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Sarah Palin questions Obama's manhood on immigration

Suggests that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has manned up while Obama has not... in so many words:

Republican firebrand Sarah Palin said Sunday President Obama doesn't have the "cojones" -- the Spanish word for testicles -- to secure the U.S. borders.

In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate whose admirers would like to see run for president in 2012 said Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has shown more fortitude than Obama with her efforts to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the nation's borders.

"Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have to look out for all Americans, not just Arizonans, but all Americans, in this desire of ours to secure our borders and allow legal immigration to help build this country, as was the purpose of immigration laws," Palin said.

Don't you know Sarah's setting teeth on edge this morning... liberals will be stroking out over these comments.

Love it.

Go Sarah go.


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Comments (24)

HEHE, I can't wait to hear ... (Below threshold)
rich K:

HEHE, I can't wait to hear what Oforgodssake is going to say about that.
And this proves she knew what she was saying back in the election about O being an empty suit, and one without cajones either,,,lol

I can see them in the West ... (Below threshold)

I can see them in the West Wing this morning prepping Gibbs for a sarcastic, condescending retort when one of the White House reporters brings this up in a press conference. Who doesn't know about Barry's fragile ego so this has gotta smart a little.

Liberals will "stroke out" ... (Below threshold)

Liberals will "stroke out" this November, when the electorate sends a much stronger message to Obama's coat-tail Democrats who have endorsed his policies. Sarah Palin is simply echoing what the general public is saying to themselves: that we have elected a President who is more concerned with protecting his political allies than the U.S. citizens living on the borders.

"Jan Brewer has the cojo... (Below threshold)

"Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have to look out for all Americans . . "

Not Fair! Everybody knows Michelle has Barry's balls in her purse at all times!

I like the way she used the... (Below threshold)

I like the way she used the Spanish phrase too.

LMAOROTF! President Fragil... (Below threshold)

LMAOROTF! President Fragile Ego is going to 'stroke out'! Maybe he should 'wee-wee up'.

Lady sure does exhibit the ... (Below threshold)

Lady sure does exhibit the ability of making infants look infantile.


Good for Palin.Pro... (Below threshold)

Good for Palin.

Problem is, our enemies figured this out a while ago, that Obama has no cajones.

The cajoneless Won may as w... (Below threshold)

The cajoneless Won may as well throw himself under the bus.

Here is a list of very outs... (Below threshold)

Here is a list of very outspoken brave conservatives:

Sarah Palin
Ann Coulter
Barb Bachman
Michelle Malkin
Laura Ingraham
Jan Brewer

What is missing? Oh! I know. We are lacking a conservative male with cajones. Come on guys, bring it on. ww

He'll claim he only wants "... (Below threshold)

He'll claim he only wants "comprehensive" cojones.

Everyone,I am flue... (Below threshold)


I am fluent in Spanish and the correct word is "COJONES" -- a substitute for "balls". There is a separate more formal word for "testicles" as well, and it is "testiculos".

It is NOT "cajones" with "a". Palin got it right but every one of you above got it wrong.

By the way, it is Palin all the way in 2012. She'll hand the asswipe his cojones on a platter.

Here is a list of very outs... (Below threshold)

Here is a list of very outspoken brave conservatives:

Sarah Palin
Ann Coulter
Barb Bachman
Michelle Malkin
Laura Ingraham
Jan Brewer

Hey WW' You forgot one that fit's in perfectly with the above group.

Michelle Bachman.

Spot on though.

I want AZ Governor Jan Brew... (Below threshold)

I want AZ Governor Jan Brewer to show papers to prove she's a human being. I think it was FOX that did a show on extraterrestrials that live among us, and Governor Brewer does resemble some alien from a B Movie, "Invasion of the Brain Snatchers", right? I've have my suspicions about people like Jan Brewer, Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove because of their lack of human qualities.

As far as the immigration issue goes... Republicans never made a big deal about immigration enforcement during Bush/Cheney but NOW all conservative hell is breaking loose... even though the Obama Administration is deporting MORE illegal's than Bush ever did. Maybe we should adopt Ronald Wilson Reagan's immigration policy (look it up morons)

And funny how I didn't hear NOT ONE WORD on the Cable News about AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's connection with the Corrections Corp of America. Not to mention I could stop this immigration problem with one thing... ARREST ALL THOSE conservative business people WHO ARE HIRING THE ILLEGAL WORKERS! Republican Party = Hypocrisy

On 7-28-10 I was watching Republicans on Morning Joe (MSNBC) preach about being ADULTS when it comes to our economic meltdown. I say BS! The real ADULTS are trying to demand accountability from those who got us in this financial mess. Republicans want to shift the burden of responsibility on
American working class, teachers, poor people, unions and immigrants.

I wonder if the spoiled Silver Spoons on Morning Joe knew how much they hurt Democrats, Progressives, Liberals when they didn't challenge NJ Gov. Christie. NOW all over the internet the Conservative wacko groupies are swooning all over Christie like he was a rock star. Of course, because of these Republican low grade thought processes, the right wing monkeys now consider American working class, teachers, poor people, unions and immigrants the biggest threat to our economy

What kind of Americans are stupid enough to believe that decent wages, decent working conditions, enforcing again regulation, reforming our broken financial system and broken healthcare are BAD THINGS! Especially letting all those tax breaks for the rich expire (ten years is enough!) so the rich can again pay their fair share. When the Republicans were running things they started two wars they did not want to finish, set us up for financial system failure and took tax dollars away from grade schools to give BP tax breaks/subsidies (Corporate Welfare). DON'T BELIEVE ME, you rightwing numbskulls, CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES! consciousmc.blogspot.com

SpuriousPolitical<br... (Below threshold)

[email protected]$.......

clean up aisle 14

"Sarah Palin questions Obam... (Below threshold)

"Sarah Palin questions Obama's manhood on immigration"

She gives him more credit than I do. I question Obama's manhood on everything.

ARREST ALL THOSE c... (Below threshold)
ARREST ALL THOSE conservative business people WHO ARE HIRING THE ILLEGAL WORKERS! Republican Party = Hypocrisy
Yeah 'cause you know no Dems hire illegals right asswipe?

Funny, I seem to remember a couple dem politicians that got into trouble over having nannies and maids that were illegal. Just think how many are hired under the radar that doesn't sweep past the politicians.

hundreds of thousands asshole.

SPO101You forgot y... (Below threshold)


You forgot your sarc tag...

or the /sod tag... (Below threshold)

or the /sod tag

Oh dear. SPO101 seems to h... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Oh dear. SPO101 seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of momma's basement. Spewing DU talking points like a 16 year old after chugging 2 bottles of Boone's Farm, SPO101 says little of relevance to the post. As to Bush not enforcing federal immigration policies with enough, if any, vigor, if you had read any conservative pundits [together with commenters] at the time, you would know that he was criticized severely, along with McCain and Graham for their amnesty bill. One question for you: What is it about "changing" the Bush policy of not vigorously enforcing federal immigration laws do you find so enraging?

Sarah can see cajones from ... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Sarah can see cajones from her front porch.

Love how she tries to embrace immigrant language but not immigrants.

I'm sure you're putting on your battle gear to help liberate the two ranches in Texas that were seized by Zeta, the Mexican drug cartel.

Really rich coming from a w... (Below threshold)

Really rich coming from a woman who did not have the cojones to finish up her term as governor.

I refudiate her statement.

Did I say refudiate??

Indiec - And exactly how ma... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Indiec - And exactly how many spurious ethics charges were filed by feckless opponents? And exactly how much did that cost? And who had to pay for that? Did you pony up for her defense costs?

The quitta from wasilleea t... (Below threshold)

The quitta from wasilleea trys to bag one.

Trips up and refudiates while trying to put lipstick on her papa grizzzzzly.

Yup, you betcha this from the five college beauty queen who, which is can see Russia from her front porch.

You cons really know how to pick the ripe ones.






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