fit right in with the rest of his party, right?

He can't be any worst than ... (Below threshold)

He can't be any worst than the Rep from Georgia who thought putting 8000 marines on Guam would make it tip over!!!

Greene is attempting to be ... (Below threshold)

Greene is attempting to be a citizen politician (citizen first, politician 2ond)good for him. How could he be worse than the crew that is in charge now?

Oh please. The guy is not S... (Below threshold)

Oh please. The guy is not SMART enough to be a political hack and thug. He would simply get his orders from the Whitey House, vote as directed and go home at night. Yeah. He'd be a SWELL senator. Another Hussein clone.

Greene would have to be at ... (Below threshold)
MN Jim:

Greene would have to be at least as good as Al Franken, who got the job due to Acorn and a crooked recount.

Also, the man has never lie... (Below threshold)

Also, the man has never lied about his military record.






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