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Nice Day for A White Wedding

Well, Chelsea Clinton's big wedding day has finally arrived. The location is the Astor Courts Estate in Rhinebeck, NY (yes, "Astor", as in John Jacob Astor) ...

The rehearsal dinner is reportedly taking place at the nearby Grasmere, a 525-acre estate boasting a Federal-period manor house with formal gardens, stucco guest cottages and a large stone barn complex. Another area manse rumored to be serving the family over the weekend will be Glenburn, where the Clintons are said to be staying over the weekend. Glenburn is the Rhinebeck home of Eric and Andrea Colombel. Andrea Colombel is the daughter of billionaire financier and longtime Clinton supporter George Soros.

The price tag? Probably somewhere north of $2 million, possibly as high as $6 million. The affair is strictly off-limits, with the Clintons even asking the FAA to close local air space until 3:30 AM Sunday morning.

Chelsea's groom is Marc Mezvinsky, an investment banker and "son of former Iowa congressman Edward Mezvinsky who was convicted and served federal prison time for fraud arising from various business transactions, and former Pennsylvania congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky."

Wikipedia has this to say about Chelsea's new father-in-law:

[Edward] Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall. Prosecutors later would call him a one-man crime wave. In 2000, after examining his business deals since 1980, prosecutors said that they uncovered elements of fraud in nearly every one.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense. Mezvinsky was released from federal prison on April 11, 2008.

It's also worth noting the contrast between Chelsea's wedding and the wedding of then-First Daughter Jenna Bush to Henry Hager in May 2008. Jenna's wedding was held at the Bush Ranch in Crawford, TX, and all the trappings for the Bush family and their 200 or so guests cost around $100,000.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of interesting contrasts between Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush. Chelsea graduated from Stanford University in 2001 and received her Masters in International Relations from Oxford University. She was immediately hired by the prestigious business management consulting firm McKinsey and Company (which normally hires only top MBA graduates) and then went to work for for Avenue Capital Group, a Manhattan hedge fund run by Marc Lasry, a long-time supporter of the Clintons and a major Democratic Party donor. She is currently pursuing graduate studies and working as a fund raiser for the Clinton Foundation.

Jenna Bush Hager, who is one year younger than Chelsea Clinton, graduated from the University of Texas in 2004 with a degree in English. According to Wikipedia:

Before leaving Washington, D.C. in Summer 2006, Hager taught at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School for a year and a half. She took a leave of absence from the Charter School teaching position to work at a shelter as part of an internship for UNICEF's Educational Policy Department in Latin America, specifically in Panama. After her internship for UNICEF, Hager returned to her teaching position at the charter school in Washington, D.C. She currently works as a reading coordinator at a school in Baltimore, Maryland, and contributes a monthly news story about education for the Today show.

She is also the author of Ana's Story: A Journey Of Hope, which chronicles her experiences while working for UNICEF in Latin America, and a children's book, Read All About It!, which she co-authored with her mother Laura Bush.

I'll leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions about the values, goals, and priorities of the Clinton and Bush families. In the interest of fairness perhaps I should point out that the Prescott Bush family has been a member of the East Coast leisure class since the 1940's; Bill and Hillary Clinton obviously have aspirations to become members of the elite Gold Coast / Hamptons cliques, and are working as hard as they can to pull all the strings and grease all the palms necessary to accomplish that goal. Maybe that accounts for the difference. Still, how anyone can spend their entire political careers playing advocates for the poor, while quietly and steadily working to join the richest of the rich, is simply beyond my understanding.


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Comments (38)

Yipee.I would atte... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I would attend but I have a prior date with arranging my sock drawer.

Big deal. I wonder if Web ... (Below threshold)

Big deal. I wonder if Web Hubbell is going to give away the bride?

I just hope Chelsea doesn't... (Below threshold)

I just hope Chelsea doesn't ask her father to provide the "something blue".

"Come to think of it, t... (Below threshold)

"Come to think of it, there are a lot of interesting contrasts between Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush."

Yes, Jenna looks good in a bathing suit while Chelsea would look best in a spacesuit..

"...is simply beyond my und... (Below threshold)

"...is simply beyond my understanding>"

NEVER get between a Clinton and MONEY!

There is also the contrast on 'living green' between the homes of The Goracle and George Bush. Al talks the talk, Bush has walked the walk.

"2 million to possibly a... (Below threshold)

"2 million to possibly as high as $6 million"

Wow! With that kind of cash they could have bought all the transient's who used to live where Bj's library is now located some new tent's and maybe a happy meal or 2?

Michael,"Simply be... (Below threshold)


"Simply beyond my understanding" shows that you don´t believe in the absolute depravity of man. As Abe Lincoln said, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

For a long time, the Clintons and their "talk out both sides of their mouth" cohorts have pretended to care about "children and the poor" when their actions show that nothing could be farther from the truth.
Whenever I hear a liberal (normally a Democrat but not always) talk about the defending the poor, the homeless, the black man, the Indians, the whoever, I think "Hypocrite" and "where´s the soap to wash out his or her mouth for lying."
Somebody´s mama didn´t raise them with moral values. They learned to say whatever it takes to get whatever they want.

Well it appears the father ... (Below threshold)

Well it appears the father of the groom and bride will have lot's to talk about.

Well, the Clintons have spe... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Well, the Clintons have spent a good part (not all) of their political careers BEING, not "playing," advocates for the poor.

As far as their actions being "beyond your understanding," Mr Laprarie, just add that to the very long list of things that fit that description. Lots of people, the Clintons among them, who are very rich, spend a great deal of time advocating for the poor. But as your snooty, pathetic, class-envy-filled comment contrasting the "Prescott Bushes" and the Clintons makes clear, you'll never understand why, it appears.

"Lots of people, the Clinto... (Below threshold)

"Lots of people, the Clintons among them, who are very rich, spend a great deal of time advocating for the poor."

Yeah, they 'advocate', but don't dip into THEIR OWN pockets. How convenient.

Have some more kool aid, Bruce?

Chelsea deserves a lavish w... (Below threshold)

Chelsea deserves a lavish wedding. Jenna didn't. The skank is lucky she wasn't thrown in jail.

6. Posted by Raphael M

That's awful JUDGMENTAL on your part Ralphie. I thought libs were against that sort of thing.

Millions out of work, and Barry throws a couple of White House parties each week and the Clintons spend MILLIONS on a wedding.

Where's the SYMPATHY for the poor and downtrodden? Don't you CARE, Ralphie?

In the Clinton's defense, t... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

In the Clinton's defense, thanks to Obama $2,000,000 today is only equal to about $100,000 in 2008 dollars...

Which drunken Bush daughter... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Which drunken Bush daughter are you comparing Chelsea to?


It won't be long until a Bush daughter kills someone like their mother did.

Hey Dickhead. You never ap... (Below threshold)

Hey Dickhead. You never appeared to be disturbed by Splash Kennedy's malfeasance. Or Joe Kennedy paralyzing a girl for life.

Wnt to share the 'nuance' with us?

I just hope the paparazzi d... (Below threshold)

I just hope the paparazzi doesn't ruin this wedding..

Wow, college students consu... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Wow, college students consuming alcohol really seems to strike a chord with some folks. Sounds like we've got a couple of people chomping at the bit to reinstate prohibition of the ol' demon rum.

Because a college student ignoring their authoritarian impulses to instruct us proles how to conduct our daily affairs and just wanting to live like a normal college student is so, so wrong.

Where do y'all stand on serial philandering and perjury?

"Lots of people, the Cli... (Below threshold)

"Lots of people, the Clintons among them, who are very rich, spend a great deal of time advocating for the poor."

Advocating and pocketing the proceeds thereof. Yeah your right Bruce. Slickster was advocating for all the poor to get free BJ's while at work courtesy of the taxpayer.

And he's still got the blue dress in his un-presidential bordelo library museum as a trophy to prove it.

Larry Dickwad-<br ... (Below threshold)

Larry Dickwad-

"It won't be long until a Bush daughter kills someone like their mother did."

It wont be long until the men in white suits find out youv'e escaped nutcase.

Always a pleasure reading y... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Always a pleasure reading your comments, 914. So original, so clever, so well-reasoned and fact-based.

Nice Day for A White Wed... (Below threshold)

Nice Day for A White Wedding...

Seriously, who cares?

A friend of mine said Chels... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine said Chelsea was ugly, about 15 years back. I said all she needed to do was grow into her face and she'd be quite pretty. And she did.

She won't ever be 'beautiful' according to contemporary media standards, but she's far from ugly IMHO.

Always a pleasure reading y... (Below threshold)

Always a pleasure reading your comments, Bruce Henry. So original, so clever, so well-reasoned and fact-based. Too bad their nothing but an echo of DNC talking points.

No one was talking to you O... (Below threshold)

No one was talking to you Oh'Henry. But since your big mouth interjected itself yet again.

"Well, the Clintons have spent a good part (not all) of their political careers BEING, not "playing," advocates for the poor."

Skip the kool-aid and grab the MOM. you need it.

Hey, Larry... wanna make a ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Larry... wanna make a bet on who kills someone first that way -- a Bush twin, Al Gore III, or another Kennedy?


Just for the record, Larry:... (Below threshold)

Just for the record, Larry:

Al Gore III:
Reckless Driving over 100 MPH, Laguna Hills, CA (4-Jul-2007)
Drug Possession: Marijuana Laguna Hills, CA (4-Jul-2007)
Drug Possession: Marijuana Bethesda, MD (19-Dec-2003)
Driving While Intoxicated Fort Myer, VA (5-Sep-2002)
Reckless Driving 97 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, Norfolk, NC )12-Aug-2000, charges dropped)
Risk Factors: Marijuana, Obesity

Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI):
unknown detox facility Spofford Hall, Spofford, NH (1991)
Battery according to lawsuit filed by LAX security guard Della Patton (26-Mar-2000), settled Apr-2002
unknown detox facility Mayo Clinic (Dec-2006)
unknown detox facility Mayo Clinic (5-May-2006)
unknown detox facility (Jun-2009)
Risk Factors: Depression, Alcoholism, Cocaine, Asthma, Insomnia, Bipolar Disorder

The Bushes have always had at least a little of the noblesse oblige about them, something that hasn't been seen in the Kennedys in about 40 years and the Clintons since... well, never.


Chelsea is simply a product... (Below threshold)

Chelsea is simply a product of her parents, and she's as bankrupt morally as they are.

I feel bad for her, you know this ends in divorce in 3 years or so.

It's sweet they are resurre... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

It's sweet they are resurrecting the traditional practice where crime families marry their children, preventing turf wars and making for even larger organizations.

Let's look at Chelsea Clint... (Below threshold)

Let's look at Chelsea Clinton's resume.

1. Started out Stanford University as a biochemistry major but finished as a history major where her senior thesis was about her father.

2. Attend graduate school at Oxford but probably never finished. Spent her time in England jet setting around and attending fashion shows.

3. Worked at McKensey even though she had to training or expereince in consulting. Work as a rain maker to get people to return phone calls.

4. Then worked at the hedge fund Avenue capital group even though she had no training or experience in distressed debt or equity security.

5. now working on a graduate degree at Columbia university in health policy even though she has to experience in the field.

6. Refuses to answer questions from the media even though the media will quote her from campaign speeches.

It must be nice to go through life getting anything you want and never having to produce anything.

.... (Mr) Mezvinsky (Senior... (Below threshold)

.... (Mr) Mezvinsky (Senior) was .... a one-man crime wave. In 2000, after examining his business deals since 1980, prosecutors said that they uncovered elements of fraud in nearly every one.

.... In March 2001, (Mr) Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud ....

Good God Almighty but what kind of monsters can we expect to be the issue of the mating of the the son of that creep and the bass-mouthed daughter of the recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, co-serial-rapist Billy Bubbah Blythes? ("Cli'tons") or of Missus Blythe and that other felon, the bass-mouthed Webster Lee Hubbell?

Re #s 28 and 29:Wh... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re #s 28 and 29:

What's it like being so hate-filled? Does the enmity manifest itself in medical symptoms, like heartburn or chronic lower back pain or something?

Or is it more that others see you as bitter, angry people, feeding on itself until you get an ulcer, or migraines, or turn to drink or drugs to relieve the stress of your unreasoning hatred of the CHILD of your political enemy?

#30"Or i... (Below threshold)


"Or is it more that others see you as bitter, angry people, feeding on itself until you get an ulcer, or migraines,"

You just explained the liberal majority Bruce. Congrat's for admitting this. It's the first step.

Politics aside, Good Luck, ... (Below threshold)

Politics aside, Good Luck, Kids! (OMG _ Chealsea is 30 already????)

Bruce, would that apply equ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Bruce, would that apply equally to the folks who take joy in ripping Jenna Bush and reveling in the fact Laura Bush was involved in a fatal car accident as a teenager?

Yes. Yes it would.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Yes. Yes it would.

And I should have noted tha... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And I should have noted that when I addressed my comment to #s 28 and 29. I should have also addressed #s 6 and 13 as well.

Bruce, I was about to intro... (Below threshold)

Bruce, I was about to introduce you to Mr. Larry Dickman... who you skipped right over in your rush to lambaste Super and Brian.

I'm sure it's not because you favor the politics of Chelsea Clinton's parents, but despise those of the Bush twins' father...


As the father of two daught... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

As the father of two daughters, Mr Tea, I empathise with both the Clintons and the Bushes. Each couple has a daughter for whom they wish to "ease the way." One is interested in education; one in finance. Each family has pulled strings and called in favors, I assume, to (1) keep their daughter out of trouble, and (2) help their daughter get ahead in her career.

Both the Clintons and the Bushes have done what any parents would do. I would do the same. So would any Dad on these boards who's worth a shit.

I think Chelsea deserved a ... (Below threshold)

I think Chelsea deserved a great wedding heck if her parents can afford it why not? It could not have been easy on Chelsea living in the whitehouse in her early preteen years with the media constanly making comments about her and SNL making fun of her. Every girl goes through a akward stage and most at 12-16 it is not easy.She a beautiful women and deserves to have this day! Congrat's Chelsea and Marc.






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