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Protest of Arizona Illegal Immigration Law in Raleigh, NC

My friend, blogger Katy Benningfield, is fearless. She was the only conservative in attendance at a march opposing the Arizona immigation law in Raleigh this week. She even wore a pro Arizona t-shirt she got at the Right Online conference over the weekend.

Read her blog post and watch the excellent video she got.


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The Arizona law was effecti... (Below threshold)
Raphael M:

The Arizona law was effectively castrated. No wonder teabaggers are protesting.

"The Arizona law was effect... (Below threshold)

"The Arizona law was effectively castrated. No wonder teabaggers are protesting."


"The Arizona law was eff... (Below threshold)

"The Arizona law was effectively castrated. No wonder teabaggers are protesting."

What the hell are you talking about?

Muslim American's are pr... (Below threshold)

Muslim American's are protesting the AZ law?

What for? To show how much they love the rule of law?


To show how much they love Hussein undermining our Country and traditions.


Which video did Raphael wat... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Which video did Raphael watch? The protesters were there protesting the Arizona law. There was no counter protest. Katy even says that in writing in one of the graphics on the video. She was there documenting it. Try reading and/or watching the video before making such an ignorant comment next time.

"Red Communist Flags"? No, ... (Below threshold)
Raphael M:

"Red Communist Flags"? No, those aren't communist flags.

And the police aren't there "to protect the protesters" - they are there to keep the protesters in line.

Her headline is even more of a joke - "Illegals and Communists Protest Arizona Law." Does she have any proof that the protesters are either "illegals" or "communists"? No.

Did she talk to the police - you know - ask questions - get facts?


She caught the protesters jaywalking -- good job!

Oh, the outrage.

By the way Lawy... (Below threshold)
Raphael M:

By the way

Lawyers for Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer had asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Thursday to lift an injunction blocking the most intrusive parts of the law, known as SB 1070, asking for the appeal to be handled quickly.

But the court denied the state's request to expedite the appeal and set a hearing for the week of November 1.

Just in time for the election.

So Rapheal,how many of your... (Below threshold)
rich K:

So Rapheal,how many of your relatives have died at the hands of drunken illegals behind the wheel?
It is kind of a problem you know but OK , let them all move here. Im sure you will gladly surrender your occupation for a poor struggling indegent family. Social Justice RIGHT!!

"Just in time for the elect... (Below threshold)

"Just in time for the election."

Yep. Should invigorate people to kick the freaking Democrats right out on their arrogant asses.

Road sign up on the right</... (Below threshold)
Raphael M:

Road sign up on the right

Angry Teabaggers Ahead

Watch for Falling Polls

Ralphie lives in Never-Neve... (Below threshold)

Ralphie lives in Never-Never Land with Nancy. Who's poll numbers are falling Ralphie?

As noted, you really shouldn't toke just before posting.

We'll anxiously await your comments after November 4th. But I somehow doubt you'll be showing up.

Ralph Malph-... (Below threshold)

Ralph Malph-

"Road sign up on the right

Angry Teabaggers Ahead

Watch for Falling Polls"

Ummm? If you haven't noticed, the only poll number's falling are those of the 'great divider' AKA your hero.

Enjoy your misery while you can Malph. November is fast approaching.






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