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The Racism Of The Left

Once again, it's time to take up the challenge of Attorney General Eric Holder and prove that we are not a "nation of cowards" and afraid to hold an open, honest discussion about race.

In particular, the innate, pernicious, and corrosive racism of today's left. Here are three examples:

1) This year, there is exactly one black candidate running as a Democrat for the US Senate -- Alvin Greene of South Carolina. But is the national Democratic machine doing anything to help him win his race? Absolutely not. Is Barack Obama helping a brotha out? (OK, bad choice -- Obama won't even help out his own real half-brother, let alone a "brotha.")

No, Greene is getting no support whatever from his party. And it can't be because he's inarticulate, with no proven record of achievements, and currently accused of a serious crime -- none of those have been disqualifying factors to other Democrats in the past. The major difference here is that Greene, unlike Jack Murtha, Ted Kennedy, or a host of other Democrats I could cite, is black.

In other words, Democrats had no problems with fumbling, inarticulate do-nothings with shady backgrounds until it was a black man.

2) MSNBC. The left's favorite "news" network. Recently, they put up a promotional graphic featuring their lineup that was positively blinding in its whiteness. It was so bad, that they had to re-issue it to feature a black woman.

Talk about transparent tokenism. Tamron Hall is so important to MSNBC, they completely forgot about her the first time around. And, when they added her, they made sure that she was put in the dead center, her pink suit leaping out from the dark suits worn by the other, white staffers.

3) JournoList. The secret cabal of 400 leftist and left-leaning journalists, academics, and other soi-disant elites is finally crumbling, and the membership list is slowly emerging. So far, it's blindingly white. Of the 105 depicted so far, I see one Asian and two or three blacks. (I'm no expert on racial identification, as I see it as unimportant, and some of the photos aren't that clear.)

Was there an effort by Ezra Klein to exclude blacks from his vast left-wing conspiracy to shape the news, or was he blind to his own racism?

And yes, I'm calling JournoList a vast left-wing conspiracy. 400 people from journalism, academia, and public policy fields is "vast." Klein has acknowledged that he limited membership to "left or left-leaning." And as more and more leaks from their archives, the "conspiracy" is becoming more and more apparent. But I digress...

Now, will the Democratic party, MSNBC, and JournoList address their obvious racism and atone for their sins?

Yeah, I doubt it, too.


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Comments (6)

Greene is facing felony obs... (Below threshold)

Greene is facing felony obscenity charges. He should drop out. But since he doesn't have a chance of wining it doesn't really matter. Should Obama go stand next to Greene for a photo op? Only in your dreams. Is it racism to avoid this guy? No.

Come on, Jay Tea, only unpr... (Below threshold)

Come on, Jay Tea, only unproven racism (spitting and using the N-word against black caucus members) is racism; silent yet clearly obvious racism isn't racism. Haven't you learned that yet? Get with the program, whitey.

(Sorry for the sarcasm. The charges of racism against the right piss me off to no end.)

BTW: I'm not sure how "secret" of a cabal the JournoList is any more. Like Jonah Goldberg opined on Friday, it's pretty much an "open conspiracy."


The left could never live u... (Below threshold)

The left could never live up to the standards they demand from the right.

To do so would require self-examination and the ability to admit to being wrong.

Good take, ditto that for t... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Good take, ditto that for the Ground Zero mosque post. Rest and relaxation tends to dull the edge, glad you're back with us bitter clingers.

"No, Greene... (Below threshold)

"No, Greene is getting no support whatever from his party. And it can't be because he's inarticulate, with no proven record of achievements, and currently accused of a serious crime -- "

In other word's he's Barry without the ear's and teletubby prompter.

The white liberals are over... (Below threshold)

The white liberals are overtly racist. They do not think black men can make it without the help of handouts. Now if a whole ethnic group is thought to be unable to achieve like white people, that is racism. Why the blacks cannot see it is beyond me. When Rush says quite correctly the liberal "plantation", it is true. ww






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