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Catch this?

The dogs surely did:

H/T to the invaluable Gerard Vanderleun.


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Comments (6)

Have you noticed that ad pe... (Below threshold)

Have you noticed that ad people are a lot more creative then those idiots out in Hollyweird?

You don't see 'sequels' or 're-makes' in commercials.

As a dog person - that was ... (Below threshold)

As a dog person - that was cool

Just awesome! Now one shoul... (Below threshold)

Just awesome! Now one should be done for cats.

"Now one should be done for... (Below threshold)

"Now one should be done for cats."

Hey 914! Let's no go overboard! ;)

There are from time to time... (Below threshold)

There are from time to time commercials that are direct, to the point, and effective without hype, overstatement or pretense. Presented for our pleasure and edification with an artistic flair that is clear for all to see. When we get to see this type of informative advertisement it almost makes up for the large portion of garbage that ad agencies foist off on the public as product advertisement. Here we have a excellent example of the way advertisement should be. Congratulations to those involved in this commercial. Finest kind!

My Boys, GSHs, loved it. Pe... (Below threshold)

My Boys, GSHs, loved it. Pedigree is their daily ration but I like the idea of cats.
I suggest tossing the cats in a high arc






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