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I like my Attorney General

He's willing to do battle with the statists:

In a decision that could lay the groundwork for an Arizona-style immigration policy, Virginia's attorney general said state law enforcement officers are allowed to check the immigration status of anyone "stopped or arrested." 

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued the legal opinion Friday extending that authority to Virginia police in response to an inquiry over whether his state could mirror the policies passed into law in Arizona. 

"It is my opinion that Virginia law enforcement officers, including conservation officers may, like Arizona police officers, inquire into the immigration status of persons stopped or arrested," he wrote. 

The decision comes after a federal judge blocked Arizona from implementing its provision that would require law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they stop and suspect of being an illegal immigrant. 

And he's battling on more than one front:

The Obama administration lost an early legal skirmish over the new healthcare law Monday when a federal judge declined to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit challenging a key part of the landmark legislation.

U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson did not rule on the central issue in the lawsuit brought by Virginia Atty. Gen. Kenneth Cuccinelli -- the law's requirement that most Americans buy health insurance beginning in 2014.

But the judge swept aside the Obama administration's efforts to quash the legal contest in its infancy, ruling that the state of Virginia has the right to sue. Citing the sweep of the new law, he also appeared to open the door to a potentially drawn-out legal battle over a core tenet of the health overhaul.

This folks is hope and change to believe in.


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Comments (6)

It's refreshing to see some... (Below threshold)

It's refreshing to see somebody slapping back at the marxist b.s. being crammed down our collective throat's.

The ultimate slap down to 2012 start's in November.

Remember that Barry.

oops. Bad connect... (Below threshold)


Bad connection.

Cuccinelli is doing fine wo... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Cuccinelli is doing fine work on the Obamacare suit and its success will make him a national figure.

However, I must agree with Krauthammer on the immigration ruling. It appears to be a change in state policy, and that's not the AG's job. Such changes should come through the legislature.

If we condone Cuccinelli arbitrarily changing immigration regulations because the changes suits us, how can we complain when a Democratic AG does the same and the changes do not suit us?

It seems to me a free hand for AGs would likely lead to a lot more abuse by Democratic leftists than heroic measures by Republican conservatives.

I don't see where Cuccinell... (Below threshold)

I don't see where Cuccinelli is 'changing' anything. If you have someone stopped or arrested and are trying to establish their true identity, why not be allowed to search ALL available law enforcement databases?

To do otherwise is to back up the government claim 'we can't find them'. No, you can't. especially if you don't look.

Since the Virginia legislat... (Below threshold)

Since the Virginia legislature has authorized the laws that Ken is trying to enforce, I see no problem and am PROUD to be a resident of Virginia! Not only is it a supremely BEAUTIFUL state, it's a state with some common sense!

Well. How about we ask for... (Below threshold)

Well. How about we ask for injunctions preventing Obamacare from taking effect until the case can make it to the supreme court? After all, if it IS unconstitutional, then it being implemented would definitely cause damage.






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