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A Simple Discussion

I noticed something interesting this week past; President Obama is slipping in the polls, but still hanging up approval numbers north of 45%. Compare that to the Democrats overall, and against Congress, and it's obvious that Pres-O has more going for him than just about any Donk up for a vote in November.

So, has anyone else noticed something about the O? Like, how little we have seen of him going out to sell Donk Congressional and Senatorial candidates to the voters?

Now, why is that ths case, do you think? The following possibilities come to mind for me:

1. Obama is unwilling to risk his diminished approval ratings to help Donks already in a tailspin

2. The Donks realize that the President caused a lot of the present problem, and they don't want anymore of his "help"

3. Obama is so out of touch, he has not realized the Donks are in danger almost across the board

Your thoughts?


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Comments (24)

I'll take door number 3.</p... (Below threshold)

I'll take door number 3.

Obama deficit of those who ... (Below threshold)

Obama deficit of those who strongly approve and those strongly that disapproves is very high. It amazes me how many people pay almost no attention to politics. They also tend not to have a strong opinion one way or another. Wither you take that into account or not, Obama has a very high strong disapproval rating.

All of the above.... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

All of the above.

Let's keep him like a mushr... (Below threshold)

Let's keep him like a mushroom (in the dark and full of shit). That way he won't have any traction with any of the Dems that are currently looking to join the unemployment line in November.

It is like jumping Joe Bide... (Below threshold)

It is like jumping Joe Biden, the more he is out of sight, the less he says, the less people think about him. The less the people think about him the slower the sinking in his ratings. So by all means get him to open his mouth, the more he talks the more the people will realize they have been sold a bill of goods with nothing in the bag and the lower his rating. mpw

DJ, I think Obama understan... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

DJ, I think Obama understands just how desperately bad for the Democrats November is currently shaped up to be and he also knows there is nothing he or his office can do that will improve upon the Democrats fortunes.

It's not that he's toxic. He's not, especially compared to the Democrats in the Congress. But he would risk his political health if he went out and actively campaigned for Democrats who are going to fail to get re-elected this fall (why catch the disease trying to help a terminal patient?), and that is something he is unwilling to do.

His current actions, done under a cover story of not wanting to hurt the changes of someone else, put the LIE (yes, a capitol letters sized lie) to his brave talk about, "If that means I'm a one term President, so be it."

The dems have caused their ... (Below threshold)

The dems have caused their own problems, Obama never really got involved. He's been too busy playing King of the US, partying, golfing, and
playing politics.

He'd probably like it if the repubs took over the House. Then he can drop the blame-Bush excuse and start the blame-Republican narrative. Because, really, the only things he's good at is campaigning [reading] and demonizing someone.

There is a fourth possibili... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

There is a fourth possibility: Perhaps O has read the writing on the wall and is content to let Congress fall to the GOP so that he can blame that party when his disastrous programs are proven to be failures.

"I tried my best, but those racist hick Republicans tore apart everything I tried to do."

Shorter version of what I s... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Shorter version of what I said: he's narcissistic, he isn't going to suddenly become a humanitarian. It's all about him, and he wants a second term... any way he can get it.

Barry is narcissistic as th... (Below threshold)

Barry is narcissistic as they come. Remember, this is the guy who told the Blue Dogs it was okay to vote for ObamaCare without fear of backlash. Because "you've got ME". Well "ME" ain't selling well right now, nor are his programs. Nancy Pelosi is in La-La Land and thinks everything will be fine come November, because she says it will.

As for Barry's general approval numbers in spite of his screwed up socialist views, you can figure at least 33% is made up of true believing Obamabots. They won't change. Barry could wipe his ass with an American flag and get an "amen" out of them. The other 12% are probably made up of people who don't pay attention to politics/believe supporting Barry will get them something they want.

November will be a cruel awakening.

So let's see some ... (Below threshold)

So let's see some capitalization on this from the GOP.

Strikes me they should be hammering on this daily. Not as though there's a lack of ammunition here.

None of the above. It's th... (Below threshold)

None of the above. It's the idiots behind the curtain of denial who know and see nothing but hope for change, his smooth false promises, and the color of his skin.

I think pollster's litmus t... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

I think pollster's litmus tests of 'personal approval' register with the interviewed as a tacit 'racism disqualifier' with regard to Ogabe.

Particularly with moderate voters falling for the Isvestia & Pravda coloring of Magic as a center-left reformer, the knee-jerk reaction to queries "Do you approve of the man hizzelf?" is "Oh, certainly, he's darling, his wife and kids too."

I think we should just toss these numbers in the wastebin-they mean absolutely nothing.

I don't know about Obama av... (Below threshold)

I don't know about Obama avoiding campaign appearances for other Democrats. Here in Georgia it was the other way around -- none of the Democrats running for office wanted to be seen at an Obama event.

That tells me that polls be damned, Obama is at least seen by the down-ticket Democrats as toxic.

The 5th element-Ba... (Below threshold)

The 5th element-

Barry's throwing em' all under the bus. He used them to pass his stimuLIE enriching his union worker bee organizer's and now they are expendable just like Maxi Watter and Churl's Wrangler.

I'll go with choice #4: Ob... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I'll go with choice #4: Obama and the Dems are looking a Obama's track record of supporting candidates and realizing that Obama's support is more like a kiss of death than anything helpful.

Obama is a puppy tha... (Below threshold)

Obama is a puppy that pees on the floor.
Reid and Pelosi are the ones making us drink it.

puppyness is not transferable

It's happening in Atlanta r... (Below threshold)
Obama's like that friend of... (Below threshold)

Obama's like that friend of yours.

You know - the guy who everyone likes. Personable, nice, interesting to talk to. But don't invite him to your parties, because (for some reason) whenever he's there, things go horribly wrong, and he NEVER has any idea how that happened, except that "someone else did it."

While standing there holding the broken lamp. And drinking the last of the beer. and telling your girlfriend that everything's your fault - if you weren't so cheap, "we" wouldn't be running out of food and drink (not that he brought anything). Meanwhile, his "cousin" (who was NOT invited) is rummaging through the medicine cabinet and starting fights.

Answer 1 is true because ba... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Answer 1 is true because barry doesn't want to have yet another candidate that he compaigns for go down in flames publically.

Answer 2 is correct because in many of the marginal districts that swung dem in the last election Barry is radioactive and his presence would fry the dem candidate for sure.

Answer 3 is close. He isn't totally oblivious but I believe that he thinks that he can still get his agenda through with a combination of presidential orders and bureaucratic maneuvering. Have some faceless agency enact the regulations he wants without congress even putting it to a vote. THAT is the obama way. That is how he will govern.

Obama confirms plan for US ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Obama confirms plan for US troop withdrawal from Iraq


Expect an insurmountable rise in Obama's favorability poll numbers and thank Bush for giving yet another gift to the Dems.

Adriane, you might want to ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Adriane, you might want to take a closer look at the details in the polls. Most Americans already know we won in Iraq, they are worried about whether Obama understands the stakes in Afghanistan, and they plan to vote according to jobs and the economy.

Spin and a nifty teleprompter won't be good enough for Obama and the Donks this time.

PSSSSSSST,,its the economy ... (Below threshold)
rich K:

PSSSSSSST,,its the economy stupid,,,pass it on.

All three. If your job was... (Below threshold)

All three. If your job was in danger, would you want a dork like Odumba trying to help you?






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