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Rushing To Judgment

One element of the whole Shirley Sherrod mess has bugged me from the outset. One aspect that has simply not made any sense whatsoever in the whole narrative. And that is how quickly the Obama administration and the NAACP jumped to distance themselves from her, and how hard they jumped.

Remember the timeline. Two elements show just how quickly they reacted:

--Breitbart posts the video at 11:18 a.m. last Monday.

--Sherrod's own account of her dismissal.

Sherrod says that she was called while driving home from work. Her boss told her that the White House had called three times to get her fired, because she was "going to be on Glenn Beck's show tonight."

Beck's show airs at 5:00 p.m. That means that the White House had called three separate times between 11:18 and then. (It also means that Sherrod had already left work before 5:00, but she could have gotten an early start that day.) And between each call, there was enough time for Sherrod's bosses to get hold of her and garner her resignation -- say, at least half an hour. So knock another 90 minutes off the time frame. That means that the White House decided she had to go no later than 3:30 that afternoon, and in all likelihood even sooner.

In that 4-hour window, what elements factored into their decision to get rid of Sherrod? Besides the Breitbart video, obviously.

Certainly not Breitbart's reputation. After all, Breitbart is a notoriously dishonest, hyperpartisan smear artist and fraud. The guy has no credibility whatsoever. Just ask any leftist. If they had their druthers, he'd have those terms legally appended to his name -- Andrew "Dishonest Hyperpartisan Smear Artist Liar Fraud Scumbag" Breitbart. (Imagine trying to squeeze all that on to the signature line of a check. Even if he just used initials, he'd run off the end of the line.)

But for all their words about how awful Breitbart is, the reactions of the Obama administration and the NAACP put thei lie to them. They absolutely took him at his word. Neither of them tried to review the full video before jumping on Sherrod with both feet. Neither tried to contact Sherrod for her side of events. Neither sought anyone who might have attended the event for their account.

As I said, this made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. There had to be another element at play here, besides Breitbart's own reputation.

And then I made the connection: the old saying "you can't con an honest man."

Nearly all confidence schemes are, at their core, contingent on the greed and dishonesty of the mark. The mark has to know the deal sounds too good to be true, has to believe that they are getting something for nothing, that they are benefiting from some kind of fraud. In the end, they lose out because they let their cupidity overpower their integrity and common sense. They were predisposed to dishonesty.

Likewise, I find it extremely plausible that both the Obama administration and the NAACP jumped so hard on Sherrod because they knew, beforehand, that what she said in that video -- confessing to discriminating against whites and carrying a racial grudge -- was entirely within her character. They reacted so quickly and so firmly not because they were unaware of her beliefs, but because they were surprised it came out so clearly.

Sherrod's own behavior in the aftermath gives evidence of this scenario. Yes, she denounced Breitbart -- that's only to be expected. But she went way, way too far in her attacks -- in an interview with Anderson Cooper, she said "I think he would like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery. That's where I think he would like to see all black people end up again. And I think that's why he's so vicious against a black president, you know. He would go after me. I don't think it was even the NAACP he was totally after. I think he was after a black president."

Further, in that same speech that Breitbart excerpted, she said "You know, I haven't seen such a mean-spirited people as I've seen lately over this issue of health care. Some of the racism we thought was buried. Didn't it surface? Now, we endured eight years of the Bush's and we didn't do the stuff these Republicans are doing because you have a black President."

And her husband's a piece of work, too. He said, fairly recently, that "we must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections. We must not be afraid to vote black. And we must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests."

The Sherrods tend to wear their politics on their sleeves. Or, at least, their children. Their children, born in the 1960's (about my age), are named "Russia" and "Kenyatta."

Remember, also, that Sherrod was appointed to her position immediately after winning a billion-dollar settlement against said Department in a lawsuit dating back over a decade. She was no stranger to career Department of Agriculture employees, who'd had an adversarial relationship with her.

It all ties together. As an unwritten (but understood) portion of the settling of Sherrod's lawsuit, she gets a plum job with the Department of Agriculture. The Obama administration know she's a loose cannon on racial matters, but they figure that bringing her in will at least give them a slight measure of control over her. Yeah, she was a racist, Marxist demagogue, but she was their racist, Marxist demagogue. Give her a mid-level job to shut her up.

Until the video came out. And the reactions make perfect sense in that context. The Obama administration wasn't dismayed about her statements, but worried about their using a federal job to buy off Sherrod. And the NAACP was afraid that the video would not only show the kind of person they considered worthy of public honor and acclaim, but the audience -- all staunch members and supporters of the NAACP -- expressing their approval of her admissions of discriminating against whites.

Was Sherrod improperly fired? Most likely. But it's becoming clear that she was improperly hired in the first place.

And she was so quickly fired and denounced because the Obama administration and the NAACP weren't surprised about who she was, but that it was revealed so starkly.


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shhhh. You'll spoil the na... (Below threshold)

shhhh. You'll spoil the narrative.

But, Jay, look at the lame ... (Below threshold)

But, Jay, look at the lame street media in the aftermath. They're falling all over themselves to say that she's just a poor misunderstood victim of whitey bigotry, and that includes FNC.

Excellent post!The... (Below threshold)

Excellent post!

The Dems and the mainstream media are trying very hard to exert damage control and to spin the story with lies. I just hope that Americans who are following this story in the mainstream media will seek out other sources and find the truth.

I'll tell you what bothers ... (Below threshold)

I'll tell you what bothers me:

1) She told a story at that dinner about withholding help from a white farmer that was supposedly 20 some-odd years ago.

2) She took part in a lawsuit against the government for discrimination against black farmers during the same time she was discriminating against white farmers.

Now, is that hypocrisy or irony? I forget.

I think that the reason the... (Below threshold)

I think that the reason they rushed was not that they knew what Mrs. Sherrod was like, but that they knew that it was what they were like. As a result, they accepted the story because it was what they would have done.

Even if the narrative being spread out on the media were true, and even if Mrs. Sherrod told the story because she had learned her lesson and repented, they would still have acted the same way. Propaganda is accepted because on some level, the audience believes that it is true.

In this case, they hurried to get rid of her because they would have behaved the same way even today. Indeed, looking at the Justice Department, the Black Panther case, and the Lockerbie bomber case, we see that they behave in the same way as shown by the story (but without the redemptive elements).

It's sorta like Gaydar. All... (Below threshold)

It's sorta like Gaydar. All fellow racists have a built-in "Racedar" that can pick out the real racists in a crowd. The WH racists could see her glittering in the light like one of those vampires.

On July 21st, I posted this... (Below threshold)

On July 21st, I posted this on Sweetness and Light:

A minute or two of video put Obama and the NAACP into immediate self-defense mode! Why didn't they investigate the matter, look through the entire speech, take a few days to get the facts or even TALK to Sherrod? WHY? Because both the NAACP and the White House KNEW that the racism portrayed by Sherrod was not only BELIEVABLE, but standard operating procedure. Ben Jealous and Barak Hussein Obama looked at Sherrod as a figure in a mirror...racist, whitey-hating and get-even minded, but unfortunately, stupid and mouthy enough to actually get CAUGHT at it. So there was no reason to "get the facts." They figured they KNEW the facts. A fellow racist got caught, that's all. So it was time to throw her under the bus lest anyone begin to question THEM! As Obama and Jealous saw it, Sherrod's racism was so normal, so believable, so typical of both the White House and the NAACP that "investigation" was not only unnecessary, it could be dangerous.

The White House and the NAACP--in short, the LEFT--play the race card whenever they consider it convenient. That being every few days at least. Although they know very well that the media will provide cover and support every time the card is pulled from the pack, the advent of the internet and talk radio has made blatant and advanced hypocrisy in the area of race-baiting somewhat dangerous. So Sherrod was tossed under the wheels in one quick hurry in order to keep the pristine race record of the left "unassailable", at least in its own view. You're quite right, Jay Tea. Sherrod was smeared and destroyed by her own kind--the radical,racist left--without trial for the purpose of cleansing its own record and providing credibility for its next exercise in race baiting.

What is it that people like... (Below threshold)

What is it that people like her with a chip on their shoulder usually favor marxist govt's????

The NAACP has never needed ... (Below threshold)

The NAACP has never needed facts to work with.
In this case, they figured they had to act fast, lest their accusation against the Tea Party lose all impact.

As for BarryO, he's never been one to wait for the facts to be known, in spite of what he reads off his teleprompter. This just reinforces the growing perception [and reality] that the administration is clueless.
If they can't even get the Sherrod incident correct, why think they know what they're doing anywhere else?

Last, with a nod to SCSIwuzzy, seems like a coordindated MFM narrative as usual. When all else fails, blame those breaking the story, and of course, blame Fox news.

Obama blame's Boooosshhh an... (Below threshold)

Obama blame's Boooosshhh and the shamestream blame FOX.

Its called a 'mental disorder'.

JT, you are 100% correct in... (Below threshold)

JT, you are 100% correct in your presentation. They not only knew of her, but knew her. She is a die hard "everyone is a racist that is not black". ww

Mag, that's a feature. A p... (Below threshold)

Mag, that's a feature. A page out of the Marxist play book so to speak. In order to overthrow the existing government you need to get people discontent with the current system. The malcontents in any society are already half way there.
This is, IMO, one of the reasons the Nazis and the Communists hated each other so much in eastern Europe... they both were competing for the same "real estate" and needed to set themselves apart.

Roy, please, no THIGHLITE m... (Below threshold)

Roy, please, no THIGHLITE metaphors!

Ah HAH! That makes the most... (Below threshold)

Ah HAH! That makes the most sense yet.

JT - "They reacted so... (Below threshold)

JT - "They reacted so quickly and so firmly not because they were unaware of her beliefs, but because they were surprised it came out so clearly."

All of which means Sherrod will be the super-duper-tippity-top secret guest on the View when obummer makes his appeaance there.

Will maybe not, but it sure would fit the pattern.

P.S. I'm STILL waiting for some enterprising blogger or network-news-hack to track down "Ms. Under-Secretary Cook."

Think I have any hope?

Other questions might be:</... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Other questions might be:

Why were some people's reaction *orgasmic delight* upon first hearing this story?


What's it like to be outed by an Andrew Breitbart Hoax®?

Adrian,What's i... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


What's it like to be outed by an Andrew Breitbart Hoax®?

No one knows yet, because he's never done the hoax thing.

You just keep trying, though.

JT,When I read the... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


When I read the title of this post and saw that you were the author, I was sort of expecting a mea culpa for you and the other Wizbang authors who called for Breitbart to apologize. THAT was a rush to judgement also.






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