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The Sherrod soup is thickening

Dan Riehl provides the ingredients to substantiate the claim:

First, a note of heartfelt appreciation for Joan Walsh of Salon. Her moving post on Charles Sherrod - in defense of his wife, Shirley - provided the inspiration required to dust off my Google skills. I simply had to fulfill her stated desire to share the actual words of Civil Rights icon Charles Sherrod with her readers, so touched was I by her profound tribute. And she's been swamped on TV, justifying Shirley Sherrod calling Fox and Andrew Breitbart racist. I can only hope she will be kind enough to direct her readers here, so we can all share his unique wisdom on race relations together, as one. That is, after all, the way it should be, is it not, Joan?

The civil rights heroism of Charles Sherrod

Andrew Breitbart sure picked the wrong people to symbolize black "racism."
If there's anyone more clueless about our civil rights history than Breitbart, as well as more abusive to it, I'm challenged to think of who it might be. He tests my commitment to nonviolent social change, but I'll share the work of Charles Sherrod to remember my values.
If I get a chance to talk to Charles Sherrod, I'll let him tell you what he thinks, in his own words, here.

Okay, Joan, though I do confess to being somewhat puzzled by the first quote I stumbled upon, especially as it came relatively recently - a full year after America had installed its first black administration in the White House.

Charles Sherrod: "We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections."

Gee, Joan, can you tell me what's so heroic about telling a room full of young black minds not even out in the world, yet - that if they ever embrace political, or socio-economic ideas that don't jibe with your hero's, the one elevated in a room before them, that they will be denounced as race-traitors? That is what Uncle Tom means, after all. What REALLY is heroic in that? It looks to me like what your hero does is build up their black identity to an extreme, then sends them a message that, if they don't vote, or act the way he wants them to, he and his community make them outcasts, stripping that very identity from them as traitors to their race. Is that the message heroic Civil Rights leaders are passing on to young blacks today? It sounds like it to me, Joan.

Maybe it's your hero's racism there that keeps young blacks on the Democrat plantation year after after, generation after generation - and not some non-existent racism you imagine on the other side. Why is your hero poisoning young minds, Joan? Or, is that just too much for you to grasp?

There's more at the link, including a video of Mr. Sherrod making the Uncle Tom comments.

Shirley Sherrod's redemption may just have to go on hold.


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Comments (15)

"Charles Sherrod: "We mu... (Below threshold)

"Charles Sherrod: "We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections."

Once a racist, alway's a racist.

That's going to leave a mar... (Below threshold)

That's going to leave a mark...

I think you can stick a fork in her, although she IS a perfect fit in this regime.

I can understand why some o... (Below threshold)

I can understand why some older black people could hate some white folks for the rest of their lives. They experienced racism from whites personally or witnessed it on a daily basis growing up. But once you jump from hating white racists to hating whites and assuming all whites are racist simply because because of the color of their skin you have then poisoned your soul.
At that point I doubt that you can ever truly not be racist. They are stained deep in their psyche and cannot erase it.
The white racists they grew up being oppressed by never really changed and they may have allowed the same sickness to overcome them as well.
I get it, they saw whites do horrible things to them and their families and that hatred of those people is certainly justified. But that hatred has morphed into a hatred of whites and that just makes them sick.

Dont worry. CNN is schedule... (Below threshold)

Dont worry. CNN is scheduled to do a follow up puff piece on Shirley's racist appendage right after November.

Do we still think she deser... (Below threshold)

Do we still think she deserves an apology?

Playing to their choir thr... (Below threshold)

Playing to their choir through every news & liberal show out there except conservative ones the Sharrod's have been milking that race card for every last drop of pure white calcium enriched liquid or in this case cold hard cash mixed in with heaping helpings of political strategy.
(look over here while they rap your republic)

Yet at the same time the country as a whole can see them for who & what they are in the unmistakable light of day & the 24/7 media.

The Sharrod's are both very long time racist's, some of the originals in fact their hate goes way back to the civil rights movement of the 50's & 60's but what most don't realize is that Charles Sharrod was right there with the black power movement he was the go to guy behind the scenes of the black panthers & others.

When we look at the people and the players involved with the socialization of America it doesn't take much research to see the same names over & over all of which stem back to a time when they all were spitting on our brave troops coming home from a war perpetuated by the democrat leaders of their day & their lies to stop communism from moving south of the Mekong delta.

We are on the precipice of a new awakening in our once great and in many circles still beloved Republic. Going forward we will know who the subversives are by their own admissions. Just 3 years ago names were scarce they were unsubstantiated now today the list is so vast so pervasive it knows but one similarity - the 50's & 60's spawned a group of underground anti - american communist's with little hope of ever making a dent in our constitutional republic unless it was done slowly over time.

Today through the slow & steady implementation of cloward-piven alinsky & others their slow steady plans have began reaping the fruits of their evil labors of Oligarchical nature we are faced with an Orwellian progressive party once refereed to as the Democrats now completely hijacked top to bottom by these progressive pseudo marxist blend of false promises of utopian lore somewhere between the myth of Atlantis & the reality of Somalia.

It's a good day to be an American White Male.
With the grace of God tomorrow will bring forth awareness enough to sustain his blessings & defeat the subversives stealing our liberties & freedoms instilled in the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

Monroe ~ 'Up on Sassafras_Knob'

@Sarah Falling,You... (Below threshold)

@Sarah Falling,

You attacked people here, calling them teabaggers, and made baseless accusations that Newt posts here under a sock puppet without actually having any proof to back it up instead of 1.) either actually challenging what people wrote here through substantive dialogue or 2.) defending what Charles Sherrod said.

Since you couldn't do either #1 or #2, your only recourse left was to 3.) engage in mere Ad Hominem attacks.

Your decision to go with #3 means that you automatically lost the argument.

EPIC FAIL on your part, Sarah Falling. Sucks to be you.

Look both video show that y... (Below threshold)

Look both video show that you have people who love racism anytime they hear it. Unlike the Tea party who immediately repudiated the racist who showed up at the meeting. Now which groups support racial intolerance ?

@Witty Mag,You can... (Below threshold)

@Witty Mag,

You can be certain that stuff is indeed sticking and that what must be driven home is to show that the beef isn't between Fox News/GlennBeck/O'Reilly and Shirley Sherrod, but between the NAACP/White House and Shirley Sherrod.

What is sticking are the inconvenient facts:

Sherrod's own words show that she was called and told to pull over and resign over what Beck was supposed to air on his show that day and Sherrod said that the White House aided in her ouster and was concerened with what Beck was supposedly going to air on his show. But Beck didn't air her speech that day. In fact, he said that she was unjustly fired.

That left the White House and liberals with a quandry. So the spinmeisters turned their attention to blaming Fox News website (which talked about her speech before her ouster) or to blaming O'Reilly.

Problem is, is that the person who called Shirley Sherrod to tell her that she needed to pull over and resign didn't mention Fox News wesbite and/or O'Reilly as the reasons for her ouster. That lady who called her said the reason for her ouster was Beck was supposedly going to air her speech that day on his show. And neither did the White House have a beef with O'Reilly or Fox News website. What they were concerned with was Beck.

And so the NACCP and the Obama administration are saying that they were "snookered." Problem is, is that the NAACP had the whole video of Sherrod's speech to peruse, yet they and the Obama administration both threw Shirley Sherrod under the bus anyway.

Now some in the media are at the end of the road with nothing left to spin and are asking Beck to prove that he never intended to air the speech given by Sherrod. Problem is, is that no one can prove a negative, so it is up to the accuser to prove that Beck intended to air her speech. It is like telling someone, "Please show that you do not beat your wife." So, the accuser must prove that Beck intended to run with the speech.

Game over for those trying to spin this. Game over. Who is at fault is the NAACP and the White House for throwing her under the bus like they have done with alot of people that they consider no longer useful to them.

Kindly ignore Lee Ward at #... (Below threshold)

Kindly ignore Lee Ward at #7, folks. He's just getting in touch with his inner androgyne.


Witty Mag - "Epic fai... (Below threshold)

Witty Mag - "Epic fail is right. This is a shiny shovel we're using here. And just because many on the right have decided the Sherrod issue is an embarrassment doesn't mean we agree."

What,... do you mean it isn't/wasn't an embarrassment on the part of the NAACP and WH for dragging Sherrod's name thru the mud, in the WH's case firing her?

Silly you... no dumbass you.

Note: Ms. Sherrod seems to... (Below threshold)

Note: Ms. Sherrod seems to share the same smug, chin up portraitature as The One. Also, if a black person who doesn't toe the party line is an Uncle Tom, is the white equivalent a racist?

You have to feel a bit sorr... (Below threshold)

You have to feel a bit sorry for the left. Back in the days of Cronkite, Severeid and Huntley-Brinkley, it was so much easier to scam, con, distort and misrepresent the "news" of the day" to a gullible, trusting public. Walter could end his broadcast with "that's the way is was" and no one could really challenge him! But today, thanks to the internet and a nationwide cabal of damnable, nosy, pajama wearing busy bodies, leftists have a difficult time getting away with the lies which used to be irrefutable truths!

"The Sherrod soup is thi... (Below threshold)

"The Sherrod soup is thickening"

The Sherrod soup is sickening.

There. Fixed it.

This ain't soup, its fecal,... (Below threshold)

This ain't soup, its fecal, and the flies are swarming.






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