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Miss your morning coffee?

Here... have some of this... if it doesn't get your blood pumpin', consider yourself deceased:

H/T Morgan.


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Comments (7)

You mean the "p" in Corps i... (Below threshold)

You mean the "p" in Corps is silent? Someone should tell the President.

OOOO F***ing RAH!Res... (Below threshold)

OOOO F***ing RAH!

Something that amazes me is... (Below threshold)

Something that amazes me is how Marines recognize and acknowledge each other.

This spans generations. My husband served from 1961 to 1965 and I've witnessed him be approached by young men who start a conversation with some variation of "Where did you serve, sir?"

It seems no matter how long they've been out they all wear a small identifier of some kind -- from cufflinks to tie tacks to license plate holders to even just an affinity for the issue t-shirt.

But it wouldn't surprise me to learn that a Marine acquires a special pheromone in boot camp and that they can actually smell each other :-)

@Donna: It's called Testost... (Below threshold)

@Donna: It's called Testosterone.

Semper Fi,

Obama would look at that vi... (Below threshold)

Obama would look at that video and say "I don't get it".

And he never will.

Damn Jarheads.</... (Below threshold)

Damn Jarheads.

The Army loves ya too.

Thanks Army...we think of y... (Below threshold)

Thanks Army...we think of you as allies.SF






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