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Dan Benishek for Michigan's 1st Congressional District

When Bart Stupak betrayed his constituents with his vote for ObamaCare, the response was immediate. Someone on Twitter announced that Dan Benishek was Stupak's Republican opponent who deserved attention and support. In short order, his name was all over Twitter and Facebook as the man Stupak would have to beat. The RNC, seeing an opportunity to flip a long-held Democratic seat, contacted Dan and got his campaign into full fighting mode. The momentum was like a tsunami and Stupak realized quickly that he'd never survive the election, so he retired.

The left could read the writing on the wall that Michigan's 1st Congressional District would probably go to a Republican, so SEIU and ACORN inserted themselves into the race and picked a candidate who would be sympathetic to their interests. They got behind career-politician Jason Allen.

And ever since, with SEIU and ACORN as benefactors, Allen has played dirty pool.

But it doesn't seem to be working. Dan is leading Jason Allen by 16 points.

Herman Cain, business owner and talk radio host, endorsed Dan.

Here's more information about Dan:

Dan was born in Iron River, Michigan. His mother was of Polish descent and his father of Bohemian descent. His dad worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps and then in the iron mines of Iron County. He died in a mining accident in 1957 and his mother, with the help of family, raised him and his brother.

He graduated from West Iron County High School in 1970. He earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Michigan in 1974 and graduated from Wayne State Medical School in 1978. He's served as a general surgeon in Michigan's Upper Peninsula since 1983.

Dan and his wife, Judy, live in Crystal Falls. They have five children and two grandchildren.

He's an avid hunter and fisherman, and an NRA member. He's never held political office, and he's a career surgeon, not a career politician.

Dan is the perfect candidate to represent this district. I'm so sure of this because my husband and I have owned property in his district for years. It's a very rural area with hard working, salt of the earth people. They are small business owners, farmers, loggers. There is a lot of Amish in this district, especially around Mio, where our business is located. This district needs someone who actually cares about their needs and will vote their values. Northern Michigan and the UP are the polar opposite of San Fransisco, yet Bart Stupak voted with Nancy Pelosi most of the time.

This video does a great job explaining who Dan is and how he's a great fit for this district:

If you can't vote for Dan, please get behind his candidacy so he can defeat Jason Allen on Tuesday.

Update: Very cool: the Wolverine Fly Fishing Journal endorsed Benishek. Fly-fishing and MI's 1st Congressional District go together like Mom and apple pie.


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Comments (3)

Stupak was able to keep his... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Stupak was able to keep his seat in large part because of his perceived commitment to pro-life issues. Sadly, his perfidy in selling out his supposed life stances for a hunk of pork will result in many needless deaths unless extraordinary means are undertaken to stop Obamacare.

It's a pity Stupak lacked even the decency to present himself before his constituents and receive their judgment. Instead, he took his pension and fled like the gutless worm he is.

I am supporting GLENN WILSO... (Below threshold)
Todd Gardner:

I am supporting GLENN WILSON rather then Benishek. http://www.wilsonforuscongress.com/

Glenn is the people's person, not someone Washington is financing. A True representative and leader. Tea PArty folks and Democrats alike agree with his common since key points. A proven businessman with a thriving business, creating REAL jobs right here in Northern Michigan. Check him out!!

Glenn Wilson is our Man. Al... (Below threshold)

Glenn Wilson is our Man. All our candidates claim they won't cater to the special interests, but I contend that the largest special interests in Washington are in fact the Parties themselves.







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